10 ways to deal with hard times, bad days and all in all horrible experiences

As much as I love to think that the world is all sunshine and rainbows, I can’t help but acknowledge the fact that sometimes, life has other ideas. There are times when the wheel of fortune doesn’t spin in our favour, and we have bad days, or horrible experiences or even just a really crummy moment. Unfortunately, I don’t think any of us have escaped experiencing something like this at least once. I’m sure we’ve all had bad days where we just want to curl up and cry or really horrible experiences that just seem to end the world as we know it. I recently experienced something like this, and let me not lie; it wasn’t great. After I recovered though I realised that, while these hard times are an inevitable part of life, there are ways to deal with them. We don’t have to let these negative experiences get us down – so here are my top ten ways to beat those bad days or moments and come out with as little damage as possible.

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Stress-eating is totally okay

If there is ever an excuse to binge-eat ice cream, it is after you’ve either had the worst day ever or life just decided to give you a donkey kick to the teeth. In my opinion, just sitting in my room and devouring my favourite foods always helps to improve my mood. So order yourself a pizza or that deluxe burger, or if you have more of a sweet tooth (like me) then go all out. Make yourself an ice cream sundae, drink gallons of hot chocolate or just pop out and buy yourself a dozen doughnuts. I promise you, as indulgent as it seems, there isn’t anything wrong with treating yourself after some sadness. At least not in my eyes.

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Curl up and cuddle

A genuinely healing experience, as depressing as it may seem, is to just curl up into a ball under a fluffy blanket or cuddling your teddy bear and cry. Yes, I get that crying may seem like a relatively futile way of getting over feeling sad, but for those of you who haven’t experienced the magical healing of crying, I recommend that you try it. Just getting comfortable and sobbing all the horrible away can actually make you feel a lot better afterwards because you let yourself feel that negative emotion instead of suppressing it. You allow it to take its full toll on you and then once you are done, I think that you subconsciously just come to grips with it and after drowning yourself in your tears, things don’t seem that bad anymore. No, I am not recommending that you spend hours and hours crying because that is destined to make anyone feel worse, not better, but at least allow yourself to grieve for a little with maybe some moral support from your bed and pillows. Trust me – this is a therapy that works.

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Do something you love

How great do you feel after doing something that you enjoy? I want to place a bet that you definitely feel at least 70% fantastic. If you’ve had a bad day, then I’d highly recommend taking some time off (after work or school – you can’t just bail on life and reality just because the universe decided to be really rude today) to do something you love. If you enjoy cooking then make yourself dinner, or if you like to exercise then go for a run. Even if it is as simple as turning your phone off and sliding into a hot bubble bath, these simple pleasures can take the edge off a bad day and give you enough positive energy to tackle it.

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Watch/read something positive

We all have a favourite movie or book, or at least one of the two that never fails to put a smile on our face, even if we have watched/read it a couple of hundred times too many. Put on your sweats and allow yourself a few hours to watch something you love or read a dog-eared favourite. Why this happens to be a particularly favoured method of mine is that either of these options allows you to escape for a little bit and sometimes that is all we need to recover from either a mild or terrible trauma. This escape helps clear our head and gives us the space we need to breathe, which more often than not, is all that we need.

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Enlist your boyfriend/girlfriend

One thing that comes in really handy when being in a relationship is having someone there to help you through precisely these situations. When I had my horrible day, I called my boyfriend just to ask him to come over so I could have a good cry (see number 2 is an excellent method) and just get a hug. What ended up happening is he brought me my favourite hot beverage and some doughnuts, and we watched a movie together. So while it is good to be able to deal with these things on your own, no man is an island, and we don’t have to be stone-cold robots all day. Our partners are there, ideally, to help us with these things so call your significant other and let them know. You may not get any pastries but even just having a long conversation with your person can be a real morale booster when everything is dark and grey.

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Enlist your friends

Then again, who says that our partners are the only ones who can make us feel better? While some of us may not have partners, almost everyone has friends so if you don’t have a partner to call or don’t quite feel like this is a topic to share with them, ring up your besties and they will undoubtedly step up to the plate. Whether they decide to come over for an emergency sleepover or take you out to help you forget about it all, friends can be very healing when we are hurting so allow your friends to be your support when you need them. Not only will you feel better, but I can promise you that those friendships will be all that stronger afterwards.

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Venting is one of my favourite methods. I think it might be because I am not used to expressing how I feel so freely to everyone, so when I get the opportunity to take the lid off and go for it, believe me, I make sure that everyone knows it. Venting is quite easily as healing as crying because it does the same thing: it allows you to get all of the negative emotions out. One way that venting is better than crying is because you get to express your point of view with no apology or exception. Even if you are venting to a wall, explaining all the reasons why you feel the way you feel can often help you let go of those things that are making you upset. Next time you’ve had a tear-jerking day, I’d book a one-on-one consultation with your pillow to get all of those feelings out into the air and out of you.

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Host a dance party for one

Am I the only one who enjoys turning my music on as loud as it can go and dancing around my room in my pyjamas? Don’t try and be tough because I know that I can’t be the only person. Even if I am, I highly recommend you try it. Music is incredibly healing and allows us to let go of what we are holding onto. Add that to some unrestrained dancing (which would release endorphins if you are doing it right), and you’ll soon be feeling right as rain, or almost. The music will cure your mood and the endorphins released from the dancing will make you feel happier – plus it is a lot more fun than just sitting in a ball.

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Drink something toasty

One thing that I love about British people (I am generalising so if you are British, please don’t take this personally and please don’t take offence to this because I say it as an extreme compliment) is that they face most problems with a cup of tea. I love this idea because I love tea and also there is just something about sipping on something steamy that washes away anything that might be making me sad. It doesn’t have to be tea though! If tea doesn’t happen to be your beverage of choice, then pick something else. Coffee, hot chocolate, whatever it is, make yourself a cup next time you have a bad day, and you’ll soon find that even if your troubles haven’t been melted away, you’ll at least feel more prepared to face them.

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Don’t forget the animals

How could we forget about our furry friends? Whether you have dogs, cats, guinea pigs or any other exotic species of animal, spending some quality time with them can be all the aid we need. Take your dog for a walk, or play in the garden for a while, or just snuggle up with your furry companion. There has never been a time that I can think of where my cat or my dogs haven’t been able to make me feel a hundred times better after coming home from a tough day so I doubt that it would be much different for you all. Our pets love us and can often tell when we are upset, so let them love you and make you feel better (the fluffy cuddles are enough to convince me).

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So there you have it – my list of methods when it comes to curing anything that ails you from a bad breakup to failing a test to just having a terrible day. Please take note though that if you are actually sick, you should probably see a doctor, do not assume that these suggestions will cure you of anything medical. I hope that you all have found at least one method that you can use the next time life decides to be unfair, and I hope that, even though it is truly awful that we have to experience things like this, you do not let it get you down and find whatever way that works for you so that you can be stronger for it next time. If you have any stories to share about having an awful day or a rough experience, please share them in the comments. Even if you have some of your own tips and methods for dealing with these, I would love to hear them. As always, if you enjoyed today’s article, then please like it and share with your friends so they too can discover a few methods to solving hard times. If you haven’t already and would like to, please subscribe to the blog so that you don’t miss any future posts.

Thank you, my readers, for all of your support. I love you all and hope that you all have fantastic days wherever you may be.

Lots of love

Blondey on a Mission xxx

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