Blogmas Day Twenty Three – What your favourite Christmas beverage says about you

Helloooo merry readers!!

Christmas-themed drinks are all the rage. No matter where you go, you can see people sipping festive drinks from coffee shops, stacked in all the stores, for sale in your favourite cafes, restaurants and cute little Christmas stalls. With that in mind, I couldn’t do a post without acknowledging all these glorious beverages. I had such fun with the post I wrote last year about What your favourite Christmas cookie says about you that I thought it would be really cool to try one with Christmas drinks. Sooooo without further ado, here is a fun little post about what your favourite Christmas beverage says about you! 

Hot chocolate

You are a kind and caring friend, a delight to be around and the embodiment of a hug. Everyone loves you for your warm and welcoming vibe and your bright personality. You’re sweet and playful – a child at heart – but when you really need to, you can be serious. Although most of the time you’re just lighthearted and want to have a fun, relaxed time. Your go-to night out is a pyjama party wrapped in your fluffy blanket, and you probably love cuddling too much, but whoever said that was a problem? 

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You might be the ‘weirdo’ in the group, but that doesn’t mean you’re any less loved. In fact, the fact that you’re not like everyone else is precisely what makes you fabulous! You’re the life of the party, definitely not afraid to say what’s on your mind (that may be the brandy talking at times). You’re spunky and fun to be around and definitely keep things interesting during social events. You have a distinctive personality, but you don’t care about those who don’t get you and those who do love you for you! 

Chai latte 

It’s not that you’re a vinyl-listening, beanie-wearing, indie-pop loving hipster, but you are a little. You love cool, unique things and always want to be just a little bit different. You are unique, full of Christmas cheer, warmth, and a loyal friend. You’re always trying to inspire people with the holiday spirit and positivity. You have a bright and bubbly sense of fun, but you know just when to turn down the spicy parts of your personality to be a comforting presence. 

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Peppermint mocha 

You’re all about traditions during the holiday. You listen to Christmas music right after Halloween. Once December rolls around, all your movies and books have to have some sort of holiday content – even if it means saying no to invites from your friends to see the new Marvel movie. People secretly respect your love and dedication to rosy-cheeked merriment, overzealous joy-giving and your hideous Christmas sweater with 10 plaid bows, bells and a giant snowman right in the middle. You’re a breath of fresh air amongst all the normal – the mintiness perfectly captures your fresh, unique outlook on life. Peppermint adds a fresh, holiday flavour to your mocha, and you love that the minty taste accentuates your fresh outlook on life. 

Pumpkin spice latte

You’re not exactly a diehard Christmas fan – peppermint doesn’t quite cut it for you. You don’t buy into all the overdone festivities. Still, you’re willing to go along with it most of the time by keeping things relatively seasonal. Even though you’re not about to win ‘most festive’ in your friend group, everyone still loves you for keeping things practical and making sure they don’t lose themselves in the Christmas craziness. You’re a trendsetter, confident in yourself, and pretty awesome. People just mustn’t invite you carolling every night. 

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Mulled wine 

You’re all about things being homely and comforting, especially at Christmas time. You don’t have as much of a filter as your other merry friends, and sometimes you can be a bit blunt and intense, but you still love Christmas just as much as they do. You’re all about evoking merriment and happiness, and your friends love you for sometimes having a darker sense of humour. You’re full of self-confidence and are happy with exactly the way you are, and if that comes with a bit of a kick sometimes, who cares? 

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And there you have it! This blog post was lots of fun to write but also quite challenging because I really had to think about the different personalities of the beverages. What did you all think? What is your favourite holiday beverage, and if it’s on this list, what did you think of the matching personality? Are there any holiday beverages I’ve missed or personalities I’m missing? Let’s chat in the comments section! 

Lots of Love

Blondey on a Mission xxx 

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