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And all the rest (I’m not going to use every language because that would take forever so Merry Christmas in your home language)

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MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! From the little tropical island I am on, enjoying Christmas with my family, I would just like to wish you all a very merry Christmas, happy holidays and all the best for the short little bit of 2019 that is left (my best wishes for the new year will come in another blog post closer to the time). I genuinely wish that everyone got something they hoped for this year, has something to be thankful for and has something planned for this day that is destined to put a smile on your face.

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Right. Now that my wishes of merriment are out of the way, here goes the last Christmas-themed blog post of the year. The Christmas songs and movies all mention it briefly, but this really is the season to be jolly and the most wonderful time of the year. There are so many things that make this time special, including the fact that we have to wait all year just to enjoy it. Now everyone has their own reasons as to why the holidays are the best, but for a little Christmas special, and seeing as I have been speaking so much about it over the month, I thought I’d share with you all the reasons why I love Christmas and hence why it is my favourite time of the year.

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Everywhere looks jolly

The decorations. Duh! How can you not be in a good mood when you go into a shop, and everything is sparkly and pretty thanks to the seasonal decorations? Or when you are driving the streets, all the houses or storefronts look a little extra special because of the lights and ornaments out. It’s not that the world doesn’t look good for the rest of the year, but it just puts the biggest smile on my face when I look around and see the festive bug catching on, whether it be in the shopping malls, grocery stores, houses or even parking lots. It’s pretty impossible not to feel even a little bit jolly when there are tinsel, baubles and twinkly lights everywhere you look – am I right?

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All the freaking food

Christmas is the best time of the year because of the food. Case closed. No need for further reasons, right? For most of the world, food is a pretty big deal and most holidays even revolve around food or a particular meal, so the fact that almost all Christmas food tastes delicious is a sign that it is the best. I mean you have all the different types of cookies (if you’re as big a fan of cookies as me then why not check out my blog post about what your favourite Christmas cookie says about you, peppermint flavoured everything, trifle, mince pies, fruit cake, Christmas pudding, and that’s just the desserts. There’s still the starter dishes, main dishes (do not get me started on Christmas ham it is my favourite thing in the world) and all those other in-between dishes. Hey, I’m not saying Christmas food is excellent for your waistline or diet, but it is undoubtedly great-tasting and puts a smile on your face, so that has to count for something.

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Everyone is a little bit nicer 

This gets me every year. Kindness is not a huge focus for most people, and I can understand why. The world is a selfish place, and if you don’t watch out for yourself, you can get trodden over and left behind. Somehow though, when the Christmas trees come out, the lights are lit, and carols start being sung, it’s as if a type of magic is sprinkled over everyone to make them just a little bit nicer. People are more inclined to help each other out, smiles are far more widely distributed, and less challenging to summon, and even the grinchiest individuals utter a “Merry Christmas” to someone. I’m a cheery, optimistic and friendly person all year round, and so it warms my heart more than anything else when everyone else gets bit with the happy festive bug and embraces their inner jolly.

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The movies 

In case you missed the last blog post, Christmas movies are most probably my favourite of all the movie genres. They’re festive, fun and a great way to spend a few hours if you’d rather be in bed than face the rest of the world. What’s great about Christmas movies though is that there is something for almost everyone. Not all of them are cheesy Hallmark romances, so don’t worry if that isn’t your thing. There are family-friendly options, more comic or romantic options, and there is even an option like Die Hard if you struggle with all the others. So, if you’re looking for movies to watch, I promise you that there will always be a Christmas option for you (even when it isn’t December).

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P.S. If you haven’t already, why not join my Christmas movie-watching challenge? That could always be your Christmas present to yourself, or there are still a few days left of December … just click the link 😊

Excuse to spend time with people

I’m a social butterfly despite some of my more introverted ways, and the great thing about Christmas is it is the perfect excuse to spend time with people. Want to make sure you get your entire family together for a sit-down meal? Well, they can’t say no to a family Christmas dinner, now can they? Relatives you haven’t seen in forever? This season is all about spending time with the people you love so you can use that as the reason to get together. Haven’t seen your friends in forever or are looking to do something fun and festive, but not on your own? I think you get the idea already. It’s sometimes so hard to get together during the year, especially if you don’t have a compelling reason to convince people to come out, but Christmas offers the perfect holly branch.

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The music 

Many years ago, before many of my relatives moved overseas, we hosted a huge Christmas party at my house. Not only was my dad and I cooking, but so was my aunt, uncle and grandmother. Almost every relative I knew had somehow arrived, and the best part of it was all of us dancing to the song, “all I want for Christmas is you”. Christmas songs may be cheesy or a little bit too jolly for some people, but they hold special memories for most people. Listening to the music is arguably one of the best parts of the season, and better still, singing to it. Plus, because there are so many songs, genres and covers, it’s almost impossible not to have at least one song you like.

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Everybody loves presents

A nod to the selfish reason most people like the holiday … presents! The only other time where you can get gifts from other people besides your birthday. Yes, it isn’t the only thing to be thinking about but the thought of ripping into some wrapping paper and discovering a fantastic gift on Christmas morning is magical for everyone, no matter how old you get. But also, honestly, WHO DOESN’T LOVE GETTING GIFTS?!?!?

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Can Christmas be a perfume scent? 

If I could have one wish come true, it would be to bottle up Christmas and turn it into a perfume. I promise I’m not crazy. Christmas just has the most delicious smell. I mean, who doesn’t love the smell of freshly baked Christmas cookies? Or cinnamon, nutmeg and all those other festive spices? What about fresh pine needles, roasted chestnuts, chai lattes and gingerbread? Now imagine all of those beautiful scents that only mix together this time of year as a deliciously addictive bottle of perfume. That would be a winning scent, at least in my opinion.

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TO all you Grinches out there, you can’t be too grouchy. It’s Christmas time, which means it gives all us festive addicts and jolly joy-spreaders a free pass. One of my big reasons why I love the holiday so much is I can be my overly festive, cheery and positive self and it is perfectly acceptable, more so than the rest of the year because the whole attitude of Christmas is meant to be jolly. I can wear Christmas sweaters every day, sing carols at the top of my lungs and be cheery, friendly and festive to everyone who passes me by and it isn’t considered strange. All because it is Christmas time.

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What it’s all about 

My favourite part of any holiday, skip the food, décor and all other festivities, is the meaning behind it all, and none other has a more beautiful one than Christmas. Skip all of the religious parts, the holiday is about being with the people you love. It is about spending time with friends and family, being grateful and having a joyous, fun-filled time together. What better reason is there to love Christmas than that? (Maybe the smells … and the food … and the music, and movies and presents and oh I just love it all so much. Why can’t it be Christmas all year round???)

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And so there you have it, folks! I hope you all enjoyed this Christmassy post, especially if you took the time out of your day to read it. What is your favourite thing about Christmas? What do you love about this season of jolly? Please share it with me in the comments section – is it one that I’ve already listed?

Thank you all so much for taking this time out of your Christmas to read my little blog. If you did enjoy it and it added to your day of festivities, please don’t forget to hit that little like button and subscribe so that you don’t miss out on any future blog posts. Now I’ll stop rambling on and let you all continue binge eating cookies, scoffing down a festive feast or having a movie marathon with your family.

Merry Wishes Everyone!

Lots of Love

Blondey on a Mission xxx

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