About Me

Hi everyone! For those of you who don’t know, my name is Tia and I’ve been wanting to start this blog for quite some time. I used high school as an excuse but now that I’m finished, I’ve decided that it is time to start. I matriculated from high school at the end of 2018, and consider myself a voracious reader and travel addict. Since then I’ve embarked on a super fun gap year that included short courses at both Oxford and Stanford University, and some globe-trotting in between. In essence, it’s been a hell of an adventure and that adventure will soon be changing gears as I head off to university in September. I’ll be moving to the UK to do Education Studies at Durham University, but I’m a southern hemisphere gal so I won’t be moving to the north of England without at least a suitcase of hoodies and beanies.

This blog is basically going to be a lifestyle blog, but also somewhat of a journal for what’s happened since leaving high school and the next phases in my life. I’m hoping to include advice, tips/tricks, reviews, recipes and just some good old lifestyle related fun posts in between. I really hope you enjoy this blog, and if anyone has a specific topic that they want discussed, or just to have a conversation then please don’t hesitate to email me. Also, I’d love to do collaborations or guest posts, so if you’re interested in either please let me know. I may be over six feet tall but I promise the only thing intimidating about me is my extensive knowledge of Disney, Harry Potter and other geeky things like corny romances and my obsession with books and tea. I love making new friends and am always happy to research new ideas, so please don’t be shy to get in touch with me. Bloggers have got to stick together right? And what’s a blog without those who read it so your opinions and thoughts are just as important 🙂

Lots of Love

Blondey on a Mission xxx (just because this sounds so much cooler than my name)