Summer Competition Showcase: Entry #11

Another showcase piece everyone!! YAAYYYYY!!!!

I really hope you’re enjoying reading all of these, and you’re keeping track of which ones you really like for when I open voting. Anywho, today’s submission was by another great friend of mine Aditi who runs the blog What Are You Up To During Lockdown?? I hope you enjoy!

Hey everyone! I’m really happy to be participating in Tia’s Summer Contest! The summer theme is amazing and I have so much to share with you all. In this post I’ll be sharing the menu of a perfect summer day for me, which you can easily make at home while you enjoy summer!

1. Breakfast
On summer days, I usually love to have pancakes and orange juice! Here’s a pic of the pancakes I made a while ago!


(Too much syrup!)
2. Lunch
What’s better than some White sauce pasta and Garlic bread for lunch? I also love having Lime Soda along with it to cool off!


(Picture taken from Google)
3. Snack
On summer days, I love to make spring rolls and cakes for our evening snacks. Spring rolls are basically flat bread with lots of vegetables inside! They’re like momos! Here’s a picture of the spring rolls we made a while back!


4. Dinner
Pizza. Pizza. Pizza. We all love pizza


anytime, anywhere. But during quarantine, most of us hesitate while ordering from our local restaurants. So, why not make pizza at home to enjoy your perfect summer day! Here are the ones we made yesterday!


5. Dessert
Can the day ever end without dessert? I don’t think so. For dessert, I love having Vanilla Ice cream with Hershey’s Chocolate syrup and chocolate sprinkles!

I hope you all enjoyed reading this post and will discover the cook inside of you! Do have a go at trying to bake and cook at home and have a wonderful summer!
Sea you later!



That post made me really hungry so right after I finish this I’m going to go and find myself something to eat. Especially that pizza and the very thought of an ice cream sundae is making me salivate! The first thing I eat once I get out of quarantine is going to be an ice cream sundae.

What did you all think of this showcase piece? Have you baked or cooked anything in particular that you’ve really loved this summer? Are there any special summer dishes you just love to make during this season? Let’s chat in the comments section!

Lots of Love

Blondey on a Mission xxx

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