Summer Competition Voting!!!

Heyyy all my lovely readers!

The Summer Competition showcase has come to an end, which means now it’s time for …

*Drum rolllllllll ……..*


There’s going to be a winner for each category, with the prize being a Β£50 amazon voucher for each category. Because there were so many awesome submissions, I’m going to need your help picking the winners of each category!

So, for all those who have been following the showcase since the beginning, firstly, a big thank you! I know it’s been a big showcase so both I and all the participants really appreciate the support! Secondly, it’s time for you to pick your favourite entries in each category – who you think should win the prize!

If you haven’t been following the whole showcase, or maybe missed one or two, you can find all the entries again (and what category they were in) in this post. So be sure to check them all out again if you need before voting πŸ™‚

Right, now how the voting is going to work is via a Google Form. You can find the link for it here. You can select one option per category, and you can only vote once! The voting will be open until this time next week, so you all have seven days to think about who your favourites are and submit your votes. Thanks everyone!

Here are all the showcase pieces again!

Entry #1: Blog post by Winteroseca

Entry #2: Creative writing – poem by Maggie’s Doodles

Entry #3: Blog post by Eva, BeyondtheBlog

Entry #4: Creative writing – poem by Anushka

Entry #5: Blog post by Laura

Entry #6: Art piece by Roshni

Entry #7: Art piece by Eva, Beyondtheblog

Entry #8: Creative writing – poem by Lili

Entry #9: Blog post by Happy Panda

Entry #10: Creative writing – poem by Snehal

Entry #11: Blog post by Aditi

Entry #12: Creative writing – poem by Georgina

Entry #13: Blog post by Gift

Entry #14: Creative writing – poem by Project Eco

Entry #15: Blog post by Heidi

Entry #16: Art piece by Elena (fruit)

Entry #17: Art piece by Project Eco

Entry #18: Art piece by Elena (Amalfi Coast)

Entry #19: Blog post by Anshika

Entry #20: Creative writing – poem by Aditi

Don’t forget to vote everyone!!

I’ll get back to writing some of my own posts on Saturday, starting with a reflection of this month. See you all then and hope to see all your votes over the next week!

Lots of Love

Blondey on a Mission xxx

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