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Hey there everyone!

I hope you are all doing well and having a happy week so far. I am giddy with excitement as I am free from exams so wooohooo!!!

I will be enjoying my bit of freedom by tackling the stack of books I have been meaning to read for the last few months, building a bunch of puzzles and making a dent in my to-watch movies list. I will probably also spend a fair amount of time baking so while I myself am super happy to have exams out the way, my scale and my waistline I don’t think will be too thrilled.

Anywho, as promised, I really wanted to try doing a post about the assumptions you all sent in either on the google form or through Instagram. I didn’t get too many responses, but I still got a few so those are the ones that I’ll be going through today! So, let’s see what your assumptions are shall we?

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You don’t have pets

Actually, I have quite a few pets. I know I don’t talk about them too much but I have an adorable white Persian Chinchilla cat who lives in my bedroom. He is grumpy, fluffy and makes for a fantastic therapist and hot water bottle. We also have dogs and fish, and we used to have ducks and a pig but sadly not anymore.

You love dogs and wished you had at least 1 more than you do at the moment

Absolutely spot on! I love dogs they are such adorable animals. My family has always had dogs, and even when I stop in the street or am in a park, if a dog looks friendly enough I will ask the owner if I can give them a cuddle. That intuition about wishing for one more is actually a little scary – I had been wishing for another dog and magically my dad arranged for us to get a puppy a few weeks ago! So wish has actually come true haha

Here is a photo of our new little puppy Luna

You’re tall

I was wondering if this would ever pop up. I am quite tall – I am 6 feet, 1 inches so yeah tall enough to reach really high shelves and for short lamps and doorways to be a hazard.

You love travelling

Yes you are so right! I have always loved travelling, especially with my boyfriend and my family. Sadly due to covid travel has been … somewhat limited but in all honesty that hasn’t been such a bad thing because it has been good for the environment and I’ve also been able to travel around South Africa a lot more. Hopefully once things open up I can do some more travel and tick a few things off my bucket list – Singapore, Thailand and Sweden are next!

You are studious

I think I would class myself as studious. I’ve always been quite dedicated to my academic work, because I always like to do things to the best of my abilities and I also get really anxious so being studious helps me calm my nerves about not getting things done or doing things badly. Thankfully, I would say, I have learnt to balance my life in terms of work time and leisure time a lot more in the last few years but if you had to ask my boyfriend, I’m still an academic bookworm at heart.

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Sooo those are the main assumptions I received and quite frankly I am surprised by how on point some of them were. Before I wrap up this post though, one or two bloggers also sent me some questions they have for me that I’m going to answer here just for fun, so you lovely readers can also learn a little bit more about me!

Do you like to dress up or dress down more?

In all honesty, I love to dress down. While I do love getting dressed up in something fancy for a fun event, most of the time I prefer to dress down because I am all for comfort at the end of the day. Give me a hoodie and yoga pants any day over super tight and uncomfortable fancy clothes.

What’s something you’re a fan of, but you’re embarrassed to admit it?

Okay so even though it’s a bit weird, I will always be a fan of Barbie movies and some of the books I read as a little kid. I don’t watch them or read them now, but they were such a huge part of my childhood that honestly I am still a huge fan of them.

And so there you have it! I wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who sent in assumptions and questions for me – I had such fun doing this and I hope you had fun reading this post. For anyone who still has assumptions or wants me to do another post like this in the future, please feel free to send them to me via email or even leave them in the comments section because I loved seeing your assumptions and answering them. So again, thank you so much and I hope you all have a fantastic rest of your week! Until Saturday!

Lots of Love

Blondey on a Mission xxx

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  1. Hi Blondey, loved reading your last post and this one with the answers, I didn’t pose any questions, would have been unfair as I know you on a personal basis and would not want to let “secrets out of the bag” xxx keep writing.

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  2. These are some interesting assumptions. I can never understand why people assume stuff about whether or not they have pets, they can’t enough about that to accurately assume! πŸ˜‚ I knew of your height, but not that exact haha!

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      1. Exactly I think we just intrinsically assume as a way to compartmentalise and make sense of things even though assumptions can be bad. Aww that’s so sweet thank youπŸ™ˆβ˜ΊοΈ


  3. Omg the Barbie movies are so iconic! πŸ₯°
    I literally loved every single one of them as a kid (and high key rewatched Fashion Fairytale like 2 months ago πŸ™Š)

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