What I’m missing the most during lockdown

Guess what everyone?

It’s still lockdown! Unbelievable right?

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Okay sarcasm aside, it feels like it has been months (oh wait it has) since life had even the tiniest resemblance to the normal we once knew. Now I know there’s nothing we can do about it and there’s no hope or point in complaining about how bored we are about being stuck at home. Sadly, there’s a global pandemic and staying at home is really what’s best for us all to try and keep as many people safe as possible. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t reminisce back to a time before lockdown began … where we were happy and carefree and could indulge in the most simple things in life. Like cramming into a concert where there are way too many people, meeting up with a friend for overpriced coffee at a place where you can actually sit down, and not thinking about a mask unless you’re going skiing or snorkelling. Those were the days huh …

These things, unfortunately, are now super irresponsible. And technically, very much illegal. Bummer right? However, a girl can still hope and dream about a normal that no longer exists … There are so many obvious pleasures that we’re missing out on. Yet, after so much time not seeing people and being stuck in my house, there are also all these small things that I didn’t realise had become so important to my life. I think I’m seriously starting to suffer from withdrawal symptoms. I’m even starting to miss things that used to annoy me. So today I’m going to be going through a list of the few things that I’m missing most about pre-lockdown life, right down to the simplest things like missing attention from my cat and getting angry at people who walk at a snail’s pace.

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Leaving my house for reasons other than grocery shopping
I actually can’t think of a time in the last few months where I’ve left my house for a reason that didn’t have something to do with shopping for basic necessities. Dog food, cat food, fish food, human food … I’d give anything right now to get in my car and drive somewhere that didn’t include food shopping! Sure I went to the post office the other day – but I’m talking about something a bit more exciting than menial household errands you know?

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Having a reason to put on makeup or cute clothes
When the most exciting part of your day is deciding what book to read or movie to watch, the desire or need to put on a full face of makeup and clothes that aren’t stretchy and fluffy shrinks by a lot. Yes, I may be the person who lives in leggings and hoodies, but there were the rare occasions that I donned a pair of jeans and whipped on some mascara. I’m seriously tempted to just have a catwalk for one and pull everything somewhat fancy out my cupboard, dab on some makeup and model it for my cat. Just to be sure all those pretty clothes aren’t gathering too much dust and my mascara-skills don’t become too rusty.

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Netflix days being optional lazy days
Do I really need to say more? I remember a time when spending half the day watching movies or series on Netflix was considered a sluggish day. The fact that it’s now even somewhat normal is just terrifying. (P.S. what shows/movies are people watching right now?? Let me know in the comments section I’m trying to find a new series to start xx)

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Raging when I’m stuck behind slow walkers
When I go out to the shops, or anywhere really, I tend to walk fast. Call it a result of either always being busy or just having super long legs. Either way, I never thought I’d miss something like this, but I really do miss the rage of being stuck behind slow walkers. I can’t explain why, though. I guess it’s just that feeling of having somewhere to go, but someone’s in your way – now though I don’t think any of us are really rushing to get places.

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Browsing through bookstores for hours
Ahhh my secret pleasure. Well not actually so secret. Book shopping is probably the most glorious thing in the world, and I love nothing more than spending hours browsing the shelves. Inhaling that unmistakable book smell (I’m just a bookworm, not a total weirdo. Don’t judge me). Even finding a book you like and reading half of it curled up on the floor before you decide to buy it. Sadly bookstores have been closing all over here, you can’t stand about for too long, and the masks mean you can’t smell the books … it is pure, unadulterated sadness.

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Movie and arcade dates with my boyfriend
Okay so I miss spending time and going on dates with my boyfriend in general, but I probably miss this most of all. You see, going for a movie and then playing games in the arcade has almost become a traditional, regular date for us as it was what we did on our first date, and have done so easily twice a month ever since. I miss scoffing down popcorn and cuddling up to him in the cinema as we become absorbed in a film. I miss getting overly competitive and playing game after game in the noisy and colourful arcade. And I miss him obviously. Not just the movies, popcorn and arcade games.

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My cat wanting to give me attention
So when life was normal, and I had either school or a job to go to during the day, my cat would then be left at home alone, and whenever I got home, he was always so loving and wanted nothing more than constant strokes and cuddles. I’m assuming it’s because he missed me. Well now that I’m always home, I think he’s begging for a little alone time. Now the tables have well and truly turned – all I want is constant strokes and cuddles, and I think he’s just humouring me because I feed him and let him sleep on my fluffy blanket now.

The look of contempt – by my antisocial cat

Being tempted by fast food and sugar
Shopping now is about going in, buying what you need and leaving—minimum time spent in the unsanitary outside world. Sure, my bank balance is grateful (not that I ever splurged that often on takeaways and sugary treats) but I do miss the temptation that comes with walking past a pizza joint or seeing fresh chocolate Cinnabons being pulled out the oven. And no, ordering on Ubereats isn’t the same because my conscious is more awake and the smells aren’t there to tempt me.

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Going out for dinner with my family
My family had a tradition where we’d go out for dinner every Friday night. Not to some fancy restaurant or anything like that – but simply to mix things up. It was also a chance for us all to catch up since my grandparents joined, and my mom usually made it home from the hospital early just for this. Sadly, my grandparents have been in Durban since the lockdown started, all restaurants are closed and my mom and dad both being doctors, and thus essential workers’ means family dinners are not quite so doable at the moment.

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‘Going’ to the gym
Am I the only one who just misses being able to say that they’re going to the gym? I don’t know, I feel like ‘going to the gym’ has way more credibility than ‘doing a HIIT workout in my bedroom’. There’s no smoothie shop in my bedroom or steam room for that matter. Jokes aside though, I do miss being able to pop up the road to our gym to get in a workout. Forcing yourself out the house to exercise does wonders for motivation and having other people around you forces you to take the workout seriously. And I miss the smoothies.

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Kicking ass at games night
My boyfriend and I love hosting game nights every now and then, especially double dates with our one group of friends. Nothing puts me in a better mood than having our two friends over and spending an evening enjoying some low-level competition with childhood favourites and a table full of snacks (because we always over cater). Speaking for both of us, we miss being the winning team and lording it over our friends. Scratch that. I actually just miss my friends!

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I AM A HUGGER! Always have been, and always will be so even though I’m restraining myself because of social distancing (I don’t want to be ‘that guy’), it’s really hard because hugs are just amazing. I miss big, squishy, can’t breathe, wrapped in a huge big bundle of love and warmth hugs. I think I actually miss hugs most of all … so forewarning – as soon as it is safe to do so I’m catching up on all the hugs I’ve missed in the last three months.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

I know, thinking about this stuff is counterproductive because it’s only going to make me sad, but I actually think it’s good to reflect on these things, as it helps us appreciate all the smaller things in our lives that we tend to take for granted. Hopefully, though, lockdown will end soon, and we’ll be able to do all of these things that we love and have missed (THE HUGS WILL BE COMING).

But what about you? What are you missing most during lockdown? What’ normal thing’ are you itching to do as soon as it’s allowed? And what have you been really good about since lockdown? (For instance, not being tempted to buy so much junk food).

Lots of Love
Blondey on a Mission xxx

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15 thoughts

  1. I so relate with all of these! I so want to go out for the sake of going out and just do nothing and walk around for a while without worrying about wearing a mask and social distancing.

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  2. I mostly miss my Saturday morning “brekkies: with my girlfriends. this is really killing me.
    thanks for the posts, enjoy all

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Wendy thanks so much for reading and commenting xxx I know I think this lockdown is killing us all – I can relate I’m also missing spending time with friends. Hopefully you get to meet up with them soon xx


    1. Ahhh fair enough I do love just staying at home being a hermit and reading all the hours away. Haha yay glad I’m not the only one who misses it and thank you he is very grumpy but still a great fluffy cuddle buddy 😂


  3. Going to bookstores is one of the saddest for me! I can spend hours in them and time just doesn’t seem to matter🥺😂 I’m still trying to get have my dream of getting locked in a bookstore come true!

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