Halloween baking – Pumpkin Pasties Recipe

Hello everyone! Today I’m doing Halloween inspired sweet treats – a step by step recipe for sweet and savoury pumpkin pasties (inspired by Harry Potter) and some spooky gingerbread biscuits! I hope you enjoy it and it puts you in the mood for Halloween this weekend!

A week of baking adventures

The menu this week included macaroons (two different flavours), chocolate croissants, or pain au chocolat to be technically correct and a koi fish pond cake, with a jelly centre. Sounds scary and complicated? Oh believe me it was – but it was still lots of fun, so I’m going to break down each one and just share a little story of how the making went. 😊 I hope you enjoy xx

Healthy, low-calorie Apple Banana Muffins! Step-by-Step Recipe

Everyone seems to be baking up a storm with all of the extra hours at home, but that increase in delicious treats everywhere means more snacking and they aren’t always the healthiest. If you are enjoying the baking but don’t want to make items that are full of sugar and calories … don’t worry because here is a step-by-step recipe for my delicious (and healthy) low-calories apple and banana muffins. Keep reading to check out the recipe πŸ™‚