101 Blog post ideas (and a summer competition….)

Hellooo all of you wonderful readers!

How are you doing this fine Saturday?

South Africa is still drifting through winter (not fun), but otherwise things are going well! Summer vacation still hasn’t technically started for me, but since I have no more exams or assessments for university, I’m taking advantage of the free time to do things like my life-coaching course, setting up the Disney Society at my university, and other part time work. I finished my first aid course with my boyfriend, and now both of us are qualified with level 1 & 2 – woohooo!!! At least that’s one thing I can officially tick off my list.

In all honesty, I had no clue what I wanted to write about today. I’ve seriously been struggling with blogger’s block at the moment. So, considering I’ve spent more of my life than I’d care to admit at the moment scrolling through Pinterest and other blogs looking for ideas, I thought I would share a list of ideas for other bloggers who might be struggling with inspiration. Today, I bring you 101 things to blog about if you’re looking for topic inspiration – I hope you enjoy it!

  1. Summer bucketlist
  2. Summer Staycation list
  3. A day in the life of me
  4. Current favourite playlist
  5. Summer playlist
  6. My all-time favourite songs/snacks/movies/books/places to visit/ice cream flavours/things to do etc. (you get the general idea) (you can check out an example of mine here)
  7. My blogging habits/routine
  8. Netflix must-watch list
  9. Top things to do this summer
  10. Best activities to do in my area (check out the post I did on fun things to do in Johannesburg here)
  11. Summer date ideas (romantic or platonic)
  12. Blogging advice for new bloggers
  13. Why I started my blog/why I blog (here is my post about this here)
  14. Start a blogging series about something (I started one about blogging advice which you can check out here)
  15. Create an award/tag
  16. Participate in an award/tag
  17. Things to do when you’re bored (you can check my post here or here)
  18. A guest post by a blogging friend
  19. A guest post by a non-blogging friend
  20. Interview a family member
  21. Travel bucket list (or wish list at the moment with covid)
  22. Favourite summer moments
  23. Host a blogging contest
  24. Books I’m reading this summer
  25. Movie marathon lists/ideas
  26. My least favourite ______
  27. Summer skincare routine
  28. Healthy lifestyle tips and tricks
  29. Hairstyle/makeup tutorial (I’ll steer clear of this one considering I know about 3 hairstyles and only know how to apply mascara… so maybe that’s a comedy post in the making?)
  30. COVID/lockdown survival tips
  31. A blogging tutorial
  32. The perfect summer picnic
  33. Top 10 summer cocktail (or mocktail) recipes
  34. Summer smoothie recipes
  35. Do a giveaway
  36. Book/movie/tv show review (you can check out a book review of mine here)
  37. A day in the life if you’re a school/university student and what that’s like
  38. My self-care Saturday routine (this is my self-care Saturday post)
  39. Best summer drink recipe (e.g. lemonade)
  40. Healthy summer snacks list
  41. Fitness tips and ideas (for instance, staying healthy on holiday – you can check out my post here)
  42. Share your workout routine
  43. Interview with a family member
  44. My dream (summer) vacation
  45. Q&A session
  46. Assumptions about me
  47. Fun (or embarrassing) facts about me
  48. Blogs you have to follow
  49. A post about something you love (e.g. Harry Potter, Disney, Friends, food, music, books etc. Oh wait those are things I love … oops)
  50. My favourite recipes
  51. Monthly wrap-ups or favourites (I’ve loved doing these – you can read my most recent one for May right here)
  52. Letter to my younger self
  53. Birthday haul/celebration post
  54. My favourite bloggers
  55. My favourite youtubers
  56. My favourite authors/artists etc.
  57. Writing a letter to my future self
  58. How are my new year’s resolutions actually going?
  59. Movie night ideas/snacks/movie lists etc.
  60. How to host a get-together with friends, social-distancing friendly
  61. Birthday wish list
  62. Fun facts about my country
  63. A step-by-step recipe post (I have quite a few of these you can check out if you’re feeling hungry here)
  64. Craft tutorial
  65. Eco-friendly living tips/ideas
  66. An eco-friendly/sustainable craft tutorial
  67. Weekly challenges (e.g. try vegetarianism/veganism or any other challenge for a week and blog about it)
  68. 10 things to do if you don’t have summer plans
  69. Bullet journal spreads or inspiration
  70. Inspirational quotes and why they inspire me
  71. Travel essentials list
  72. A favourite childhood memory
  73. Top 10 favourite … (you choose)
  74. 10 things I can’t live without
  75. Week/weekend snapshot post (share what you did that week/weekend with your readers)
  76. Monthly goals
  77. My morning routine (check out my tips for a successful morning routine here)
  78. My night-time routine (check out my post about this here)
  79. My monthly must-haves (things you’re currently obsessed with)
  80. ‘Things that make me happy’ post
  81. My biggest challenges as a blogger and how I’ve overcome them
  82. Share a personal story
  83. Best blogging tools and apps (check out my post here)
  84. How I stay organised (you can read my one here)
  85. Window shopping online
  86. Birthday/Christmas present/shopping haul
  87. An epic failure and what I learnt from it
  88. My dream … (write about a dream/future goal of yours)
  89. Productivity tips (check out mine here)
  90. DIY gift ideas for friends/family etc.
  91. Tips about something you’ve experienced (e.g. new students/making friends etc.)
  92. Why self-care/environmental sustainability (or something else you’re passionate about) is important
  93. Write a funny story about your pet
  94. Why ____ as a hobby is amazing (choose a hobby you love) (here is a collab I did about reading as a hobby)
  95. Summer marathon/challenge ideas
  96. My skincare routine
  97. Things I do to cheer myself up/when I’m feeling sad
  98. My biggest pet peeves
  99. Take a buzzfeed quiz and share the results with your readers (e.g. what’s your personality type)
  100. Share one of your coolest experiences as a blogger
  101. Blog post ideas (feel free to steal some of mine)

Oh my word that was tiring … did I seriously just get through 101 blog post ideas?? And I didn’t even go online to search for inspiration until the late 90s I just started writing and they just started flowing out. I guess now I don’t really have an excuse for not having any ideas now do I?

Wheeewwww that was intense!

You may have noticed that some of my post ideas had a summer theme to it. You can change those depending on the time of year, but my main reason for including those was to inspire anyone who is still interested in taking part in my Summer Themed Guest post invitation. Except … I’m thinking of turning it into a little contest!!!

The rules still apply (you can check out the details here), but now I’m also accepting creative writing pieces, art pieces, poetry etc. The deadline for posts is still 10th of July (please send them to tallblondetales@gmail.com with Summer Guest Post Competition) as your subject), and I will then share all your wonderful guest posts and submissions throughout the summer. At the end of the summer (or when I run out of posts to share), I will open up a poll so you all can vote on who you think submitted the best ‘Summer-themed piece’ and the winner will be named here on Tall Blonde Tales. There will also be a prize, which I will announce next week (sorry about the suspense).

Otherwise, that’s all I have for today’s post. What did you think of the ideas? Any that you are keen to try? Also, is anyone keen to enter my Summer Guest post competition? I’m really looking forward to reading your entries!

Lots of Love

Blondey on a Mission xxx

Author: blondeyonamission

Hey everyone! I'm a lifestyle and travel blogger from South Africa and about to relocate to the UK for university. My blog is all about stories, tips and advice with topics ranging from university, organisation, friends, books, travel and more. Please check it out and I hope you enjoy xxx

32 thoughts

  1. I like the why I started my blog idea. I am working on two fun readers and getting good at painting flowers, my way. I say answering this question can help me answer this question.

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  2. Wow! You really write down 101 ideas! I’m surprised at the fact that it’s so much more easier to talk about ideas but so difficult to pick one and write on it! I haven’t read you posts in a while since I was away, but I’m back now and I’m loving everything here! I’ll definitely participate in your contest!! Awesome post Tia!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know right didn’t think I would get to 101 at all I thought I would get stuck on 15😂 yesss exactly!! Awww well I hope you enjoyed your time away and thanks so much you are so sweet!! Yayy fantastic I’m going to launch it properly and announce the prizes in my next post!! Thanks for reading 😊


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