Blogmas Day Eleven – Guest Post by Ang

It’s Blogmas Day Eleven already!! Wow … Today, we’re joined by the lovely Ang from Lose Weight with Ang who is going to share some tips about staying health-conscious during the holidays. I definitely need this advice so I hope you all love it too!

Blogmas Day Ten – The Best Christmas Desserts (and what they say about you)

Getting into the holiday season can mean plenty of people to entertain, events or activities to cater for or you just feel like you need the extra sugar to get you through the month of merriment. No matter your reason, the answer usually means that you need to make something (or have something available) for everyone to nibble on, or to keep you going at midnight. I don’t think anything captures that holiday cheer more than a Christmas dessert. Today I’ll be chatting about the best-ever Christmas desserts (at least in my opinion) in case any of you are looking for inspiration, but also what your favourite choice says about you. I hope you enjoy it!!

Blogmas Day Nine – Cinnamon roll recipe!! The best thing to bake this Christmas

With all of these Christmas posts I’m doing, I thought it just wouldn’t be right if I didn’t include at least one festive recipe. That would be just embarrassing on my behalf. Now it was quite challenging trying to decide what recipe to choose from, but thankfully my flat helped me decide. I’ve always loved cinnamon rolls, and considering cinnamon is quite a Christmassy spice, I figured they would be perfect (especially since they turned out really well when I made them the first time, and my flat has been asking me to make them again). So, my Christmas recipe for all of you this year is for the most delicious cinnamon rolls in the world. Watch out Cinnabon because I think these might just be a dollop of cream cheese icing better than yours!

Blogmas Day Seven – Sustainable gift-giving guide

Gift-giving at Christmas might be one of the most stressful aspects of the holiday. Now that December has well and truly begun, I have a feeling Christmas shopping is relatively high up on people’s lists of priorities because there is nothing worse than leaving it for the last minute and having to regift half the things in your bedroom or resorting to sending everyone a card and little e-voucher via email. Another thing that’s important to consider when doing gift shopping is the environment. So today, in honour of the polar bears (and all the other wildlife creatures with their homes under threat), I’m going to be sharing the sustainable version of my gift-giving guide!

Blogmas Day Four – Hedgehog care during Christmas

Hi there everyone! Today’s post is a little different, but important nonetheless. Just because hedgehogs aren’t Christmassy themselves (we can’t all be reindeer), that doesn’t mean we can’t still think about them and try to make their lives a little easier during Christmas. So today, I’m going to share some important hedgehog info, as well as some tips for how we can look after them better during winter and help save them from the drastic population decrease. I hope you enjoy it!

Blogmas Day Two – Having a Merry (COVID-Friendly) Christmas

Today marks day two of my 25 days of Blogmas here on Tall Blonde Tales!! I hope you’re all ready for another 24 days straight of festive cheer and holiday spirit because every day from now until Christmas, I’ll be sending something merry into your feed! Today we’re kicking things off with how to have a merry (covid-friendly) Christmas, because sadly we will be celebrating through the pandemic this year. I hope you enjoy!!