10 in 1 Blogging awards Second Edition! (part two)

SO, this is part two of my 10 in 1 blogging awards post (with one more part to follow). Today I’ll be answering the questions to my nominations for the Liebster Award, Very Inspiring Blogger Award and the Sunshine Blogger Award (thanks again for the nominations – it means so so so much to me!).

10 in 1 Blogging awards – Second Edition! (part one)

These last two months have been absolutely mind blowing for me and I have been nominated for more awards than I ever thought possible! All I can say is just how unbelievably happy I am and thankful to everyone for nominating me!! I’ve gotten a bit behind on my awards posts so I’m going to repeat what I did last time and join a few nominations together so today I’ll be doing the Vincent Ehindero Blogger Award, the Offshore Blogging award and my two nominations for the Outstanding blogger award. This is going to be quite a long post so enough of my babbling and let’s get started!