Starting second year feeling like a first year

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Heyyy all my lovely readers!

So I’m sure you could tell by the title of this post…


As exciting as it is to be cracking on with my second year of uni, it also feels really weird. Probably because I had less than 10 in-person classes the whole of my first year, all of my other classes and assessments were online and done from my bedroom, and to make it even more sad… I did my second two terms of first year from my bedroom in South Africa.

So yeah not exactly the ideal or expected first year of university.

We didn’t get a fresher’s week, we didn’t get to have our matriculation in the cathedral (I’m actually quite heart broken about that), most of our wider uni experiences like extracurriculars, clubs and societies were on zoom and thanks to the little pandemic, we weren’t even really allowed to socialise and meet other people.

With second year though, brings a whole new chance to actually experience uni like they show in the movies, or talk about in books (or post about on social media … just so I don’t sound like a complete grandma). Now that the world seems to be creating a new normal, where we can somewhat do normal things just with a few covid-safety rules, I can actually be a real uni student … it’s just super sad that I’m saying that after already being at uni for a year! Honestly, in many ways I still feel like a first year student …

  • Lectures started on Monday and it was the first time I actually had a lecture in person. I’m not kidding. Monday was the first time I gathered outside a big lecture hall (socially distanced and wearing masks of course – I just got here I’m not going to mess that up by needing to self-isolate for two weeks), met and spoke to some of my classmates, found a relatively uncomfortable chair in tiered rows of seats, and merrily typed away notes while one of my professors talked about our topic for the week. How scary is that??
  • I still don’t know where loads of thing are … Granted, I’m much better off than a lot of my friends thanks to all the campus tours I was leading during the summer, but I still have to think when people mention a popular cafe, or where certain departments are. By the time most students hit second year they know the codes for all the rooms they’re in … I sometimes still need google maps just to find the buildings!
  • I’ve never been into the library. Okay this one is more than a little embarrassing, but to be fair, during my first term at uni when I was actually on campus, lockdown was quite strict, all my books were online and I didn’t mind studying in my room or our communal kitchen (plus the big library kind of scared me a little…). For the rest of my first year I was in South Africa so I couldn’t get to the library even if I wanted to. Technically I went into the library last night before my creative writing meeting but that was mostly to escape the frizzle, but I’m planning to book a slot this week just so I can say I’ve actually used our library!
  • First in-person society events. On the topic of creative writing, not only was last night our first official meeting of the year with the new execs, but it was my first ever in-person society session. Ever. There are first year’s who have been to more in-person society meetings than me … but that’s okay I am planning to do some serious catching up this year!
  • Not getting free stuff at the Fresher’s fair. So one of the great fun things about the start of the university year is going to the Fresher’s fair, not just to see what cool clubs and societies you can join, but to take advantage of all the free giveaways. This year was my first fresher’s fair (strike one), but I had to work my society stalls all day (strike two), which meant that by the time I could walk around the fair myself, all the free things were gone (strike three). To be fair I loved working the stalls, but it would have been nice to get at least a free tote bag or something …
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However, all of that aside, I am so excited to get stuck into this year. I’m doing some really exciting modules, I’ve got Creative Writing and Disney society things to focus on, I’ve got my part time job, some volunteering opportunities and, the best of course, my blog!! Maybe my first year was a little unconventional, but if I had to do it all over again I would because I’d far rather sacrifice my first year and have things improve than it go the other way round. At least this way, the only place to go is up!! (Oh my word I can’t believe how cheesy that sounded but it’s true!)

Anywho, has anyone else had any weird experiences like this because of the pandemic? Is there anything normal you’re really excited to get back into? Also I’m looking for inspiration for my university advice series so if there’s a topic you find interesting, or would like some advice on, please leave a comment or pop me an email! And, lastly, my collaboration with Moksha about our September (and possibly our plans for this month) will be released tomorrow so be sure to come back and check out that post when it goes live!

Otherwise, I hope you all have a fantastic week – I’ve got to run off to a seminar now (It sounds so cool to say I actually have to leave my desk and laptop to attend a seminar hehe).

Lots of Love

Blondey on a Mission xxx

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  1. I, too, am excited for you. As to normal? The one thing pandemic confirmed for me: There’s no such thing at normal. You will make your own. I expect fun stories about your first “normal” year on campus. 🙂

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  2. I agree that it is disconcerting to get back to things after the pandemic. I had lunch with a friend in August for the first time in 18 months and even though it was absolutely amazing, there were definitely some things that were like, “Oh, yeah. Getting back to this!”

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  3. Aw, I’m sorry your first year of college wasn’t how you planned! But, I hope you make the most of your second year of college. I think I’ve mentioned this before, but my time in my Disney Ohana Club was one of my favorite parts of college, so take advantage of the time you have with your extracurriculars!

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