Why Asian Food is Just the Best!

*Quick disclaimer: Asia is a vast continent and includes dozens of very different cuisines so for this blog post, whenever I mention Asian food I am referring to more east and southeast Asian cuisine (i.e. Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Korean, and Thai)

There are so many different types of distinctive cuisines all over the world, all of them as delicious and glorious as each other. When you have to sit down and think about it, how can you possibly pick one favourite out of all of the potential contenders? Well, if you had to ask me what my favourite cuisine would be, I would say that it is hands down Asian food. No questions asked. Now, please don’t take this as any form of bias – I don’t have any Asian ancestry (well any that I know of at least) and I have unfortunately never been to Asia. My love of Asian cuisine over others like Italian or Mediterranean comes from many reasons. If you are also an Asian food fan, I think you will understand why, but if you are not entirely convinced yet why Asian food is the best, allow me to enumerate. Here are ten reasons why Asian food is just the absolute best, and I hope that these reasons convert you into a fellow-lover like me. I hope you enjoy this blog post!

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It’s healthy

Unlike many other cuisines that are filled with oily fried food, or are covered in sauces, Asian cuisine is as far away from this as you can get. If you steer clear of certain foods (like the fried-rice variants or anything heavily fried like tempura prawns or sweet and sour chicken), then Asian food is the epitome of clean eating. Most of the meals are simple and pure – basic rice dishes or nutritious broths and all dishes supplemented with healthily cooked vegetables. If you are looking for a healthy cuisine to get into, then Asian food is undoubtedly one that you should try as a majority of the dishes taste so good without compromising your waistline or general health.

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Not too expensive

Despite what you might think, Asian cuisine is not particularly expensive. Depending on the dishes that you get, you can usually get a very decent sized meal, for yourself or a group of people at a great price. In most cities and cuisines, it can often be quite hit and miss about finding excellent quality food at a budget-friendly price, but whether you are travelling Asia or just stopping in for Asian takeouts in your home city, you will most likely be able to get a good quality meal without worrying about money for the rest of the month. Good food at a reasonable price? This point alone should be the converting factor, but if you still aren’t convinced, don’t worry. We are just getting started.

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Sharing is caring

Most Western meals focus on individual meals and portions where people order plates for themselves and no one else. Portions are sized to be appropriate for one person, and one person only so there isn’t much of an opportunity for sharing food. That is not the case when it comes to Asian food. Asian cuisine is orientated around sharing, so most dishes are meant to be split between at least two people. What is great about this is not only that the meal is the perfect for socialising (or dates), but that you can try lots of different dishes without being committed to one plate. Say you went out for a standard meal and you realise you don’t like your main course, but your friend’s looks and tastes fantastic. In Asian cuisine, that isn’t a problem. You can grab spoonfuls from every plate that catches your eye, and if the one you ordered isn’t your favourite, it is more than likely that someone else will take a fancy to it. Who doesn’t like the type of meal where you can eat off any plate you want depending on what you enjoy?

Photo by Vincent M.A. Janssen on Pexels.com

No no-hands  

Apart from things like pizza and chips, it usually isn’t excusable to eat with your hands. With a lot of Asian foods, though, it is perfectly acceptable to grab something with your fingers and not have people give you a raised eyebrow. In actual fact, a lot of things like spring rolls, sushi or the little make-your-own wraps are perfect for eating with your hands and are easier to eat when you forgo the worry of fingers and enjoy yourself. When it comes to this type of food, getting messy and just appreciating the food is all you need, and when you take a look at the food, you will be in such a hurry to get it in your mouth that you won’t have time to even look for utensils.

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Great health boosters

I mentioned above that Asian cuisine is incredibly healthy, but it has more benefits than just being non-fried, greasy, carby or saucy. The ingredients that are used in a lot of Asian foods have got numerous health benefits. The chilli and spice used in several dishes are great for immune strengthening and boosting your metabolism. There is also a lot of ginger in Asian dishes, which has anti-inflammatory properties as well as immune-boosting vitamins and dozens of different herbs and vegetables with too many health benefits for me to mention. Basically, there is at least one ingredient in every Asian dish that has health benefits, so if people think that Asian food isn’t healthy and promotes good health, then they might need to revisit that thought.

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Fantastic flavours

If you have ever had the pleasure of eating Asian food, you will know that from the moment the first mouthful hits your tongue, it is an explosion of different flavours and every dish has its own delicious, distinct flavours that somehow seem to have just the right amount of potency. Asian food is based on flavour, and every dish has a particular focus or taste that makes it unique in comparison to all others. Apart from the ‘basic’ flavours that are in the dishes themselves the supplementary flavours we can add are not the basic things like salt or sugary sauce, but more things like soy sauce or different spices that compliment the dish instead of hiding the designed flavour. For anyone who is a food-fan and appreciates the flavour, Asian food is undoubtedly the cuisine for you then.

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No meat is still great

It doesn’t matter if you are vegetarian, vegan or a pure carnivore, there is always a delicious dish waiting for you in Asian cuisine. Many people think that as soon as you take the protein out of a dish, it all of a sudden becomes dull and flavourless and not worth eating. That couldn’t be further from the truth when it comes to Asian food. Because the whole focus of the cuisine is about flavour and not necessarily about the ingredients, it isn’t surprising that a vegetarian option can be just as delicious as its meaty equivalent. Now, this doesn’t mean that the meat dishes aren’t still absolutely fantastic (because they are), but my point is that this type of cuisine shouldn’t be a problem if you have friends who eat tofu instead of pork. It is all delicious, meaty or not.

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You might not think that this is a selling point for why you should eat a specific cuisine, but if you have ever used chopsticks before then, I think you’ll see my point. Now using chopsticks can be a bit challenging in the beginning, but once you have ‘mastered’ the skill, you will be able to see just how fun it can be to pick up your dumplings and rice dishes using chopsticks. If you still aren’t convinced that chopsticks are cool, please go and watch the movie Kung Fu Panda. I won’t reveal what happens just so that I’m not a spoiler, but you will get what I mean and start working on your chopstick skills as soon as you’ve seen the part that I’m talking about.

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It’s excellent in all spheres

What I mean by this, is that no matter where you go in Asia, no matter what type of Asian cuisine you get or whether it is something you make at home or eat out, Asian food is always great. The food tastes different no matter where you go in the world, and even though the commercialised versions made in certain countries aren’t as great as their more authentic counterparts, it can still taste delicious. Whether your preferred taste is more Thai or Japanese or anything else, I can assure you that you will be able to find a delicious dish.

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Quick and easy

Okay, this last one is a bit off a tangent, but I still think that it serves as a contributing factor as to why it is so enjoyable. Asian cuisine is quite easy to make when you know how to do it, which is great if you like to cook and don’t feel like hunting down restaurants whenever you feel like food from the east. It is also quick, and when I say quick, I am talking about the speed at which the dishes come to the table. At most Westen restaurants, the extended parts of the meal are usually in between courses when you are waiting for the next plate. In Asian cuisine, the food comes out to the table much faster, because time is meant to be spent on eating and enjoying the meal slowly. Why this is so great is because sometimes people need to eat and leave quickly (either to get to work or another engagement), so Asian food is excellent because you can get your dishes rapidly without worrying that the quality will be compromised.

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So there you have it. Ten reasons, at least from my perspective, as to why Asian food is just the absolute best. It’s healthy, flavorful, quick, and just a fun and great meal to have whether you are eating takeouts on your own in your bedroom or out with a massive group of people. I hope that you have all enjoyed this blog post, even if it wasn’t necessarily filled with advice, and I hope that if I haven’t reinstalled your love of Asian cuisine or converted you, that I have at least given you enough incentive to try it out and see what you think. For my question of the day:

  • Do you have a particular favourite Asian dish or type of Asian cuisine? If so, please share!

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Lots of Love

Blondey on a Mission xxx

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  1. Hi Bondey, totally agree with you on this one, we love Asian dishes and cook Thai food at least twice a week. Cheap, easy and as you say, once you have prepared all your ingredients ( just a little chopping) so very easy and quick to cook. The taste is divine. We are definately carnivores, however, I do sometimes leave the protein out and honestly, cant tell the difference.

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