Summer Bucket List (lockdown friendly edition)

Hey there, all my lovely readers!!

Is there anyone else there who just loves lists?? To-do lists, checklists, bucket lists…

Speaking of bucket lists, I don’t know why but I’ve always found them super fun. Of course, the idea behind them is a little dark (we won’t get into that) but if you take that away, having a list of fun or essential experiences to try and get through has lots of great aspects. If you’re feeling shy or are looking to make memorable experiences, or are even just looking for inspiration during a holiday, bucket lists are a great thing to get into to help you with that. Plus, they can be a really fun challenge for yourself or to do with friends.

Growing up, I was never into bucket lists for multiple reasons. I’d always struggle to get through them, or I wouldn’t have anyone to try them with, but now, I think they can just be a great excuse to try new things or make fun or silly memories. Hence, this summer, I figured it would be really fun to make a summer-themed bucket list. Over the next few months, I’m going to try and get through as many of these as possible, either by myself, with my boyfriend or with friends. Plus, what’s super great about this list is that it’s lockdown friendly (so if things with covid have made summer plans difficult, hopefully, there are some things on here for you). Right… Let’s see what’s on this lockdown friendly summer bucket list.

Wake up for the sunrise 

I know not everyone is into early mornings, but there’s just something so magical about waking up to see the sunrise and welcome a new day. Even if you’re not an early bird, you only have to wake up super early once. You can tick it off your list, plus you’ll have a really memorable experience/picture opportunity.

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Have a game night 

Nothing says fun quite like games. Board games, card games, or even video games – this can be a great way to have a fun evening with your family/friends/partner. Just be careful not to let things get too competitive. You don’t want to start a feud for the summer.

Go camping in your garden 

Just because there’s a global pandemic doesn’t mean things like camping are out. If camping is something you really love, why not pitch your tent in your garden?? You could bring your sleeping bag, a flask of hot chocolate, and watch the stars (which is another thing you can tick off further down the list)

Watch the sunset 

A different type of magic to watching the sunrise, watching the sunset can be a very soothing experience. Plus, it’s romantic if you’re looking for something to do with your partner.

Make your own cocktails 

Something really fun to do during the summer is to test out some summery cocktail recipes. This is the perfect thing to do with friends if you plan on spending the day outside, or relaxing by the pool, or even if you’re having a night in. If you don’t drink alcohol or are underage (Tall Blonde Tales is not encouraging underage drinking – please be responsible), who says you have to make alcoholic cocktails? Why not go with mocktails??

Go stargazing 

If you’re camping in the garden, this one is easy to tick off. Looking at the stars is one of my favourite things to do – not only is it peaceful and gorgeous, but it’s also really humbling to look out into the dark sky. Of course, sometimes it’s not easy to stargaze in cities due to light pollution, so be sure to find the right place, so you don’t spend any evening staring up at an empty sky.

Have a picnic 

According to one of my best friends, there’s nothing quite as quintessentially summer as a picnic. Picture it – a summery blanket, lots of little finger foods and refreshing drinks, refreshing drinks and a natural scenic setting. I mean, what could be more fun? Plus, this is another fun thing you can do in your garden if covid-restrictions are bad where you are.

Photo by Rachel Claire on

Try a new ice cream flavour 

I scream. You scream. We all scream for ice cream!!! Nothing beats ice cream on a hot day, but I think we often get stuck in sticking to our same favourite flavours, and we don’t branch out. How about this summer you try a completely new flavour? Who knows, it might be your new favourite?

Have a movie marathon 

School’s out, which means there’s no homework and plenty of free time, and one of the best ways to spend that is to have a …. Movie marathon!! Sure, the weather is excellent, so we should ‘play outside’, but nothing says relaxing quite like at least a day on the couch with popcorn watching movies.

Reread a favourite series 

This summer, I plan to reread the Harry Potter series because I keep meaning to but never have the time. Now that it’s summer, I don’t have that excuse anymore. Rereading a favourite series is always great because you get to relive the moments you enjoyed, maybe see new things that you didn’t quite process before and remember why it’s a favourite.

Read all the books you haven’t read yet on your shelf 

I think this is one on every bookworm’s bucket list. Or am I the only one who ends up buying lots of books, and sometimes there are a few that don’t get read and end up sitting on your shelf??

Build a pillow fort

Summer is a great time to enjoy some childlike fun and recreate some childhood memories. Pillow forts are definitely one on my list. I’ve done this with my boyfriend once, and it was super fun – not just because we realised pretty quickly that we are not pillow fort engineers, but also because we had a super comfortable cave to watch movies in after that.

Photo by Lum3n on

Perfect a delicious recipe

This one comes with so many benefits. Baking can be super fun, you get to brag about the delicious food you made to your friends and family, plus you get a free reward – eating what you created!!

Stay up all night for no good reason 

Staying up all night to cram or complete assignments is sometimes necessary. However, what about staying up all night for no good reason? Yes, you’ll probably regret it after, and your sleep cycle might be a mess, but there’s something satisfying in pulling an all-nighter just for fun.

Bingewatch on Netflix 

Similar to having a movie marathon, this one is also to test your screen-time endurance, but if you pick the right series, it could definitely be a noteworthy and enjoyable one to tick off your list.

Bake banana bread 

I don’t know why banana bread became a thing to bake during lockdown (maybe it has something to do with people just never getting through a whole bunch of bananas or not knowing what to do with overripe bananas…?), but for some reason, banana bread baking is the thing to do in lockdown so considering this is a lockdown friendly list, I just had to add it.

Photo by Polina Tankilevitch on

Stay in your pyjamas all-day 

If you’re not going to school/university, nothing makes the statement that you’re on holiday quite like staying in your pyjamas for the entire day. Your parents might be a bit judgmental, but it’s comfy, it’s cosy, and it’s a true statement of holiday relaxation.

Play a childhood favourite game 

What was your favourite game to play growing up? Was it Monopoly? Go Fish? Hopscotch? Why not take the opportunity to play it again with someone and see if it’s still a favourite, or how it feels to play it now that you’re older.

Clear out your closet 

I figured I had to add something organisational to this list to satisfy my inner urges. Even though cleaning out your closet isn’t going to make it into the Top 10 list of coolest things to do in the summer, it’s pretty satisfying to clear out old clothes (and it gives you space in case you want to take advantage of the end of summer clothes sales)

Try a home workout routine 

I think my dad might disown me if I didn’t add something physically active to the bucket list. If you’re not a huge exercise fanatic, fear not! Lockdown has meant so many different workouts (for all sorts of people and interests) have become available. For instance, next week, I’m thinking of trying an at-home Disney dance/walking workout – I’ll let you know how it goes!

Photo by Li Sun on

Have a pool party 

A pool party might be another one of those quintessential summer activities, so I just had to add it. If you have a pool at home, then that’s great, and even if you can’t invite friends, who says you can’t spend a day relaxing by the pool by yourself?

BBQ something 

Okay, in South Africa, we don’t really do BBQ…. We do braai’s, and they’re pretty much an all-year thing. Seriously we’ll have them during a thunderstorm in the middle of winter. But around the world, a summer BBQ is always a fun event, even if it’s just for family and you just do hot dogs.

Make something with strawberries (or blueberries) 

Every season comes with flavours and foods in mind. For summer, fresh berries seem to be it. With that in mind, why not try to make something that captures a summer fruit like strawberries or blueberries. I’d say anything one step above putting them in a jug of water with ice and a sprig of mint counts.

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Create a summer playlist 

My mom absolutely loves making different playlists, and while I don’t have a huge interest in them, I won’t lie that some playlists can really help get you in the mood. Considering I have one for Christmas, I figure one for summer would also be great.

Have a spa day at home  

Last but not least, you have to have a spa day at home if you’re going to spend the summer relaxing. I’m talking about pulling out all the tricks – a bubble bath, manicures, pedicures, face masks, maybe a body scrub?? If you’ve been having a stressful time, I think a spa day at home is the perfect way to relax.

And there you have it!! Phewwwww!!

So this is my lockdown friendly summer bucket list – let’s see how many I can tick off this summer. I’m also challenging all of you to try this summer bucket list as well, and maybe later we can compare and see how it all went? Are there any suggestions you have for this bucket list that you think I really missed out on that I should add? What does your summer bucket list look like? Let’s chat in the comments section!

Lastly, please don’t forget about the Summer Fun Blogging Competition! There are two weeks until the submission deadline, and I can only run it if we have at least 5 entries per category (so that’s 15 entries) so let me know if you plan on entering!

Lots of Love

Blondey on a Mission xxx

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  1. I love your bucket list! I am definitely going to enter the blogging competition. I am obsessed with ice cream! This summer I am doing ice cream floats with kombucha instead of side. Experiementing with different flavours is amazing!

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    1. Awww thanks so much!! Yayyy I’m so glad can’t wait to read your entries!! Ice cream is the best whats your fav flavour?? Oh wow that sounds interesting let me know how it tastes xx


  2. Wow Blonbdey, what a lovely idea, now for you to carry it out. Top of my list is to buy a new Potplant full of bright little flowers, cheer my heart up this will.

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