Blogmas Day Ten – The Best Christmas Desserts (and what they say about you)

It’s official. December is here. Blogmas is underway (is it already post number 10? How are we already in the double-digit days of December?? My Christmas tree isn’t even up yet and I haven’t had nearly enough gingerbread) and that can only mean one thing really … 

No – not Santa!! Not presents, not hours of endless Christmas carols … 


Come on, be honest with yourself. No matter how healthy you are, or how much you say you don’t have a sweet tooth, I don’t think there is one of us who can resist getting into the holiday season by munching on a Christmas cookie, or a little mince pie or one innocent candy cane. Let’s face it. We are all elves with sugar addictions at this time of year, but who can blame us? There are just so many delicious treats to choose from. There’s gingerbread, sugar cookies, candy canes, mince pies, Christmas pudding and much much more and the fact that they are in ample supply this time of year is just too much temptation to resist. This is the time of year where lovers of all things sweet (and people in general) everywhere can eat and bake their hearts out. And the best part is that the holidays are a perfect no-judgement period.

Getting into the holiday season can mean plenty of people to entertain, events or activities to cater for or you just feel like you need the extra sugar to get you through the month of merriment. No matter your reason, the answer usually means that you need to make something (or have something available) for everyone to nibble on, or to keep you going at midnight. I don’t think anything captures that holiday cheer more than a Christmas dessert. Today I’ll be chatting about the best-ever Christmas desserts (at least in my opinion) in case any of you are looking for inspiration, but also what your favourite choice says about you. I hope you enjoy it!! 


Gingerbread is a classic Christmas treat. There are gingerbread houses, gingerbread men (and women), gingerbread stars, you name it. Heck when people think about what Christmas smells like, gingerbread usually comes to mind. It is the king of cookies and a holiday favourite, so if you’re looking for a cookie recipe, you really can’t go wrong with gingerbread. 

If this is your favourite cookie, then you’re a Christmas enthusiast! You love Christmas and everything about it and couldn’t care what anyone else thinks about that. Jolly and Merry are probably your middle names, and you love spending the holiday with friends and family. You’re sweet and loving, but also a little sassy just like your cookie counterpart—mapley sweet with some cinnamon-ginger spice.

Photo by Jill Wellington on

Mince pies

You start with just one, and suddenly you’ve had over a dozen. The plate is empty, and there is nothing left but crumbs … oh well. They were that delicious that it was worth sacrificing brunch this morning or the dessert for tonight. Unlike the name suggests, mince pies are not filled with meat, but instead a delicious mixture of dried fruits and spices in a syrupy jammy sauce. They are the best Christmas pie, and they make a perfect addition to a breakfast spread, or for a sweet bite after a meal. Just make sure to buy double what you think you’ll need – even if not all of them get eaten (which they will), you’ll devour them all before long. 

Mince pies say that you’re a people-pleaser, in all the best ways. You are warm, comforting, and always the kind of friend people need. No matter what, you are always there for people, and once someone meets you, they just keep wanting a little bit more. You’re not all sweet though – you have a bit of a spicy side, so you don’t let people walk all over you, and you can bring a bit of sass to the table, but you are flexible and the person everyone wants around. 

Picture from Google and Good Housekeeping

Hot chocolate

Can a drink count as a dessert? When it’s something as sweet, decadent and delicious as hot chocolate, then I sure as hell hope so!! If you have a properly constructed mug of hot chocolate, complete with all the over the top and elaborate toppings, I don’t see how that can’t be a dessert. It’s simple and elegant, but still offers dozens of varieties for those who might need a break from the classic, and it’s the perfect treat no matter what the occasion. 

If you’re a hot chocolate enthusiast, then you are by far the life of the party. You’re a delight to have around during the holidays and are always bringing people together with your sweet personality and warm nature. The richness to your stories makes everyone want to be around you, and you are so versatile that you can get along with just about anyone and everyone. 

Photo by Taryn Elliott on

Sugar cookies 

A holiday classic that is easy, delicious, and so much fun to decorate. Even though all of these cookies are typical during the holiday season, you really don’t get much more classic than this. Sugar cookies are so easy to whip up and what’s great is, much like gingerbread, they are great and fun to decorate—all in all, a real crowd-pleaser. 

You know that the best type of cookie, no matter the occasion, is sweet, simple and quick to assemble, so while everyone else is fussing about fancy desserts, you’ll be whipping up batches of sugar cookies that are destined for success. You’re practical and well-organised, but also like to keep things simple because you know what’s really important. Simple and comfortable, like a holiday film and hot chocolate on Friday night is your style. But just because you like things simple doesn’t mean you don’t like to have a little fun.

Photo by Any Lane on


I would say an old-fashioned Christmas favourite, but I think a more apt description is one of the few desserts that can never go off. Sort of the Christmas version of a carrot cake, except with more dried fruits and nuts, a heavy sprinkling of more spices and a healthy soaking in some sort of spirit. Fruit cake is often an acquired taste, but for those who do love it, there isn’t anything better than a slice of iced fruitcake. 

If this is your Christmas dessert of choice, then you are definitely a traditionalist. When it’s Christmas time, you know exactly what you like and what you want, and so everything has to be ‘just so’. You make sure that all the ornaments are hung correctly, and nothing but the best cookies are left out for Santa. You may not get on with everyone, but you stick by what you believe in, and those close to you appreciate your traditions and mannerisms. You’re also the one who’s had enough of all the remakes of Christmas songs – for you, the classics were more than perfect. 

Candy canes 

Another classic Christmas taste right next to the cinnamon and ginger flavours of gingerbread is that sharp and refreshing taste of peppermint. It may not be a traditional dessert in the true sense of the word, but it’s a sweet and delicious stick of Christmas cheer, and I think we all have our moment of weakness and enjoy at least one sometime in December. They’re definitely not just for the kids and as decorations, so don’t forget about these forgotten favourites. 

This dessert says you’re bold and ambitious, occasionally forgotten and sometimes on the sidelines but you are sweet and delicious and the ones who love you will never leave you out. You’re not afraid to mix things up and only care about the opinions of people who matter to you. You’re bright and proud to be a little different, and everyone who loves you has always got your back. 

Photo by fotografierende on

Christmas Yule log 

No, this is not something strange where we eat a piece of bark out of an ancient forest. Although I have seen some very interesting looking Yule Logs that look more like a piece of art or a beautiful perching spot for fairy toadstools … but today we’re talking about the yule logs most of us come across – those delicious looking rolls of cake with icing on the inside and the outside! I mean is there anything more delectable-sounding than chocolate cake, filled with whipped cream and some sort of jam or chocolate spread and then coated in chocolate ganache? Oooh, this blog post is really starting to make me hungry. If this is your Christmas dessert (great choice by the way!!), then you’re unique, sweet and creative. You’re an absolute delight and scream sweetness and love from the inside out. You always give 100% each and every day, and people always appreciate how sweet and comforting you are. 

Image from

Boy, I am so hungry right now, it’s not even funny. I think I might have started salivating halfway through that. I might have to go make myself some peppermint hot chocolate and devour some decadent waffles or a couple of mince pies. But my hunger aside, I really hope you enjoyed today’s blog post (and I hope it made you even a fraction of the hungry I’m feeling). 

What is your favourite Christmas dessert, and do you agree with what it says about you?? Are there any fantastic Christmas desserts that you think I missed out? (Sorry if I did – please note we do not discriminate against any desserts on this blog.) Let’s chat in the comments section – I’ve been having so much fun speaking to all of you!!

Right … I am officially hungry now and craving something sweet so I’m going to forage and see if there is something decadent, sugary and Christmassy I can sink my teeth into! I hope you all have a delicious Christmas dessert waiting for you!!

Lots of Love

Blondey on a Mission xxx

P.S. IF anyone wants to find out what their favourite Christmas cookie says about them, you can click here to read my post about that! There is a bit of overlap though – just saying. I hope you enjoy that too, though! 

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35 thoughts

  1. Hot chocolate counts as a dessert and a whole mood. Hot chocolate is ❤️.

    I’m not a fan of candy canes. Your description – “This dessert says you’re bold and ambitious, occasionally forgotten and sometimes on the sidelines” is on point!!

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  2. I’d say I’m definitely the hot chocolate and the sugar cookies. Those two combined pretty much create the essence of me. Also, fruitcake is disgusting!!! I feel sorry for any person who fits the description of that dessert. Blech!!!! Cool post, Tia!! xoxo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oooh haha!! I always find it interesting when someone doesn’t fit the description because all people who like sugar cookies can’t be the same. Haha. Oooh really?? You may have heard it as a bouche de Noël ? If you hunt I think you can find them in bakeries or supermarkets but I can also try find a nice recipe !! Xx

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It means we’re all unique lol! Sadly, I’ve never heard of bouche de Noël either. But anything with chocolate, count me in! Oh you don’t have to, but it’s nice that you thought of finding a recipe! Which Christmas dessert would describe you btw?


      2. Exactly! Yeah fair it is delicious and Im with you chocolate anything and I’m there! Hmmm good question … I’m probably a mix between a gingerbread biscuit and a mince pie because I definitely let people walk over me sadly

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Just talking about gingerbread and all these Christmas goodies is making me hungry! Mince pies sound very delicious. The picture of it looks familiar, so maybe I just didn’t know what it was called (now I know, thanks to you). I hope your holiday is filled with yummy food, mince pie, Christmas yule logs, gingerbread, sugar cookies, and all that good stuff!

        Liked by 1 person

      4. I know me too!! I’ve definitely been eating a lot more sweet things. Hmm maybe you have – they are very common and so delicious but warning you can easily eat about 6 in one go 😂 Aww thank you so so much I hope your Christmas is filled with just as much delicious food and sweetness!! 💗

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      5. Oddly enough, I haven’t had any holiday desserts so far, which is sad! Glad you get to enjoy your treats during the holidays this year. Oh six, ok I’ll keep that in mind lol! You’re so sweet, thank you!

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Hi Blondey,
    What a fun and intersting blog today, really enjoyed same.
    Still waiting for the ginger cookie recipe .
    I still love an Eton Mess, would hate to know what that says about me, but meringues, fruit and lashings of cream – oooohhh what a way to go..
    See you soon.

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