Blogmas Day 11 – My Favourite Disney Christmas Movies

Helloooo merry readers!!

I can’t believe Blogmas is going by so quickly! Honestly it feels like Christmas is going to fly by before I have a chance to truly get into it. Thankfully I’ve now finished university for the term which means I can fully throw myself into being merry, eating and drinking all sorts of Christmas foods and ticking off items on my incredibly long list of fun Christmas things to do. 

Anywho, I always love to do a list of favourite Christmas movies during Blogmas because what’s more cosy than curling up under a blanket in your fluffy socks with a mug of hot chocolate, some mince pies and a selection of Christmas movies to watch. However, someone suggested that I do something Disney related for Blogmas this year (cause we all know how obsessed I am with Disney), so I thought I’d combine those two and do a list of my favourite Disney Christmas movies. Right enough of my yabbering you’re here to read about Disney Christmas movies!!


From the second I saw this trailer, I knew that I was going to love the movie. Noelle is a sweet, heartwarming Christmas film that is lighthearted, funny and just has so much adorable Christmas spirit and sparkly, jingly positivity. Honestly it is everything I love in a Christmas movie, complete with Anna Kendrick’s super spunky personality so what more can you want? 

The Nightmare before Christmas 

I’m always really confused about whether to class this as a Christmas movie or a Halloween movie but it has Christmas in the name so I’m going to go with Christmas. This is actually one of my brother’s favourite films and because of that, it will always have a special place in my heart. 

Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmas

Who doesn’t love some classic Christmas stories with the original trio – Mickey, Donald and Goofy? I think the reason why I love this movie is because its the classic shorts of our well-known characters, and they may be cheesy but they just have some really wholesome messages. Plus, watching shorts like these always make me very nostalgic because I used to watch loads of these as a child. 

Mickey’s Twice Upon a Christmas 

And just because the one isn’t complete without the other, I had to add this one to the list. This is actually a more modern verison of the one above (with different stories obviously), and focusing on some of our other classic characters apart from the original trio. The animation is also more modern in this film so it’s really interesting to compare the two because they are both so Christmassy and cute, but you can tell they were made a few years apart. 

A Christmas Carol 

You can never go wrong with the classics. Jim Carrey being the voice doesn’t have any influence on my vote whatsoever (how is he so great in all the roles he’s in??). The first time I watched this film I was really freaked out, not because I was bad but because it did such a great job of capturing the intensity of the original story. If you’re looking for a classic Christmas story that isn’t overly cheesy, this is definitely a great choice for you. 

Beauty and the Beast – The Enchanted Christmas

I think Beauty and the Beast might be one of my favourite Disney films. The music is great, the characters are really memorable, and don’t even get me started on that library … Anywho, the second I saw this as a kid I always knew it would stay in my heart because not only does it have all those aspects that I love from Beauty and the Beast, but it has a super sweet story and it’s all about Christmas. AHHHHHH I cannot say enough how much I love this film, even though I’m in my 20s and probably shouldn’t like animated movies as much as I do.  

Mickey’s Christmas Carol 

For those who may not be in the mood for the shivers and intensity that comes with the Jim Carrey A Christmas Carol story, this is a really great alternative. The same story we all know and love, except it’s got Mickey and friends as the starring characters and has that lighthearted Disney filter applied to it. So if you’re like me and sometimes your heart can only deal with really light and fluffy films (or you have kids and the Jim Carrey version is a bit much) then this is a great film to watch with the whole family. That being said, it is still A Christmas Carol (ghosts, a really grumpy guy and regretting selfishness in a bit of a scary realisation) so just keep that in mind. 

Some movies that I’m planning to watch this year: 

  • Godmothered
  • The Muppet Christmas Carol 
  • The Nutcracker and the Four Realms 

There are some other Disney Christmas movies (such as the ones above) that I haven’t had the chance to watch yet so I’m hoping I’ll get to them this year. But other than these, what do you think? Are there any Disney Christmas movies you think I’ve missed out?? Or any that you think I should add to my list to watch this Christmas holiday? 

Also, if you are looking for some Christmas movie inspiration but Disney isn’t your thing (don’t worry I won’t take offense – my boyfriend isn’t a huge fan of the overly cheesy Disney or Christmas films and my best friend isn’t really a Disney fan at all), you can check out the post I did last year of my favourite Christmas movies

Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed today’s post! I’ll see you all tomorrow 

Lots of love

Blondey on a Mission xxx

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23 thoughts

  1. Aww I love Mickey’s Christmas Carol! And I’m SO glad your gonna watch the Muppet Christmas Carol this year, it’s one of my all time faves 😍❤️❤️

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  2. The Nightmare Before Christmas is quite creative! Btw, I reposted the post I sent you for Blogmas and linked it to your blog! My Christmas gift to you!

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  3. Yay!!! A Disney Christmas movie-themed post, I love this so much! I’ve always wanted to see the Jim Carrey version of ‘A Christmas Carol’ because the film looked interesting, but I’ll admit that Ebenezer Scrooge looked a bit creepy to me when I first saw the trailer. Though, I’m confused about that ‘Beauty and the Beast’ Christmas movie. The Beast and his friends were transformed back into their regular counterparts by the end of the first film, so where does this Christmas film fit into the ‘Beauty and the Beast’ universe?

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    1. Haha yes I did it!! I know hehe I get that it’s one of the reasons I didn’t watch it for so long. Soo this film in the timeline is just after the Beast saves Belle from the wolves so it sort of slots into the timeline of the original movie

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      1. Thank you for doing a Disney Christmas movie post! Oh ok, so the Beauty and the Beast Christmas movie fits into the timeline of the first film? That makes sense. I was so confused cause it was released after the first film and Wikipedia says it’s a sequel, but Beast and his friends are still in their “cursed” forms, even though the curse was broken at the end of the first film.

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      2. Yeah that’s why I try not to rely on Wikipedia for research when it comes to my blog posts. I try to find more reliable sources. I do use Wikipedia for album details for my album reviews, but that’s about it.

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