Therabox unboxing #2

Things have been quite stressful at university these last few days between work, society admin and general life just getting quite busy. Since you seemed to like the Therabox unboxing I did a short while ago, and one of the best ways to deal with stress is to try take a beat and focus on self-care, I thought I’d combine the two

Summer Competition Showcase: Entry #20

The day has finally come … the last day of the showcase for the Summer Competition I hosted. I know I’ve put loads of posts in your inboxes about this Summer Competition, about entries, now with sharing all the submissions and the next phase will be about voting and the winners. The final submission I’m going to share with you is a poem by Aditi, from What are you Up to during the Lockdown?? I hope you enjoy it!

Summer Competition Showcase: Entry #16, 17 & 18

It’s the weekend once again, the world’s excuse for us to relax. Today’s showcase piece, or pieces, are the last of the art submissions. There are three entries I’ve got for you today, all beautiful interpretations of summer. Two are from a good friend Elena from university, and one is from Project Eco. Now enough of my yabbering, let’s look at art!