Six reasons to visit the Harry Potter Warner Bros Studio Tour

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I know I mentioned it in a previous post that I visited the Warner Bros Studio Tour – the making of Harry Potter, with my university friend while we were on a little jolly holiday. I also said I would do a post on my experience there and honestly, it was such a fantastic day that not writing a post just wasn’t an option. If you’re thinking about visiting the studio, but for whatever reason you aren’t 100% sure, let me try and convince you… here are six reasons why you absolutely have to visit Warner Bros if you’re a Harry Potter fan. If these don’t convince you, I don’t know what will!

  • Walking through the Great Hall 

Many of the sets used for filming Harry Potter were constructed and then broken down as they were needed. With all those sets it makes sense – they couldn’t have hundreds of sets sitting around when they weren’t needed. However, one of the settings that shows up throughout the film series, and one we all know and love, is the Great Hall where Hogwarts students get sorted into their houses, enjoy all those luscious feasts and find out who wins the house cup (we all know it will probably be Gryffindor though…). That is one of the permanent sets the film crew constructed, and as part of the tour, you get to walk through those grand doors and waltz down the Great Hall towards the teacher’s table. Let me tell you, I felt like a first year seeing it for the first time. It is overwhelmingly grand and beautiful, and the perfect start to the tour!

  • Getting to see behind the scenes, all the costumes, props and sets

Nothing quite shows you how incredible something is than when you get to see all the little details that made it so magical. Part of the tour includes walking past costumes, seeing tables filled with props, the potions classroom, Dumbledore’s office, parts of the Gryffindor common room, and even the Forbidden forest. To see how much work, and all the tiny details in everything, truly makes you appreciate the films and the story because you get to see all that went into one of the most beloved stories in history.

  • Butterbeer

I couldn’t forget about this. Butterbeer is one thing – scrumptious!

Some people aren’t big fans, but I just love it! It’s sweet, that little bit of spice, cool, refreshing and quite indescribable if you haven’t tried it yourself. Go to Warner Bros just so you can drink lots of Butterbeer at the café halfway through. Case closed, I don’t need any more reasons.

  • Strolling down Diagon Alley

Am I the only one who wished more than anything I could go shopping in Diagon Alley after watching the first film? Please tell me I’m not?! Well, you can’t exactly buy anything in this Diagon Alley, but you can do some window shopping, and for now that’s close enough. My only regret is that we couldn’t go inside the shops… but the gift shop at the end does kind of make up for that.

  • Seeing Hogwarts from Hedwig’s perspective

Some of my favourite scenes from the films are the panoramic or fly-over views of the Hogwarts castle. The ones we see on the wings of Hedwig flying, or to get a glimpse of Hogwarts in the snow and see just how big the castle is compared to the students ambling around outside. I think one of the moments in the tour that truly took my breath away was getting to see the scaled down model of Hogwarts castle, used for those very same scenes. It’s humbling, it’s awe-inspiring and just … magical.

  • Spending your life savings on merchandise

How could I forget this stop? What’s a fan activity without spending loads of money on fan merchandise? The best part about the gift shop is it’s not all fridge magnets, postcards and weird shirts. There are house merchandise, cute plushies, all sorts of Harry Potter sweets and treats, jewellery, and any other type of Harry Potter merchandise you think you might need in your life. I may have used a substantial chunk of money in that store on essential purchases, like hoodies and a keychain for my new keys, amongst other things. I know some people are more into shopping than sightseeing, so don’t worry the Warner Bros tour has you covered 😊

Well I hope after all of that, if there was any doubt in your mind about whether you should add the Harry Potter Warner Bros Studio Tour to your to do list, I have successfully changed your mind and made it a must-see item on your list!

What would be the biggest reason for you to visit the Warner Bros tour? Have any of you ever done it before and if so what was your favourite part?? If you could buy any kind of fan merchandise in Harry Potter what would it be and why? Also, are you a butterbeer fan, yay or nay?? Let’s chat in the comments section!

Lots of Love

Blondey on a Mission xxx

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21 thoughts

  1. THAT LOOKS ABSOLUTELY DELIGHTFUL! 🥺 My mom has visited the Warner Bros studios without knowing the next thing about the Harry Potter characters 😆 (Harry alone is famous Ofcourse).
    The pictures make me want to teleport there (or fly in Nimbus 2000?)
    You just gave me a moment of “Gryffindor pride” there 😏 You’re right, we win EVERY trophy 😜
    Again, this looks soooo cool.

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    1. IT WAS AMAZING!!! Oh wow that must have been fun – It’s always interesting to hear how people’s experiences are depending on where they are/how connected they are in Harry Potter!! Hehehe I think they have broomstick parking so I’d opt for the Nimbus 2000. Ooooh haha glad I could do that (yeah you guys totally do it’s a little rude – why can’t hufflepuff win???). Thanks so much lots of love xxx

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  2. Well, am a Harry Potter fan and been to London and never got the chance to go.

    Only 2 days my family could have our own fun before meeting up with the rest of the pilgrims. However, we still did our own HP fun.

    Platform 9 and 3/4 at King’s Cross Station. I bought a Gryffindor Scarf (which actually isn’t my house) and a time turner key chain (which later broke, but luckily at Alex and Ani’s, my mom bought me the Time Turner necklace for Christmas a few years later- more like the real thing as it actually turns).

    Then with the group, we went to St. Paul’s Eucharist and had some free time to spare before it was time to head to Bristol. So my family took my sister and I to the Millenium Bridge- the same one the death eaters destroyed in Half Blood Prince.

    Still want my taste of Butterbeer and hoping for my visit to Harry Potter World at Universal. I am actually a Hufflepuff- didn’t know that when I bought the wrong scarf, but still love it

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      1. Growing up, only wanted to be in Gryffindor. Due to the Golden Trio.

        That was until I discovered that Newt, another favorite character, was a Hufflepuff. So if I ended up in Hufflepuff, didn’t mind.

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  3. That looks incredibly fun! I remember they started the exhibit when I was still living in London. It seemed like they needed to make some major improvements to it though because I heard so many comments about it being of poor quality and how it wasn’t worth going! I moved to California before they could make those improvements, but it seems they listened to the feedback!

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