Blogmas Day Three – Guest post by Ariela

Hello everyone and here we are on day three of Blogmas 2020!

Wow …

Honestly I didn’t think I’d even make it to this point without having a mental breakdown but here we are and I think my stress levels are relatively normal for a university student trying to tackle end-of-term assessments online with a global pandemic during Christmas.

Anywho … Today’s post is a guest post from the lovely Ariela, blogger from She is a fantastic blogger and always writes such beautiful, personal posts so if you don’t follow her already, I highly recommend you go check out her blog here! Right – here is Ariela’s post!

This Year is No Different from the others

Christmas is the time when families get together to celebrate the season. As for my family, because we are “snowbirds,” we always spend our winter in warmer weather, so we missed celebrating Christmas with my grandfather, aunt, and uncle. I am from New Brunswick, Canada, and we drive south for twenty-four hours to our second home in Orlando, Florida, where we spend six months.

Most of the time I celebrate Christmas just with my mom and my dad, and it’s just the three of us so my dad makes sure that we celebrate it somewhere nice. For example we like to spend Christmas in a nice resort or in the amusement park. My mother’s family is in the Philippines so they can’t come over easily to celebrate Christmas with us. When the pandemic is over, we are planning to celebrate Christmas in the Philippines. I’m looking forward to that when it happens. It will be a different experience celebrating Christmas in the Philippines. My dad’s sister is in Michigan, and my grandfather always goes there to celebrate Christmas because he is by himself now after my grandmother passed away two years ago. In my lifetime, we only went to Michigan two times to celebrate Christmas with them, and it was very nice.

This year, for some people Christmas will be different because of the restrictions put into place by the government. It depends where you are in the planet, and the number of COVID-19 cases your city/town has. There are restrictions in place on how people can gather, and how many can gather. The restrictions also change from time to time. Hopefully, when Christmas time comes the virus will be under control and people can safely get together again. But for me and my family, there is no difference this year because we are celebrating it by ourselves as usual. The only difference is that we won’t get go to a Christmas Eve service. We usually dine in at a  fancy restaurant to see other people celebrating, but maybe this year my dad will just cook a roast and celebrate at home to be safer.

I hope everyone has a Happy and Safe Christmas!

I hope you all loved Ariela’s post just as much as I did!! Even though Christmas is different this year, we can still celebrate in different ways together, and hopefully Christmas isn’t too different for you this year due to the pandemic. Thank you so much Ariela for sharing this beautiful post – I hope you have a truly fantastic Christmas and thank you all for reading!!

Is Christmas the same, or different for you this year? Are there any traditions you’re happy you can still uphold this year, or has COVID changed everything up for you? Are you all enjoying Blogmas so far? There are more fantastic guest posts to come, along with some interesting tips and recipes to look forward to, so stay tuned for tomorrow’s post!

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See you all tomorrow for some more Christmas content!!

Lots of Love

Blondey on a Mission xxx

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