Fun things to do in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Hi everyone! Today I will be diving more into travel than I’ve done for a while, so I highly suggest you get comfy and be prepared for me to tickle your travelling taste buds. So, I have spent much of this year studying in different locations, but now it is time to kick back and exchange my jeans for a bikini and my sneakers for flip flops because I am on vacation! I’m currently travelling in Croatia with my boyfriend and family and let me tell you, pictures cannot capture how beautiful it is. I’ve been to Croatia once before, but don’t remember much as I was a lot younger. So, this trip I fully intend to go all-out in terms of touristing, and I would like to share some great things to try out if you ever find yourself in this part of Europe. Now I know that I haven’t done many travel blogs like this, but after spending a few days in Dubrovnik, I couldn’t not share all of what I have experienced, and what you should all think about doing if you are ever in Dubrovnik. If you are considering a trip to Croatia, specifically Dubrovnik, and don’t quite feel like buying a travel guide to see what you should do, then look no further. Today I will be sharing with you all a list of fun things you should definitely consider doing if you are in Dubrovnik Croatia.

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Walk the ancient city walls

One of the iconic locations in Dubrovnik would be the old town, which is surrounded by majestic, ancient city walls. These walls ‘cut off’ the old town from the rest of Dubrovnik, creating a fortress-like effect that is quite magnificent to look at. What makes these walls so amazing is they are not just a boundary between the old town and the rest of the city. They are open to the public so that people can actually walk along the walls and get a spectacular view of the old town, the ocean and other parts of Dubrovnik. It is not a free entrance, unfortunately. Tickets are 200 Kuna for adults and 50 for children – Kuna being the local currency. But, I can assure you that the price is worth it when you get to take in the fantastic views. Just a warning, the entire wall walk is quite long, so I suggest wearing comfortable walking shoes but if you don’t feel like walking the whole thing there are opportunities for you to get off. Also, if you feel the need to rehydrate during your walk, there are one or two lovely little cafes and drink spots along the wall. So, if Dubrovnik is on your travel list, you can’t miss a walk along the ancient city walls.

Photo by Blondey on a Mission
Photo by Cameron and Blondey on a Mission

Explore the old town

Once you’re done walking the perimeter of the old town, you might as well complete the experience by exploring the old city that you have just walked around. The old town is a beautiful experience. Ancient marble floors, picturesque buildings and enough cafes and stores to ensure that a thirsty or shopping-hungry tourist is never bored or dehydrated. It is compact and an easy walk. The narrow streets are filled with restaurants, small shops and cafes, which are perfect places for pit stops while you are on your leisurely stroll through the city. The old town satisfies all sorts of desires – something scenic and cultural, something touristy complete with souvenirs, plenty of rehydration spots and so many restaurants that you could eat happily in the old town at a new restaurant for every meal. Basically, the old town is not a place you should skip out on when you are in Dubrovnik.

Photo by Cameron and Blondey on a Mission
Photo by Cameron and Blondey on a Mission
Photo by Cameron and Blondey on a Mission

Swim in the Adriatic sea

How can you visit a coastal city with such gorgeous clear blue water and not have a swim in it? Don’t worry about answering because I will answer for you – you can’t! The Adriatic Sea, which is the northernmost arm of the Mediterranean Sea, is what you would be jumping into if you decided to do an ocean swim in Dubrovnik. It is not freezing cold like the Atlantic ocean, so swimming is considerably more pleasant, and if you go in summer, it will be a welcomed and refreshing feeling to dive in. The water is a beautiful blue and very clear, and you don’t have to worry about anything scary swimming for you … except for maybe an angry tourist. Do yourself a favour and don’t be that person who just sits watching. Dive in and enjoy the water yourself.

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Enjoy the best view of Dubrovnik

As beautiful as the view is from the walls, there is, in fact, a spot that offers a more spectacular view of the old city and Dubrovnik in general. Taking a ride on the cable car up the mountain is an absolute must if you want to get an excellent aerial view of Dubrovnik and the views of the city and the Adriatic Coast from there are breath-taking. Now I have heard that you can hike up to the top, but I am not sure so if the thought of hiking all that way intimidates you, don’t stress. The cable car is easy to get (and we took the cable car – no shame there whatsoever). If you are a person who likes to take breath-taking pictures of your travels, then this is the spot you will get the best ones, especially at sunset. It’s almost like you are standing on top of the world …

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Have a drink overlooking the sea

Can you think of anything more associated with being on holiday than propping your feet up and enjoying a refreshing beverage with a spectacular view of the sea as your backdrop? Neither can I and lucky for you, if that is the type of thing you love to do on holiday, then there are plenty of spots for you to do this in Dubrovnik. The old town already has quite a few options for you, so you get the joy of both the sea view and the city view, but there also happen to be some outstanding options outside of the old town depending on what tickles your fancy. You won’t get to quite experience views like this, so if you are in Dubrovnik, take advantage of the situation and enjoy a drink with a side of spectacular ocean views.

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Pop next door to Bosnia or Montenegro

One thing that is great about Dubrovnik is that if it starts to feel a bit small for you and you are itching to go a bit further, it is really close to Bosnia and Montenegro. Now I have personally never been to Montenegro, but we all stopped in Bosnia while driving from Dubrovnik to Split, and I can tell you it was a great stop to make. More beautiful coastal towns, spectacular views and delicious foods and drinks. And, the absolute upside is that you can turn it into a quick day trip because it isn’t that far away (only a couple hours by car). So, if you have a bee in your bonnet and want to go on an adventure a little further away than Dubrovnik, why not take a little trip to Bosnia or Montenegro? Who knows you might find something spectacular or taste the best seafood ever while you are there …

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Walk the scenic routes

There is one thing that I cannot get enough of about European cities, and that is walking. You can walk just about anywhere because everything is relatively close to each other. You get all of the health benefits of walking, and you get to see more of the fantastic city because you always see more by foot than you ever can through a vehicle window. Dubrovnik is perfect for this because you get to see so much more of it by walking (also you can only access certain places on foot so …). It is also great in terms of walking exercise because it is not a flat city, to say the least, and there are hills left, right and centre. You get a great cardio workout while getting to see so much more of this beautiful city. I know that walking everywhere doesn’t sound ideal and sounds more exhausting than fun, but trust me when I say it is one of the best ways to do it. Also, think about it this way – if you walk everywhere, you will be able to reward yourself by regularly stopping for a refreshing beverage at some picturesque café. Doesn’t that sound like a win?

Photo by Cameron and Blondey on a Mission
Photo by Cameron and Blondey on a Mission


Oh, my goodness! I cannot emphasise this part more, so let me say that again … OH MY GOODNESS! If there is one thing you need to do in Dubrovnik, not the walls, not the old town or anything like that, it is to eat and eat and eat. There is good quality food almost everywhere you look because the produce is fresh and it is prepared locally. The dishes are all full of flavour and are a broad mix – from the freshest seafood to mouthwatering meats and heavenly pasta. Both my mom and my boyfriend are fussy eaters, and both only had spectacular meals while we were there. Yes, I know eating doesn’t seem like the most healthy leisure activity you can do on holiday, especially with the amount I am emphasising it, but trust me when I say it is well worth it. Food, glorious food – you should definitely try it!

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Game of Thrones

For the fans of Game of Thrones out there, Dubrovnik is the place to go because there is plenty of Game of Thrones activities to do. Apart from the dozens of gift shops offering themed merchandise, I’m sure a lot of fans will know that Dubrovnik is a big film set of Game of Thrones. You can either go on a self-guided walking tour or take a guided tour, but both are an excellent way for you to see all of the main sites while still enjoying yourself. Maybe turn it into a competition and see who can take a photo in all film locations first? There is even a Game of Thrones-themed Escape Room in Dubrovnik for those thinking they are up to the challenge so if you don’t have reason enough to visit Dubrovnik or are struggling to think of things to do, you will have plenty once you open the door to the Game of Thrones activities.

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And so there you have it! I know that this blog post has been a little different, but I still hope that you all enjoyed reading it and found it somewhat useful. If you are thinking of where you would next like to fly off to, I hope this blog post might have inspired you to pick Croatia as your spot. If you are already planning a trip to Croatia, I hope that this blog post gives you a better idea of fun things that you can do with your time there. And, if neither of the above two applies to you, I still hope that you enjoyed this blog post. If you did enjoy it, please don’t forget to hit the little like button at the bottom of this post if you haven’t already and subscribe, so you don’t miss out on future blog posts. Thank you all so much for reading – and I hope that it got you all in a pleasantly relaxed mood where you could at least picture yourself enjoying the beauty of the Mediterranean. As always, you guys are fantastic and thank you all for supporting the blog!

Lots of Love

Blondey on a Mission xxx

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