Blogmas Day 18 – Guest post by Gelina

Hellooooo merry readers!

It feels like just yesterday Blogmas was starting and now it just seems to be flying by way too quickly! In fact, Christmas seems to be coming all too soon so in between my holiday work that I need to get done, I’m planning on chucking myself head first into holiday cheer. In fact, just this morning I watched two new Christmas movies and I’m slowly making my way through my Christmas book list so that’s a good start. Today I have another wonderful guest post submission – another poem as well! So I’m going to stop chattering on and let our guest blogger continue the rest of this post.

Hey guys! This is Gelina from Day in and out with Gelina and Timeless Wonders! I am so excited to do this guest post for Tall Blonde Tales Blogmas! I thank you for letting me do this!  I will be sharing with you a Christmas poem I just wrote and then I will be sharing some Christmas memes! Here is the poem:


As the winter wind blows cold

And people huddle together

When family time is gold

And feels like time’s a feather

Oh the Christmas cheer

When presents go around

And people seem so dear

And all sadness is drowned

When the day comes to a finish

And you go to your bed

All bad feelings diminish

When the Christmas spirit spreads

Do ya like it? Anyways, I know you are dying to see the memes so here they are! 


 That’s all! Hope you enjoyed it!!

How did you enjoy this awesome poem, and these really cool memes? I adored the poem but honestly the memes may have been the highlight because my little brother normally shows me different memes that he finds and these were just so funny. I hope you all enjoyed it too, and I’l see you all tomorrow for another day of Blogmas.

Lots of love

Blondey on a Mission xxx

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