Blogmas Day 2 – Christmas Bucket List!! 25 tasks for 25 days!!

Helloooo merry elves (or whatever Christmas character you prefer)!!

So yesterday I started Blogmas on quite a gentle note, just dipping one little toe into the festivities to get you ready, but now I think it’s time we dive headfirst into all things Christmas. I’m talking Christmas music playing way too loudly, playing in the Snow, the smell of cinnamon, ginger, chocolate and pine needles, drinking enough hot chocolate to drown in and eating enough food to create a food baby you’ll be nursing until Valentine’s Day. And… what better way is there to dive headfirst, without a second of hesitation, into as much Christmassyness (is that even a word?? If not it should be), than by kicking off Blogmas with an updated ultimate Christmas-time bucket list. This one is even more special than last year because it’s 25 tasks for 25 days – so let’s see how many you’ve already done, how many you plan to do and how many you tick off by Christmas.

  • Write a letter to Santa – no matter how old you are, nothing quite says Christmas like writing a letter to Santa. You don’t have to send it, but it’s still a super fun activity to do. 
  • Get a real, live Christmas tree – Even though fake trees are more environmentally friendly, there’s just something about having a real Christmas tree. I might get a tiny one for my table that I can plant when the holiday season is over. 
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  • Drink a festive beverage – there are so many options at all the different coffee shops you are spoilt for choice so it doesn’t feel right to go the whole festive season without treating yourself to at least one. 
  • Bake Christmas cookies – if you needed an excuse to bake (not like I ever do haha), then whip out your apron and bake up a batch of Christmas cookies. You can say they’re for Santa, or friends, or for charity, but no one will know if you save a few for yourself. 
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  • Have a Christmas movie marathon – this is better for colder climates when you actually want to spend more time indoors, so give yourself a lazy day and just spend the whole day watching Christmas movies (and drinking hot chocolate). You will feel so happy afterwards I guarantee. 
  • Decorate something in your house while listening to Christmas music – you can either go nuts like me and make your whole flat look a bit like Santa’s elves were let loose in there, or just keep things restricted to your corner where the tree is. Either way, I don’t think you’ve celebrated Christmas properly until you’ve decorated to some carols. 
  • Listen to nothing but Christmas music all day – Speaking of carols, why not take that up a notch and challenge yourself to only listen to Christmas music on a day? I can sometimes go for a few days before my family or boyfriend start getting annoyed with me and I have to change things up. 
  • Play in the snow – if you have snow, what could be more seasonal than a day of sledding, having a snowball fight, making snow angels, and, of course, building a snowman. If you don’t have snow, maybe see which of these you can do without snow? 
  • Make and decorate a gingerbread house – for those with superior engineering skills (or just an affinity for gingerbread houses), making a gingerbread house can be such fun. Actually, even if it’s a complete disaster and the whole thing collapses, it’s still fun, and you get to eat your architectural disaster. 
  • Have an insane mug of hot chocolate – oh boy I think all the hot chocolate might be one of my favourite things about this time of year. Make sure you get a crazy cup of hot chocolate, more than just your average mug – let there be whipped cream, mini marshmallows, sprinkles, a candy cane, maybe some funky flavours. Go nuts!
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  • Wear an ugly Christmas sweater – they’re so ugly they’re cute. Enough said right? 
  • Make a DIY Christmas decoration – I always love doing crafts, especially with a festive twist so maybe turn it into a fun session with your friends, or something to do with the kids and you’ll either have a cute handmade gift to give, or a new ornament for the tree. 
  • Check out your neighbourhood lights and decorations – you don’t have to walk, you could go for a drive, but I think checking out the festivities in your neighbourhood always brings out the Christmas spirit. 
  • Visit a Christmas market – I am so excited that I get to spend a bit more of December in England this year because I get to check out the Christmas markets, which are the definition of festive merriment. Go for the food, the handmade items, the music, or all!
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  • Read a festive book – I couldn’t have Christmas movies on the list without Christmas books. I’ve got a few on my shelf I bought at a bargain bookshop – let’s see how many I can get through shall we? 
  • Eat something festive (try something different) – with so much seasonal food up for grabs, you definitely have to have something, but why not try something different, or something you don’t normally go for this year? 
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  • Take cringey family/friend/couple photos – sometimes the cringiest photos are actually the best ones, and if you can’t do it at Christmas when can you? 
  • Kiss under the mistletoe – for all the romantics out there, you definitely need to add a sprig of mistletoe and a smooch beneath it to your holiday to-do list. If you don’t have a special someone though, you could always make it a dorky laugh with your friends and give a peck on the cheek. 
  • Write and send Christmas cards – even though the art of writing letters has died with the rise of technology (which is a secret blessing to trees), it seems to get revived when it comes to Christmas cards so why not join in? You can always send an ecard if you’re concerned about the trees. 
  • Do a random act of kindness – Christmas may be full of fun times, but it’s always important to remember those less fortunate who may not be able to have as merry a Christmas. 
  • Build a snowman – let’s all sing the Frozen song together! It seems that thanks to Frozen, building snowmen has become even more popular but it’s also a classic wintery activity and I am hoping I can build one this year. 
  • Take part in a secret Santa – We all know that Christmas may be fun, but it’s also quite hard-hitting on your wallet so taking part in Secret Santa is a fun way to celebrate with friends without spending a fortune. 
  • Sing the entire ‘12 days of Christmas song’ (or another song if you prefer) – This is something my older brother and I try to do each year (without looking up the lyrics) and it’s sort of become a weird little tradition, so now I extend the challenge to you. 
  • Go Christmas shopping on a budget – There’s nothing like Christmas shopping on a budget, because I’m sure that’s what we all end up doing so why not turn it into a game?
  • Spend the day in Christmassy pyjamas – last but not least, cosyness is a number one rule during Christmas so I think that gives you a justifiable excuse to just spend the whole day in your pyjamas. Just so long as they’re Christmassy! 
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So what did you all think of my new, 25-task-long ultimate Christmas bucket list?? I really hope that this list helps get you all in the holiday spirit, so I challenge you all to see how many you can get through before the big day. Please feel free to share this challenge with your friends, print out my cute little printable to keep you motivated, and give a little like if you enjoyed this post!

Are there any items on here that are an essential part of your Christmas? What about any items on your Christmas bucket list that I might have missed off? Do you think you’ll get through all of this by Christmas time?? Let’s chat in the comments section!

Thanks everyone for reading Day 2 of Blogmas – I’ll see you all tomorrow!

Lots of Love

Blondey on a Mission xxx

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40 thoughts

    1. I know but I have not got the engineering skills for it 😂😂 oooh I could recommend some if you like cheesy romance? ❄️❤️ I did I thought I replied but clearly not sorry!! Thanks for sending something in 😁


  1. I’m happy to say I do and/or will be doing more than half of the things on this list yay! Something new this year is I’m bringing egg nog to a party. I had it once years ago and LOVED it. And I’m determined to bring it into our annual Christmas Eve brunch since no one ever really bothers with it, and some have never even tried it. I seriously can’t wait! Thanks for this, it’s so fun!

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  2. Already have our real Christmas Tree- something special about that

    Festive Holiday Drink- already drank a Peppermint Bark Latte and Peppermint Mocha at the coffee shop I work at

    Read a Festive Book- read two of them

    Some of those I got done in November—-I don’t mind starting a bit early. Can’t help it due to my love for the Holiday

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  3. Great list… I’ll have to try a few of these this year, beyond what I normally do.

    I did one this morning, I woke up at 4am and couldn’t get back to sleep, so I put up my tree while listening to Christmas music. And this one made me cry, even though I’ve had it for a few years, and I’ve never been on a ship like the guy in the song. It’s just a beautiful song.

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  4. Ooh I just watched part of ‘The Santa Clause 2’ this past Saturday and listened to Justin Bieber’s ‘Under the Mistletoe’ album a few days ago!

    ‘The Santa Clause 2’ is my favorite Christmas movie and I have it on DVD (as well as ‘Mickey’s Twice Upon a Christmas’), so I can watch it on my own time before December 25! 🙂

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      1. I enjoy it! But I’m a little biased since I grew up with it. They basically have a bunch of Christmas segments dealing with Mickey and the gang (even Huey, Dewey, and Louie). I think I saw the first one (‘Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmas’), but I don’t remember it much. So I can’t compare the two.

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  5. I started December off by making some Stollen muffins & they were lovely. I’m hoping to try & make a gingerbread house for the first time this year too. And I love going to look at lights, it makes you feel so festive. Watched my first Christmas movie last night too. I’d so love some snow but very much doubt I’ll get any. It’s pretty rare where I am and if it does come usually only ever enough to cause havoc, rather than enjoy /:
    Hope you get to do all of these & have a wonderful December. Also that mouse with the letter graphics so cute!!

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