Blogmas Day Eleven – Guest Post by Ang

Hello everyone!! How are you all doing?

So I know I’ve been on a bit of a food-kick over the last few posts. I couldn’t help it – there is just too much delicious Christmas food out there. Sadly, most of the delicious foods we like to devour so much of at this time of the year aren’t exactly the healthiest. I think only Santa can get away with eating that many cookies … and he pulls off the ‘bowl full of jelly’ look a lot better than I do. So, I thought that this post would be the perfect follow-up to my step-by-step cinnamon roll recipe (absolutely scrumptious but not the lowest cal dish you could choose) and my list of the best Christmas desserts and what they say about you. By the way if you haven’t read those posts be sure to check them out!

Today, we’re joined by the lovely Ang from Lose Weight with Ang who is going to share some tips about staying health-conscious during the holidays.

How to Stay Health-Conscious During the Holidays

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Christmas is a busy time. In the world before Covid-19, this month meant high traffic in airports and on the roads. People were en route to meet with their loved ones. But even though travel is still very restricted, we still want to gather in our small groups and enjoy each other’s company. With all of the stress and events, it’s difficult to make sure you stick to your plans for healthy living. Here are a few simple ways to keep yourself health-conscious this Christmastime.

Practice Mindfulness

Take some time at the start or end of the day to plan the day ahead. This may not seem like it’ll do much, but going over plans in your head will help solidify them and make you more likely to carry them out. Go over what you’ll do when offered junk food. Do you plan on relaxing your healthy eating a bit? Set a goal to allow yourself a few indulgences in small amounts. Whatever your plan is, make sure you stick to it.

You may not think it makes a difference and just decide to give up and eat everything in sight. But remember, your body will take in everything you eat. Enjoying treats in moderation will do a lot less to hinder your future successes. 

Set Aside Time for Healthy Activities

Time is a limited commodity. If you’re on the go, your regular one-hour gym session may be out of the question. But that doesn’t mean working out needs to be. Set aside 10 minutes of your day to get in a few exercises. A quick Google search will get you a list of bodyweight exercises that you can do, no equipment necessary. 

Don’t let anything interfere with this! That 10 minutes is valuable to you and you’ll be glad you took the time for some well-needed self-care. 

Forgive Yourself

If you have a slip-up, remember it’s okay to forgive yourself. Don’t let it get you down! There is nothing good that comes from beating ourselves up over personal failures. Tell yourself how you’re going to do better next time, and move on. Remember, part of being healthy is loving yourself and carrying resentment because of your mistakes is not useful.

And if you do make a mistake, get back on that wagon right away. None of this “I messed up so I’ll eat everything and start again tomorrow” nonsense. That’s an unhealthy cycle you don’t want to get into. Focus on keeping that health-conscious mindset engaged!

That’s all everyone! I hope you’ve found some value in this post. If you want to read more about healthy eating and fitness goals, please join me at


I don’t know about you but with all the sugary temptations surrounding me, I could definitely do with this advice!! Thank you so so much Ang for sharing these wonderful tips, and giving me some great advice for staying healthy (ish) during the holiday season. How did you all enjoy Ang’s post? Have you got any other health tips to share? Also, what one Christmas food is good enough to weaken your resolve and make you give in to temptation? I have too many options (glazed gammon, and cinnamon rolls are my top thought). Lastly, if you want any more health tips for Christmas, be sure to click here for another post!

But that’s all for now, and I hope you all have a (relatively) healthy Christmas

Lots of Love

Blondey on a Mission xxx

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  1. Love the great tips, Ang!! Forgiving yourself for going overboard during the holidays is so important. We get so stuck up and end up either punishing ourselves too harshly or eating even more! Very useful advice! πŸ‘

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