The Small Joys Tag!

Hey everyone!! I hope you’re all having a fantastic day so far. As for me, my day has been somewhat turbulent thanks to my stubborn cat. He decided he wanted breakfast half an hour earlier this morning (normally I wouldn’t mind but it is winter right now and leaving my warm bed to brave the cold thirty minutes ahead of schedule wasn’t an appealing thought at all). Then, when I was busy putting my shoes on, he decided to take one of my sneakers prisoner. Let’s just say that is 10 minutes of my life I’ll never get back … 

Anywho, I was going to include this tag in my big awards post, but I just loved the idea of it and thought, because it’s not technically an award, that I’d give it its own special post and this is it. So, a huge thank you to Evin from a Curly Sue’s Ramblings and Meekly Insane from the Sycamore Quill for tagging me in this – I really really appreciate it. It was such a wholesome post to write, so thank you for that! And now, onto the rules and my 15 small joys. 

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  1. Thank the blogger who tagged you 
  2. List 15 of your small joys (they can be as weird, random and silly as you want to make them) 
  3. Tag 5 blogger friends who bring you joy (and feel free to say why they bring you joy!) Have fun with it! 

My small joys: 

Tea: Tea is my favourite drink in the world. It’s my go-to beverage in the morning, what I turn to when I’m stressed or just when I’m relaxing. There is really nothing better to me than curling up with my fluffy blanket and a hot cup of tea. 

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Books: Reading is probably my favourite hobby, and a book is the type of friend who never lets you down. Just ask my family/boyfriend – I never go anywhere without a book or my kindle. The very thought of a book soothes me. 

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Eating: who doesn’t love eating?? I know it’s not the best pastime, but I really love food and eating. Comfort food, takeouts, snacks, or just something healthy – I love eating.  

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Singing along to music: Whether it’s singing in the shower, belting in my car or just humming along with family I love singing. I may not be the next candidate for the Voice, but I still find it fun and freeing. 

Cuddling with my cat: he may judge me a lot, and give withering stares, but he is also the best cuddler. Watching a movie in bed is so much better with a living hot water bottle like him (who also listens to my ranting and raving). 

Holding hands with my boyfriend: I know it’s not exactly the most intimate or romantic thing in the world, but to me, there is really nothing more comforting. When we hold hands, it’s like I know he’s got me. It gives me strength, and it’s a way of saying we’ve got and support each other. 

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Cooking with my dad: I love to cook, and cooking dinner with my dad every evening is probably my favourite part of the day. Even though it drives me nuts when he diverts from the recipe, it’s still great just to make delicious food and have my dad as company.  

Writing: Writing is my creative outlet, and I’ve always wanted to be a writer. On top of blogging, I’ve written poems, a few short stories and two novels (fingers crossed that one day they go from being scraggly pages to something on a bookstore shelf ….)  

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Blogging: I can’t believe I didn’t start blogging sooner – that’s how much I enjoy it. From the writing of posts to reading other blogs and chatting to other bloggers, I love it all! I would ideally post more, but I’m deliberately holding myself back because I know my schedule will change and I don’t want to have to slow down once I get a taste of how it feels to post more often. 

Bubble baths: Steaming water, bubbles floating everywhere, maybe some essential oils or bath salts/a bath bomb, some scented candles dotted around and a good book next to a cup of tea. That is pure heaven in my mind. Actually, I may go have a bath right now. 

Thunderstorms: there’s really nothing quite like a Joburg thunderstorm. The ominous grey clouds unleashing gallons of pouring rain, complete with the booming thunder and blinding lightning. It may be terrifying occasionally, but it’s also so peaceful and soothing – the perfect backdrop to a cosy night in with a cup of tea and a book/movie. Plus it also leaves such a fresh smell in the air.  

Fresh green grass: Moving to another freshness, am I the only one who just loves walking barefoot on fresh grass? Maybe it’s a nod to my childhood or being South African, but I need to be able to stroll barefoot through the grass every now and then. It’s surprisingly therapeutic.  

Hugs: Hugs are the best. It’s like being wrapped up in warmth and love. What more needs to be said? 

Chocolate: I feel like I don’t even need to say why chocolate is a small joy, but I’m going to. Chocolate gives me happiness (that might be due to the endorphin release) – but I adore all things chocolate. Cake, cookies, chocolate-covered strawberries – you name it. My best is Cadbury’s chocolate covered raisins – I could eat a million of those.  

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Movies and cuddles: who doesn’t love movies? In my mind, the only thing that makes watching a movie better (other than snacks and hot chocolate) is cuddling with someone you care about. When my boyfriend’s not around, my cat is my cuddle buddy. It’s relaxing, warm and snuggly – and the best way to spend the weekend. 

My five tags: 

Anjali from Chasing the Maximum Life: Anjali brings a smile to my face every single day. She is the kindest, most supportive and sweetest person I’ve met in a long time, and she is just such a fantastic blogging friend to have. 

Aditi from What are you up to during lockdown? We’re currently in a positivity loop of ‘who is the best’ – isn’t that evidence enough? Aditi is such a fantastic friend her posts always make me smile, and she is sweet, supportive and always willing to help out. 

Srisha (aka Cookie Girl) from Sky and Soil: Every time I see a comment from you, I get the biggest grin on my face. Your incredible, positive and creative energy is what gives me joy – I love your writing style and just how friendly and inclusive you always are (and the fact that you are so sweet and write the most amazing comments). 

Emmanuella from BeautyetbowsYou are a fellow Disney nerd, and you understand me – you get that chickens are terrifying … what more can I say other than just chatting to you and being a friend to you gives me joy. 

PoojaG from LifesfinewhinePooja brings me joy because she is such an inspiration to me. She gives the most amazing advice and has such an incredible blog, but the most amazing thing about her is that she always takes the time to reply to comments and be kind and supportive, especially to new bloggers. 

Kae from Hello City Girl: Kae’s smoothie recipe gives me joy. Kidding, although it is a fantastic smoothie recipe, Kae’s energy on her blog is contagious, and she writes such helpful, incredible posts that still have a fun, light-hearted style. Also, she is so friendly and always makes my day when we chat through comments.  

Okay I know I was only meant to tag 5 blogging friends who bring me joy, but all of my blogging friends bring me joy so I couldn’t settle on just five. However, as I said, all of my blogging friends bring me joy, so if you want to take this tag, then go for it!! I look forward to seeing your 15 small joys 🙂 

I loved participating in this tag because I think it is so important to look back at the small things that bring us joy. Sometimes the craziness of life can stop us from appreciating all the little things that bring us comfort that we often end up taking for granted. During these challenging times especially, I think it’s more important than ever to reflect on the small joys in our lives and all the tiny things we are grateful for. This post was such a fun way for me to sit back, slow down and reflect on all the small, wondrous joys in my life that I may not always appreciate. Thank you all so much for reading Tall Blonde Tales, as always, and for the constant love and support. Please don’t forget to hit that like button, subscribe and share with your friends if you enjoyed it and thank you again to Evin and Meekly Insane for tagging me in this. 

Before I pop off though I just want to ask – what are some of your small joys? What is something small that really means something to you that you may not always appreciate or realise is such a significant source of happiness for you? Be sure to let me know in the comments section xxx 

Otherwise, that’s all I have for you guys today – please stay safe and healthy, and I’ll see you soon. 

Lots of love

Blondey on a Mission xxx 

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  1. We share some of the same small joys like thunderstorms, writing, tea, chocolate and hugs ☺️ and a few other joys would be my morning coffee, long walks, baking and yoga 💗

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  2. This is such a great tag and thanks so much for tagging me and for all the lovely things you said!! I love thunderstorms too- there is literally one going on in the back as I type this lol!

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  3. Hey Tia. I loved reading your list of all your small joys and blogging and eating chocolates is something that gives me joy too. And thank you so much for nominating me for the small joy tag. I feel really honored. Thanks once again. 😊😃🥰

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  4. I have the exact same small joys! *high five* let’s just cut out the boyfriend part from my small joys. BUT I LOVE HOLDING HANDS! Even if we cut out the boyfriend thing. HMMMMPPPHHHHHHH😂😂 I like the smell of the earth after the rain, it’s so refreshing. I am completely OVER THE FREAKING MOON TIA, AND I’M WAVIN’ AT YOU! DO YA SEE ME, HUN?! to know that I am one of the 5 that you mentioned and who bring you joy. I gladly appreciate it, that I might vomit rainbows for the second time today. HOLY SCHNITZELLLLLSSSS, I’ve aced making you smile and laugh, haven’t I? I feel so so so so so nice! You are so sweet, I- just- WOWWWW, Thank you so much, I love you! You’re amazing! and as me and my friend call it, you’re amazingly wonderful, bebeh! xx And I’m not gonna say sorry for the long comment since you’ve written that you like reading my comments, oh I know, SPOILER ALERRRRTTT : I’M AWESOME *puts thug glasses on* #sarcasmmm but I love it. Heh😂😂😂😂 See ya! xx

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    1. Whoooohoo *high five* hehe that’s cool hand holding is still nice no matter who it’s with😂😂 I know it’s as if the world gets a cleanse!!! YESSSS I SEE YOU!!! Awwww yes you’ve definitely aced making me smile and laugh and comments like this are the reason why you’re one of my 5 mentions 😊❤️ HAHA thank you that is so so so sweet of you to say I seriously appreciate and I love you too!!!😁😂❤️

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  5. I love your list – I’d just replace tea with coffee! Since it’s monsoons in India, just watching it rain while listening to good music makes me very happy! Also shopping (Confessions of A Shopaholic!!).

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  6. I honestly think we are spiritual sisters because I just agree with you on everything 😂 When I don’t have a book with me it actually has me feeling more anxious, like sometimes if I know I’m going somewhere where there’s going to be awkward situations (massive set off for my anxiety) I always bring a book even if it’s just to open my bag and see it and know I’m going to be okay 😅 Thunderstorms are honestly amazing. I love sitting on my bed reading and listening to the sound of the rain and the wind and just knowing I’m safe inside ☺️ Also is it worth getting a kindle? I think I’m going to ask for one this Christmas! That is so strange to think that it’s winter for you… summer here 😂 Awh cats are just the best listeners ever, I tell them all about my day and rant to them and they’re just so unbiased. And they always agree with me 😂 Tea, tea, tea, TEA!! I love tea SO much. It is hands down my favourite drink, it’s just so relaxing and a liquid hug for sure 🥰 Lovely post Blondey (On A Mission!), this is probably my favourite tag of all time x

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    1. No way really?? We really must be then😂 Omg yea same!! Just having a book with me puts me at ease even if I don’t open it. Same the ambient sound is so perfect ☺️ I honestly think it is because I can get almost all the books I normally read for cheaper on the kindle plus it’s also useful to have one small device that has so many books (even though I still love hard copies – can’t beat that book smell😂). It is rather strange 😂 they really are even if they give you strange looks 😂 NO WAY!!! It’s so hard to find others who love tea as much as me 😍. Thank you so much and I tag you too😘

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  7. Wow, everything about this was just a whole mood and like a YES to everything!! I was nodding my head the entire time reading this:) What is it with dad diverting from the recipe because my dad does the exact same thing? 😂 I also enjoy cooking with him and just in general! It really is a joy.
    What tea is your favorite? I’m a chamomile girl but, I’m also a fan of green, mint and any herbal tea. Books are ofc amazing and are you currently reading anything?
    I love your writing style, it’s so relatable and I can picture whatever you are talking about❤️💖

    Liked by 1 person

    1. YAYYYY!! Wow that’s so cool and kind of crazy how similar we are (especially with the dad thing 😂). It really is! Oooh I love green tea but also vanilla tea and chai tea but always open to trying interesting flavours (also love herbal tea!). Sadly not I’m debating what to read next what about you?? Awww thank you so much that’s so sweet I really appreciate it ❤️💖😊

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  8. Aww reading everything that you had to say about your fellow bloggers was just beautiful, it honestly made me smile to read it. And I completely agree with you about these small joys. There are definitely times when you need a cup of day and I couldn’t imagine starting my day off without one. Chocolate is incredibly soothing. Reading and movies are wonderful pastimes and wonderful to help you relax too. And tbh walking barefoot ok the grass sounds wonderful but I’m also wary of it after somehow getting stung twice by bees on my feet when I was younger.
    I think walking in the forest or on the beach is soothing too. Although can’t really do either atm as one is too muddy and the other too busy. Craft type activities are good too. I’d love to try pottery actually but it’s always so pricey and seems to come as day courses rather than weekly ones.

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    1. Absolutely I completely agree with you!! Oh wow I would completely understand those nerves bees are scary … awww that’s quite sad but I agree that is soothing too. Oh wow pottery is so interesting and thank you so much for reading 😊💗✨

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      1. My reaction around them is terrible. Although I think I’m getting better at not panicking around them…unless that’s just me mis-remembering since it’s the wrong time of year to see them 😂
        Its okay, thanks for the great post 😊

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