How to celebrate Mother’s Day during quarantine

It’s that time of year again where we take some time to appreciate and cherish the mother’s in our lives. Not just those that birthed us, but those who are grandmothers and mother-figures too. Yes, everyday should be Mother’s Day but that’s not the point. Unfortunately, given the unique circumstances we find ourselves in this year, the celebrations will have to be at home, or even online as some of us may not be staying in the same house as our mothers. For this reason, the usual Mother’s Day activities are pretty much impossible. No trips to the spa, or movies and fancy dinners. Heck, even the idea of going shopping for a nice, fancy gift is challenging. But just because things have to be different this year, it doesn’t mean that Mother’s Day is cancelled, it just means we have to get a little more creative with how we celebrate it. With a little mental adjustment and some out-of-the-box thinking, you can still give your mom (or grandma or mother-figure) the special day she deserves. For anyone who might need a little help coming up with ideas, here is a list of suggestions that don’t require either of you to leave the house (just so we can continue to practice social distancing and avoiding possible infection). There are also some options that you can do online so that even if you are physically apart you can still enjoy the day together. I’m sure your mom will love any one of these ideas, and I hope that you guys have a wonderful celebration together irrespective of what you do.

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Serve her breakfast in bed

Give her the perfect start to the day by showing up with a delicious tray of food that she can enjoy from the comfort of her bed. Whether your mom is the one always cooking for the family, or is a workaholic, she will certainly appreciate you making her something to enjoy in her pjs. You can bring her a tray with waffles, eggs or even some granola, fruit and yoghurt (whatever her favourites are) and complete it all with a hot beverage and flower in a vase. However if you can’t be there in person, you just might be able to have some pastries and a coffee delivered to her front door and send her a sweet message for the start of the day. Either way works and will certainly put a smile on her face. 😊

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Watch a movie together

Movies are always a fun pastime. They’re relaxing, fun, and it’s an excuse to enjoy movie snacks like popcorn. So, if you’re going to be stuck inside, why not get changed into your pjs, snuggle up on the couch with a blanket and watch a movie (or a few movies) together? Grab your favourite movie snacks and enjoy a chick flick, or mother-daughter movie, or even something you’ve both been meaning to watch. My mom recently discovered one of my favourite series so I’m rewatching it with her and she’s already booked half of Mother’s day to binge watch with me. I know that watching a movie doesn’t sound like something you can do virtually, but you can. If you both have access to the movie, get it ready and call each other, then press play at the same time. It’ll almost be like you’re sitting next to each other.

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Try an online cooking class

If you’re stuck on what to make for her Mother’s Day brunch/lunch/dinner, then why not use it as an excuse to try an online cooking class? If you’re interested in something particular (such as chocolate-making or a particular cuisine) then there are many resources to find such classes. Or, if you don’t have anything specific in mind or want to cook an entire meal, there are great examples online from cooking shows, or relatively cheap classes that you can buy. What’s great about this is you can either involve the whole family and make it a surprise for mom, or you can do the class with mom. It will be a fun bonding experience, and could become the source of many fun memories that you can chat about for years to come.

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At-home spa day

Who says you need to leave the house and spend lots of money to enjoy a spa day with your mom? All you need are two fluffy robes, some essential oils and a few bath products and you’re sorted! It may not be the full spa experience, but it’s better than nothing and there are a few things you can do that don’t require a professional. For example, you could do a foot spa with some bath salts/scrub and then do manis and pedis. Or, you could do facials together, give each other massages or simply run your mom a spa bath (complete with essential oils, bath salts, bubbles, candles and some gentle music). If you can’t treat your mom to something like this because she lives somewhere else, perhaps you could make a little spa care package for her and drop it off? Or make her a coupon if she is too far for such a delivery, promising either a home-spa treatment or one at a proper spa when you get the chance.

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Virtual tours and travel

My mom loves to travel (let’s face it, so do I and most of my family), and because she works so hard, those trips allow her a little time to recuperate. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, that isn’t something that’s going to happen for a while and I’m sure everyone is starting to wish that they could escape their house and see parts of the world again. You may not be able to jump on a plane or go sight-seeing just yet, but thanks to modern technology there is a loop hole. So many places are doing virtual tours that I’m sure you can find one that tickles your fancy. Or, if you have VR, you could visit as many cities as you want “in person”. You’ll be able to enjoy the sights and wonders of the world all from the comfort of your couch (and even in your pjs) and that could be the best of both worlds.

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Picnic in the garden

What’s more fun and peaceful than a picnic? I’ve always loved picnics. There is just something about finding a picturesque location and enjoying a nice meal with someone you care about. It’s more personal and relaxed than going to a restaurant, and picnic food isn’t as much fuss as a whole meal. It’s perfect, and a great thing for you to do with mom this Mother’s Day. You can whip up a few finger foods, or even get takeaways if you can, spread a blanket somewhere in the garden (or indoors with some pillows and a vase of flowers if outdoors isn’t really an option) and enjoy the serenity of a slightly more exciting meal at home.

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Online dance class perhaps?

There’s probably nothing more fun than letting go of your cares and getting your jam on to some music, except maybe having your mom as your dance partner. Now more than ever, I’m sure you could both use the lightness and joy (as well as fun and laughs) that dancing together can bring. I’m not a particularly great dancer, but both my mom and I love it so what’s the harm in grooving together like we’re in a really badly produced music video? Why don’t the two of you find a dance tutorial online and learn it together – you could even perform it to the family? Or, you could combine dance and exercise and take a virtual dance class that doubles as a cardio class. If that sounds a bit too hectic for you then there are plenty of other more zen options, such as Pilates or a more laid-back dance class but either way it’s a great way to have fun with mum.

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Host a tea party

Putting the fanciness aside, a tea party is essentially a more sophisticated picnic (that has tea, of course!). If your mom loves a party, or an excuse to get dressed up, then throwing a tea party (whether it is just for the family at home or a virtual one with more friends and family) could be a great idea. You can bake up your own pastries, or see which ones you can outsource, break out your fanciest teapot (or, if teapots aren’t your thing then the biggest one you can find) and enjoy the merriment. A fun twist on this is to make it themed (we had an Alice in Wonderland tea party for the family once and while it was a bit crazy to arrange it was worth it), so see what ideas inspire you and who knows? A magical tea party may become the new Mother’s Day tradition for you.

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Try something new together

Nothing creates a stronger bond than trying something new together. Couple counsellors and relationship advice blogs are always saying that a way re-spark your connection or create a stronger bond is to learn something new, together. That may be specifically aimed at your romantic relationships, but who says you can’t extend the idea to your family relationships? Think of a craft project your mom has always wanted to try, or something she’s always wanted to learn, and find a way to arrange it for the big day. Then, spend the day trying it out together – it may turn out to be a complete disaster but you’ll still have the fun memories of attempting it together and making memories is far more important than creating an evenly stitched sweater. Right?

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Wine or chocolate tasting

This is another fun thing to try that is applicable to those who can spend the day with their mom and those who are spending it apart. Tastings can be a really fun experience, and they don’t just have to be something you do at a fancy restaurant or chocolate shop. If you can, try to see if you can find an online tasting experience (where you can find all the items you need to taste test) and do that together. Or, if that’s not quite possible, you can do one yourself. Buy two boxes of assorted chocolate (or cheese samples or wines – whatever) and pretend that you are the one in charge. You can sample the different offerings and make things up about the elegant ingredients or fragrance, or simply enjoy the delicious treats.

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No matter what you pick, your mom will definitely the thought and effort you put into making the day special for her. I mean, my parents say that a hand-written card is the best kind of gift because it is the most personal. Of course I usually do a little more than the card but as always, it’s the thought that count. SO, I hope that these ideas have been useful to anyone who was struggling to come up with a way to treat their mom on Mother’s Day during quarantine, or at least given you some inspiration for your own ideas. Whether you are spending the day together or apart, I wish you both (and to all the mothers out there) a truly special and wonderful celebration.

Lots of Love

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