Blogmas Day Eight – Guest Post by Olivia Lucie Blake

Hey there everyone! I hope you are all having a fantastic week so far. Can you believe Blogmas has already been going on for a week? When I started, I felt so overwhelmed and that I wouldn’t possibly be able to keep up with it all but surprisingly here we are and I haven’t had a nervous breakdown yet. Yayyy!!

Anyway, today I have another guest post for you by Olivia about the best subscription boxes to get for Christmas. I hope you enjoy it!

The Best Subscription Boxes for Christmas

Hi everyone, my names Olivia from am a lifestyle blogger and have topics ranging from relationships, mental health, skincare and self-care just to name a few. I am so happy that Tia asked me to be part of her blogmas and bring you a Christmas themed post.

When Tia asked me to be involved, I knew that I wanted to talk about subscription boxes! They are the perfect gift, especially for those who are hard to buy for! So today I’ll be sharing some of my favourite boxes that I think are the best for Christmas! 

Let’s get into it! 


The Degusta Subscription box is a snack box that arrives at your door every month. They fill the boxes with up to 15 products each month, and they’re all new products that are new on the market here in the UK. Not only do they include food items but new drinks too! The great thing about Degusta is that they have a gifting option, which is perfect for Christmas. It allows you to pay in advance for boxes for other people! How cool is that? 

The Degusta box is £12.99 a month, which is such a steal considering shipping is included in that price too. 


If you’re a beauty fanatic like me then you will love this box. The great thing about their boxes is that you can look at previous months they have done, that way you get a feel for what the products included are like. What I really like about their boxes is that they include full sized items. So many companies try to get away with only sending mini versions of products, which sometimes make the boxes not value for money.  

Glossy box have various different payment plan options:

– 12 Month subscription plan – £11.75 a month
– 1 Month rolling subscription – £13.25
– 3 Months pay upfront – £38.25
– 6 Months pay upfront – £69.00
– 12 Months pay upfront – £132.00 

They also have various gifting options too. 


 Birchbox is a similar subscription box to Glossy box but it has a personalisation element. Each month you receive a variety of beauty goodies such as skincare or makeup. Each month they allow you to pick between one of their items, such as the shade of lipstick you will receive. I think this is a great idea as you won’t be disappointed if you receive a shade that you won’t wear or don’t like. 

There are a wide choice of payment options: 

  • Monthly payment plan – £12.95 
  • 3 Monthly payment plan – £38.85 
  • 6 Monthly payment plan – £74.75 
  • Yearly payment plan – £145.40 

    Those prices include delivery too! Theres also an option to gift boxes too, which is perfect for the Christmas season. 

    There are so many boxes on the market! Even more of a variety than the ones I have shown today. What do you think of those boxes? Do you have any that you like? 

    Merry Blogmas to you all! I hope you enjoyed this post. 

    I am also taking part in blogmas so don’t forget to check out my blog for Christmas content! 

Olivia x
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I hope you all enjoyed Olivia’s post as much as I did! Olivia has always been such an inspiration for me and such a support with blogging so Olivia thank you so much for sharing your post for my Blogmas. Thank you all so so much for reading today’s post, and for following Blogmas. I’ll see you all tomorrow!

Lots of Love

Blondey on a Mission xxx

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