Blogmas Day Twenty Two – Guest post by Olivia Lucie Blake

Helloooo merry readers!

Christmas is soooooo close now it’s quite terrifying, but I’ve loved the build-up to Christmas this year and all the fun of doing Blogmas this year. And… in a few more days I wont be popping up in your inboxes everyday with another post so you’ll get a nice long break from me too to enjoy the rest of December. Anywho, today I’m bringing you the last guest post for Blogmas from a really great friend of mine and a true blogging inspiration. Today’s post is from Olivia and she has a phenomenal lifestyle blog, and my favourite topics are specifically around self-care and mental health so I approached her about doing a post for blogmas on one of those topics. So, without getting too off topic, here is Olivia’s post!

Self-care is not only important 365 days of the year, but for some self-care this Christmas is even more important. We have had such a strange 2 years, and Christmas time is really the time for us all to let our hair down and spend time with our loved ones. Christmas for some isn’t all happiness and celebrations though. For some, Christmas is a hard time. Perhaps you lost a loved one near Christmas time, so it stings a little being in this holiday season. Or maybe you don’t have a good relationship with your family, so you miss the family traditions of Christmas. Whatever it is you are going through this holiday season, these self care tips will allow you to (hopefully) have a stress free Christmas season.

Hi, my names Olivia from! I’m a lifestyle blogger with content around blogging tips, mental health and anything else you can really think of ! I am so thankful Tia asked me to guest post on her blog again this year! Last Christmas I created a post for her, so it really was an honour for her to ask me back again! I hope you like this post and please visit my site when you finish reading. 


I know how busy the holiday seasons can get, but if you can remember to take some time off. I know it can be easier for some to work through the season, and do that if you want to but taking time off is always a good idea. No matter the time of year. 


If Christmas is a hard time of the year for you, remember to set boundaries. If you don’t want to celebrate or take part in something then don’t and make sure those around you know how you feel about it too. Boundaries are always great things to have in place.


One of the best things you can do (and should do) around the holiday season is give back. Giving back is such a great reminder to us to be grateful of what we have right now. Giving back shouldn’t just be seasonal, but we could all do with a reminder on how to be grateful for our current circumstances.


The great thing about the holiday season is that there isn’t just one way to celebrate. If you want to do something different and start your own traditions then do it. Christmas is the birth of Jesus, and I don’t think he would mind too much if you want to switch it up a little!


What better time to be present in the real world than Christmas? Often I take social media breaks over the Christmas season to allow myself to be more present and in the moment with my family. Taking time away from social media is a positive alot of the time. It can really consume us, so actively trying to switch off more will do you the world of good. 

What self-care this Christmas will you be practicing? Have you got any tips you could share?

Thanks again to Tia for asking me to be part of her Christmas posts. I hope you enjoyed. Don’t forget to visit my blog and remember to practice self-care this Christmas!

And there you have it! Christmas can be really challenging, and I know with the different sort of Christmas I’m having this year I am definitely focusing on self-care and making sure I look after myself so these tips are amazing and I was surprised by how many of them I’m already doing. Thank you so much Olivia for sending in a post – it is wonderful – and thank you all for reading and continuing to follow Blogmas! Don’t forget to give Olivia’s blog some love after reading this if you have time. I hope you all enjoyed today’s post, and are practising self-care this Christmas. Let’s chat in the comments section!

Lots of love

Blondey on a Mission xxx

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  1. Thanks Tia for asking Olivia to send in her “self-care” tips and thank you Olivia for reminding all that Christmas is about the birth of Jesus. Yes, lets all give back a little where we can.

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