Is Halloween cancelled this year?!


Trick or treat??! 

Happy Spooky Day, everyone!!! The one day of the year where it is acceptable, in fact … expected, to eat your body’s weight in sugar has finally arrived and now is the time to celebrate. But how can we do that this year? COVID-19, and all of the fantastic social distancing that comes with it, means that the typical Halloween parties and trick-or-treating expeditions aren’t exactly feasible. So does that mean Halloween is just cancelled this year if all the fun parts of it are not possible? 


I’ve never been big on celebrating Halloween, but this year (of all years … yes I’m aware of the irony) I’ve decided to put a bit more effort in it and let me say, just because all the typical ways to enjoy this spooky night of ghouls and goodies aren’t available, that certainly doesn’t mean you can’t still have a fun night. So, today I’m going to be sharing a few ideas for last-minute Halloween celebrations – read on if you dare mwahahahaha!

Costume competition 

In case there aren’t enough aspects of your life that aren’t online, why not add a costume competition to that list? Everything is happening via Zoom or Teams right now, from business meetings to university lectures or even pub quizzes, so getting dressed up and doing a costume parade and competition online is perfect! You don’t have to leave your house, so you don’t have to worry about navigating the outside world in your fancy costume or struggling home if you had a bit too much bubbling ‘bloody’ punch. Plus, it gives you a chance to ‘celebrate’ with even more people, who may not have been able to attend an actual party. 

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Head to a pumpkin patch 

Bearing in mind that I’ve never actually been to a pumpkin patch, this still seems like a great idea if you’re looking for something seasonal to do for Halloween. It’s the perfect thing to tick off your autumn bucket list, you can get into the mood for Halloween and even pick up one of those orange things for carving, or using up in a seasonal dessert. I’m certainly planning to try and visit one – just so I can say that I’ve done it. Plus I love pumpkins. 

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Drive-thrus, drive-ins and drive-bys 

In the height of digital advancements, classic activities seem to be making a comeback, particularly during this pandemic. Movie theatres may be closed, but drive-ins have made a massive resurgence, and there is probably one near you that will be screening Halloween movies just for this weekend. Or, if you’re brave enough (I’m certainly not), haunted houses are looking a bit different this year and have transformed into drive-thru, contact-free experiences that you can experience from the comfort (and safety) of your car. Last but not least, trick-or-treating is also not quite the same, but I’ve read that there are some creative solutions out there involving our motor vehicles. For instance, people drive by houses and throw candy or deliver candy to those at the house or even trunk-or-treating events so that we can all get our sugar fills. Just because we need to social-distance this year that certainly doesn’t mean we have to miss out on all the traditional fun we’re used to. 

Spooky movie marathon anyone? 

Because this list wouldn’t be complete without a movie marathon, and it is perfectly in keeping with all the COVID-19 rules and regulations. You can do this solo, or with the people in your household, snuggle down with a blanket and a bucket load of sweets and watch as many spooky movies as your nerves can take. We’ve spent so much of all the various lockdowns binging Netflix, so why stop now? And at least this one has a theme and a point right? You don’t have to only watch horrors though, I certainly don’t have the stomach or cardiac strength to do that. There are plenty of Halloween movies that are perfect for those like me who want their hearts to remain inside their chests or those with kids or would prefer family-friendly films. 

Get creative at home. 

Last but not least, consider this Halloween the perfect excuse to go all-out at home. You can go above and beyond with decorations this year, or maybe plan a spooky meal for the family? Or, you could do DIY Halloween treats or crafts (I quite like the idea of decorating masks or trying to make your mask a seamless part of your costume). There are dozens of options, and if you can’t quite think of any, I can guarantee that Pinterest has got your back and can give you some inspiration. 

So as you can see, there are plenty of ways that you can celebrate Halloween this year, even with all the restrictions. Yes, I know it’s not ideal, and I’m sure there are many other ways that people want to be celebrating this year, but just because things are a little different, that doesn’t mean we can’t still have fun. 

If you’ve missed them, you can click here for the post I did earlier this week about my Halloween baking trend (complete with a delicious recipe for sweet and savoury pumpkin pasties), here for ideas of what to do on Halloween, and here for my discussion about the pros and cons of Halloween. 

Otherwise, that’s all the spookiness I’ve got for you today!! My flat and I are having a small celebration for Halloween, and it’s the first time (I think) that I’m wearing a costume for Halloween!! If you’d like to see my outfit, be sure to check out the pictures to follow on my Instagram account (which you can check out by clicking on the icons below). 

Lastly, how are you celebrating Halloween this year? Is there anything you usually do that you’re sad to be missing out on? What is your costume going to be, and if you could get any candy/sweet during your trick-or-treating expedition, what would it be?? Let’s chat in the comments section. 


Lots of Love 

Blondey on a Mission xxx 

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  1. Awe I loved this post! 😍🎃 Yeah Halloween is so different this year. Growing up I enjoyed going trick-or-treating, but as I’ve gotten older I have fun dressing up and taking my little siblings to go get candy! Since we can’t this year (and our local pumpkin patch is closed 😔), we’ve been having fun mini celebrations at home! I dressed up like a monarch butterfly and did a trick-or-treating candy activity at home (they wore little pink and purple butterfly costumes!), and my mom and I have been watching spooky movies throughout October! Tonight I’m giving my little brother and sisters each a Halloween gift bag filled with fun toys and activities which I know they’re going to love. 😄
    My absolute FAVORITE candy to get on Halloween are Nerds! Any flavor of them will do! 😂💕 they’re awesomely sour and sweet, and they’re tiny and crunchy. They’re fun to eat and have a lot of flavor!
    Happy Halloween to you! Again this was a great post! 👻🧡

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    1. Awwww thank you so much!!😊 It really is! Awww that sounds like so much fun I’m sorry you couldn’t do that this year 😞 but your mini celebrations sound like a really fun alternative!!😊💖that truly sounds adorable and so fun I’m sure they will love it!! Oooh wow I’ve never really liked nerds 😂😂 but I completely get the appeal!! Thanks so much and lots of love 😊💖✨😁🎃

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You’re welcome! And yeah it was disappointing, but my little sisters still had a lot of fun which I’m thankful for! haha I get that – I don’t like most sour candy, and Nerds are the only ones I like! What’s your favorite fruity/sour candy? 😀 You’re welcome!

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      2. Awwww yayy that’s good at least!! Oooh okay thats interesting – fair enough though! Hmm I love twizzlers or those strawberry gummies and sour worms are always a classic 😇 xxx


  2. Well, I just moved to Canada and we had to get rid of so much stuff and we’re setting up house, so we aren’t celebrating this year. Plus, we’re still in quarantine after traveling, so we can’t hand out candy

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  3. Okay, this is great! Though I do not celebrate Halloween, I am sick and tired of people whining about not being able to celebrate it. I love that you used your brain and creativity and came up with SOLUTIONS instead of whining about the PROBLEMS! Kudos, Tia!!!!!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Awwwww thank you so much that truly made my day!!! Yeah it is quite frustrating but I definitely think looking on the bright side and finding a solution is always the best way to go!! Thanks so much for reading and for this awesome comment!!!

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