Summer Competition Showcase: Entry #9

Heyyyy all my lovely readers!!

This has been a busy week for posts I know, but I really want to try and get as many of these wonderful showcases of the submissions for the Summer Competition out before the summer ends. So today, without further ado, here is the next submission by Moksha from Happy Panda – I hope you enjoy it!

7 Things I Love About Summer

Ah, the fabled Indian summer that has so much written about is upon us. If you aren’t familiar with summers in the Indian subcontinent – you’re lucky. Summers are really intense, more so with the global warming aftereffects and overall I really look forward to the cold winter days. But there are a few things that make the Indian summer bearable and even endearing. Here are 5 things that I love about the Indian summer – 

  1. Mangoes – India produces some of the best mangoes in the world. Mangoes is the first thing that I associate with summers. It is by far my favourite fruit (sorry blueberries) and I countdown the time till they are back in season. From mango cheesecakes to mango chia seed pudding to eating them plain – mangoes make for the most versatile dessert fruit.  
  1. Summer vacations – I am sure this is not unique to India, but schools and colleges in India are closed during the peak summer months of May-June. Most families with kids plan their annual vacation for this time. A lot of Indian families also use this time to travel to meet other members of their families living apart from them. For me, it would mean getting on a train and making a tedious 36hours journey to see my grandma who lives in our ancestral home. While the idea of getting on a 36hours train journey now scares me but as a kid I would enjoy making friends on the train and eating all the amazing food we’d be served on the train. 
  1. Longer days – I love waking up early and it sure helps when the sun rises early too. I love waking up by 5:30-6AM on summer mornings to the sounds of birds chirping and the quiet of everyone else sleeping. It also means finding kids playing games on the streets, late evening, once the temperatures cool down a little. It always reminds me of my childhood days when I’d play silly made up games with my friends till it was dinner time and are parents forced us home.
  2. Summer fashion – I love winter fashion mostly because it is the only time I can wear my boots and all black outfits and pull it off. But Indian summer fashion is so bright with vibrant colours and the most beautiful Indie prints. I love Indie summer dresses and that pairing them with chappals is acceptable on crazy hot days. 
  1. Day drinking – day drinking is fun no matter the weather but I love a nice summer Sunday brunch accompanied with cold red wine. Cold wine and hot weather is a combination I actually enjoy (in the safety of an air conditioned café).
  2. Summer salads – I love salads (I think they get more flak than they deserve) but it can be a bit of an off putting experience to eat a cold salad on a cold winter day. I love summer fruits in salads and eating cold salads in summers. 
  1. Monsoon showers – I know technically monsoons is a whole other weather but the relief you get after the first monsoon showers hit the city is unparalleled. I love rains and I love summers because it eventually leads to the monsoons. 

These are some things I love about summers. Currently my city is mid-monsoons and I am so totally enjoying this blessed weather. I hope wherever you are the summer is bearable. What are some things you love about summers?

What do you think of this entry? If you don’t already, I really suggest checking out her blog she is one of my first friends in the blogosphere and a true inspiration to me so go show her blog a little love by clicking here! Otherwise, that’s all I have for you guys today – let’s chat in the comments section and I’ll see you tomorrow for the next showcase piece!

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      1. Thank you! It was a great day, my mom and dad came to visit for the day, we had lunch at one of our favorite restaurants that they don’t have where they live, and then we went out for ice cream, and I ate WAY too much.

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  1. Great post! Could relate sooo much with whatever was written. I maintain a countdown too for mangoes and palm fruits that grace us with their scrumptiousness in hot hot summers 🤤 Which exotic summer fruit from your country do you like the best? 😀

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