Blogmas Day Twenty Five – MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!!




I can’t believe that Christmas is finally here – we wait for it all year, spend the whole of December (and part of November in my case) gearing up for it and now it has actually arrived.

Now I know that things may not feel too Christmassy this year thanks to the pandemic. I know that I certainly haven’t felt that this December was as festive as previous years, and all the restrictions in place and precautions we need to make sure we all stay safe has certainly limited the amount of cheery and merriment being spread. However, with all of that going on, I also think that the situation has made us more grateful for things and I’m certainly appreciating the celebrations more this year because I’ve been away from home, but also because of all the covid-related issues, getting a chance to just sit down and spend a day celebrating with my family is truly special.

So now that Christmas is finally here, I just wanted to say Merry Christmas to each and every one of you! I hope you all have a truly magical day and I hope that COVID-19 hasn’t ruined your Christmas plans or limited your celebrations too much.

Also, since Christmas is here, that also means that Blogmas has come to an end. I have honestly had so much fun taking part in Blogmas this year and I can’t believe that this is the last post. Now I’ll be honest, this wasn’t an easy challenge and there were plenty of days where I thought I wouldn’t be able to keep it going. It was a lot of work (I’m definitely looking forward to taking this next week off just so I can catch up on university work and spend some time just taking a breather and celebrating with my family) and I have a newfound admiration for all the bloggers who do Blogmas each and every year because wow!! But apart from that, I have actually really enjoyed it!

There were times when it didn’t feel that fun but I was committed to sticking to the challenge. But in other ways doing Blogmas made me appreciate Christmas more and it has helped me get more into the holiday spirit because my normal festive activities weren’t an option this year because of COVID and having to travel home from university.

However, this Blogmas would not have been possible without every single one of you! To all the other phenomenal bloggers who have supported me, inspired me and given me advice, but also to everyone who has followed Blogmas, read the different posts and chatted with me in the comments section. I have loved speaking to all of you about different Christmas related things and getting to know you all better, plus it makes me so happy to know how many of you followed my first Blogmas and enjoyed the posts. I will definitely try and do it again next year, and hopefully it will be even better thanks to the lessons I’ve learnt this year.


My very last questions for all of you before I go to do a whole bunch of cooking with my dad and boyfriend to our Christmas playlist and I leave you all to your merry celebrations are …

What was your favourite blogmas post that I did? Was there any that stuck out particularly for you? Did you learn anything new and most importantly did you enjoy following Blogmas on Tall Blonde Tales? Also, how are you all celebrating today?

I hope it is absolutely magical and filled with nothing but joy, sparkles and lots of delicious food!

MERRY CHRISTMAS ONCE AGAIN EVERYONE!! I’ll see you all in the new year!

Lots of Love

Blondey on a Mission xxx (signing off for 2020 – I’ll see you all in 2021)

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  1. Well, in some ways the pandemic has kinda of ruined Christmas plans- as in ones that happens yearly. Lessons and Carols and the Christmas Eve Candlelight Service: my favorite church services. Along with dinner with friends- now alone.

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      1. Well, I did see lessons and carols- was able to sing those songs- just online. I still live with my intermediate family- so had dinner with them.

        The regular Christmas morning was exactly the same as always. Loved my Christmas

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