Blogmas Day 15 – Guest post by Betty

Helloooooo merry readers!

How are you all doing?? Can you believe it’s 10 days until Christmas!!! It feels so close I can practically taste it (and that’s because I have been devouring festive foods and drinks at the moment). I’m currently in Edinburgh evaluating the Christmas markets, there will be a blogmas post relating to that coming out soon, so today I’m sharing another great guest post submission from Betty – I hope you enjoy her really lovely Christmas poem!

Hello People! 

I’m Betty, and you’d (hopefully) know me by my blog “The box of wonder“. This is a guest post for blogmas 2021 in Tall Blonde Tales (thank a ton to Tia for letting me know how guest posts work!) , I doing nothing much, it’s just a lil poem by me, kind-of like a story!  Enjoy readn’ it and lemme know how it is! 


And we’re done! So this poetic-story-thingy is about a girl, who couldn’t sleep during Christmas, and she looks outside, sees Santa’s sleigh and Rudolf’s bright red nose.  Then she pinches herself whether it is a dream or not, and it is a dream! Then she looks at her room And notices a gift near her shoes! 

Well I’m not your English teacher, am I? So I’m giving you no homework or notebook work for this “chapter” Have a very merry Christmas “students”! 😇 

Good-bye! Stay safe and happy! 

Please note: All the images used in this post are made by me, and the poem here is also the original piece. Please do not use it unless I tell you to, because I will ask you to put it down. Thanks!

So what did you all think?? I always love Christmas poems because I think they can really capture the holiday spirit, and there’s just something so wholesome about them. What has been your favourite Blogmas post so far? Also, what sort of Christmas activities have you been up to so far? Let’s chat in the comments section!

Lots of love

Blondey on a Mission xxx

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