10 Tips For Surviving Long Flights

I’ve always loved travelling – getting to experience new and exciting places first hand and discovering how other parts of the world works. No matter where it is, I’m always eager to see it. I’m sure lots of us feel the same. I mean who wouldn’t love going to see places nothing like where we live and just spending that time having fun and doing what interests you (I mean being in a new place is great enough already, but not having to go to work or school every day and only having to fulfil your wanderlust just sounds like heaven). The only problem I’ve found with travelling is getting there. Unfortunately, we don’t live in a Harry Potter alternate universe where we can just disappear and appear wherever we want. We have to travel by plane or boat or car, and that can take hours and hours. Usually, though, I think we all choose to go by plane, and while that is the fastest of our current long-distance transportation modes, it can be quite a mission. Let’s forget the difficulties of visas and navigating through airports – what about the flight itself? Spending hours cramped in a metal bird with no wriggle room whatsoever can bring out the worst in just about all of us. Never fear though, because as terrible as they can be, there are ways to get through them without sacrificing all of your sanity.

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Be prepared
I know it may seem like I am always factoring this point into my blog posts, but I really can’t stress it enough how much it can help you out at the end of the day. Make sure that before your trip, you pack everything that you need for your flight. All the right documents, some entertainment, spare clothes and your headphones (and any other things you may need like medication). That way, you’ll be able to settle into your seat and know that should you need anything, it is either under the seat in front of you or rattling above your head.

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Get Comfy
Sometimes international flights can be as long as 17 hours, and that is a long time to sit in your skinny jeans and tight top. Yes, it may be your usual outfit for going out in public, but once you are on that plane, you aren’t really in public anymore. Even if you do go to the airport in jeans, I recommend you pack a tracksuit or anything comfy to change into once you are onboard. This is because you are going to be stuck in a seat for the next while and you want to be wearing something where you are as comfortable as possible. The other benefit of comfy clothes is that they are a lot easier to fall asleep in (if you are the kind of person who sleeps on flights). Aeroplanes can also get quite cold so slacks and a hoodie will keep you much warmer than your jeans will.

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Eat before
Now I don’t know about you, but I have never had a great experience with plane food. As much as they advertise it being chicken or beef, I’ve always found it to be more along the lines of shrapnel goat or last week’s leftovers. Eating beforehand is always a good idea because that way you can get onto the plane and not have to rely on whatever their meals are to keep your sustenance up plus you get to have one last meal of your own choice from home. Between you and me, I’d rather eat a sandwich at home than face an aeroplane breakfast of scrambled eggs …

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Who of you have ever been on a flight where someone close to you either snores loudly, has a shrieking child or a crying baby? I’m sure I’m not the only one. As much as some of us may be patient individuals, I think that a crying baby can cause most of us pain and anguish when we are stuck on a plane. There is an easy solution for this though – headphones! They may not cancel the noise out altogether, but plugging into a movie or some music will take the edge off.

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Stay hydrated
Surprisingly enough, you can get quite dehydrated while flying. Even though you may not drink a lot usually, try up your fluid intake just a bit while you’re flying. You can even drink the little waters they give you. This will just mean that you avoid getting unnecessary issues such as headaches and can have a more enjoyable flight.

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Stretch it out
Am I the only one who starts to feel a bit cramped and stiff after I have been sitting down for a long time? I doubt it. Just because you are sitting on a plane though, doesn’t mean that you aren’t allowed to get up now and then to stretch and get your blood pumping again. Every few hours, stand up and take a short walk up and down the cabin – allow yourself to stretch out your limbs, and you’ll find that your appendages are a lot less likely to get stiff and uncomfortable.

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Empty out beforehand
Okay, this is the moment where honesty comes before being socially polite. Aeroplane toilets are not great. They are small and usually not in the most excellent condition. So, don’t inflict that on yourself. Instead, go to the bathroom and sort everything out before you get on the plane because I promise that that will be a lot easier than trying to deal with it in the air. If you can, try to avoid using bathrooms on the plane. Trust me – you will thank me later.

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Here’s a question for you. Can you sit and do nothing for more than an hour? Can you sit and do nothing for more than six hours? Don’t fail yourself by not thinking ahead. Thankfully, most long-distance international flights have tv screens filled with entertainment that you can use. The only problem is that sometimes, staring at a screen for hours can cause headaches and make you feel drowsy. Don’t let that happen. If you know that you struggle with problems like that, then make sure you pack yourself a book or a magazine (or anything for that matter) just so that you don’t end up spending the good part of your flight counting the dots on your seat or the hairs on your arm.

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Happy bubble
This one may seem hard. Especially when you are now short of sleep because you couldn’t get comfortable, haven’t had a decent cup of coffee and have spent the last two hours listening to a child sobbing because they don’t want their seatbelt on. Nonetheless, try to keep your happy bubble intact. The only thing that can make a flight worse than it already is is having a bad attitude because then all of the little negative things that are bugging you will be magnified. I know it is easier said than done, but try and keep your good humour and your flight shouldn’t fall into despair.

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Don’t stress
This is another one that I like to repeat, just because it is so applicable to all different situations. Don’t let any part of your flight stress you out. You’ve packed and are prepared – now all you have to do is get through the flying part. Put on your headphones and let your stress go, or try and get comfortable so you can get some sleep. There is nothing to worry about, and you will have a good flight, just don’t let the small things stress you or freak you out.

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Now I know that this can’t make a flight perfect. This doesn’t stop babies from crying, or having a horrible person sitting next to you (say someone who has no sense of personal space and doesn’t wear deodorant). What it does do though, is allow you to make the best of the flight you get and have as much enjoyment and satisfaction out of what you can control. I really hope that you enjoyed this blog post – and if you have your own tips on surviving long flights, then please share with me (as I am about to board one myself). Wish me luck.

Lots of Love
Blondey on a Mission xxx

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Hey everyone! I'm a lifestyle and travel blogger from South Africa and about to relocate to the UK for university. My blog is all about stories, tips and advice with topics ranging from university, organisation, friends, books, travel and more. Please check it out and I hope you enjoy xxx

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  1. Another tip – I always bring a huge super soft shawl with me. I either can use it as oversized blanket or as a super fluffy scarf, to cuddle up in it and sleep. I hate nothing more than getting a cold drift on my neck for hours and having no scarf with me.

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  2. Hey there Blondey, thanks for the tips, one of my own as I suffer from Carsick, airsick, roadsick, trainsick and all the other motion sickensses one can get, I eat , go to the loo if possible and then pop a sleeping pill, works wonder for me. not recommended for all. Have a wonderful trip.

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  3. i have to be honest, I really miss one of those long long flights that, when I arrive in the other side of the world, I really feel pleasure to travel and discover new cultures! and, to me, it only happened in asia… cheers, PedroL

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