Let’s talk Disney! A Disney themed Q&A with Small Talks

Heyyy there everyone! How are you doing?

For the month of April (and probably a bit of May) I’ve got a lot of fun collabs that I’ve been working on with other bloggers that I can now start sharing with all of you! It’s been a while since I’ve gotten to collab with bloggers just due to workload and my time management skills not being quite as supernatural as I pretend them to be. But now that I’m on holiday I’m trying to make up for that and let me tell you, I have had so much fun!

So today is going to be a Disney themed collab with Small Talks (you probably guessed that from the title but I do talk about Disney a lot so…). Disney is such a fun franchise that so many people can fall in love with so when we discovered we were both big fans, we thought of sending each other a list of Disney-themed questions and are going to share the answers on each others’ blogs. So, without further ado, here are my questions that Small Talks answered.

1. What’s your absolute favourite Disney song?

Talking about songs, it’s so difficult for me to come up with just one. I enjoy listening to all. My top favorite would be : let it go, a dream is a wish your heart makes, how far I’ll go, remember me, a whole new world. 

2. If you could transform into one Disney character, who would it be?

Jasmine from Aladin. She is free-spirited, confident and kind.

3. Who are three disney characters you relate to the most?

1. Belle from beauty and beast – cause she stands out in the crowd, loves to read books and looks beauty within inside.    

2. Elsa from frozen – cause she always feels like she is not where she belongs to be, a quite different girl who gives important to reality and values family.  

 3. Dory from Finding Nemo – cause I tend to forget most of the important things. 

4. Which do you prefer – the animated classics or the live-action remakes and why?

Animated classics!! I don’t know the reason but I’ve always liked to watch the original animated movie over the remake one. 
5. Do you remember your first Disney movie you ever watched? What was so special about it?

It was the beauty and the beast. At that time, disney made me believe that whatever happens in your life, in the end you’ll definitely find a happily ever after. I was dragged into the magical world of Disney right from my childhood. Disney always gives me the satisfaction that I seek while watching movies. Yes, that’s something special indeed. 

6. Which Disney movie made you cry the most?

The scene from ‘lion king’ when mufasa dies. I cried so hard while watching it. 

7. Who do you think are any unsung heroes in Disney movies (sidekicks, animals and magical creatures included)?

Flynn rider from ‘Tangled’ . I guess he had an amazing personality. He is charming, daring and confident with a sense of little humor, quite different from other normal disney men characters. 

8. What is your least favourite Disney moment in a movie?

I really don’t have one. 
9. If you ever need a good laugh, what movie, or short do you turn to first?

All the disney sitcom series like wizards of waverly place, that’s so raven. 
10. What Disney movie, character or quote taught you the greatest life lesson or has inspired you most in life?Winnie the pooh. All his words are so lovely and inspiring. 

And there you have it! I had such fun answering these questions from Small Talks and more fun sending these questions so thank you so much for sending those question to me and for doing this collab with me it was fantastic! Please don’t forget to check out Small Talk’s blog to see my answers to her questions if you haven’t already. She also has such an amazing blog so while you’re over there, why not give the blog some love and check out some of her other posts here? but otherwise I really hope you enjoyed today’s post. Would you like to share some of your answers to these questions if you played along? Let me know in the comments section and let’s chat!

Otherwise, that’s all I have for today – I’ll see you all next time!

Lots of Love

Blondey on a Mission xxx

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