Summer Competition Showcase: Entry #20

Helloooo all my lovely readers!!

The day has finally come … the last day of the showcase for the Summer Competition I hosted. I know I’ve put loads of posts in your inboxes about this Summer Competition, about entries, now with sharing all the submissions and the next phase will be about voting and the winners. The final submission I’m going to share with you is a poem by Aditi, from What are you Up to during the Lockdown?? I hope you enjoy it!

Summer: the season of joy

Summer; the season of joy and fun,
My heart longs for a corner in your perfect world, 

Where the days are long and filled with joy, and the nights:

short but still an excuse to enjoy
A splash in your perfect little pool: the ocean,

Building sand castles out of your skin: the sand,

Running through and camping in your hair: the trees,

And relaxing under your sight: the warmth of your eyes
As summer heads towards me with so much to do, it’s impossible: impossible to say no,

As summer brings with it joy and happiness, I laugh at my friends’ and my silly craziness, 
It’s summer when we go together for a vacation, 

It’s summer when we spend time together by the side of the ocean, 

It’s summer when the little child inside me is awakened,It’s summer when every moment is something I’ll never have forgotten
Joy from summer I have found how I would like if it was summer all year round.

What did you think of Aditi’s poem? This was the final showcase piece for me to share with you so thank you all for following the whole showcase. Don’t forget that now you get to vote on your favourite entry in each category, so be sure to come back on Wednesday when voting opens!

Lots of Love

Blondey on a Mission xxx

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