Guess what … I’m hosting a charity ball!

Hellooooooo lovely hoomans!

First off, I’ve finally finished submitting all my assignments for second year, so technically I’m academically free!!

Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean that the stresses have disappeared because as the title of this post not so subtly hinted at, I am hosting a charity ball in a month!

For those who haven’t followed the blog, I am part of both the Disney and Creative Writing Societies in my uni where I am the President (of the Disney one) and the secretary (for creative writing). I love both of these societies and they are a huge part of my uni social life and so to mark the end of our year, we’re hosting a charity ball in collaboration with a third society – the Star Wars Society.

So, for the past two months what part of my brain that hasn’t been dedicated towards academic work has been on planning, making arrangements and figuring out ticket sales for this ball alongside the other execs in the societies.

The goal behind our ball is to raise money for two charities through both our ticket sales (a percentage of every ticket we sell gets donated to these charities) and a raffle we are hosting. The first charity is Make A Wish UK, with their foundational goal all about helping a child’s “wish come true”. Children with life-limiting or life-threatening conditions are eligible to make a wish, and donations to the charity help this become a reality. The second charity is Children North East, based in Newcastle, so it is more local to our uni. Children North East supports families in the North East of England so that children can grow up happy and health. Over 1000 families in the North East have been supported, meaning over 3000 babies, children and young people have been supported through this charity. Our goal is to raise £1000 to split between these two charities and hopefully help make children’s wishes come true, and support children living in tough conditions.

Whilst it has been so much fun planning the ball, selling tickets has been another thing all together because sadly we are struggling. We’re only halfway to the total amount we need to sell for the venue’s minimum requirement, and I am terrified we’re not going to have sold enough by the time we need to close ticket sales and pay the venue (which is in just over a week!) so ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!

I’ll try get back into the blogging swing of things from now but this ball has really soaked up a lot of time, and stress – eek! But for now, I am actually reaching out for your help/support/ideas – literally anything! If you’re a mad genius at sales or planning events, seriously please leave a comment or email me, or if you would like to support us by either sponsoring a ticket or donating to one of our charities you can also reach out to me. Currently we are trying to sell 50 tickets by the end of next week so I am digitally pleading for any help, advice, support, or ideas you have for me!

Thanks so much everyone – I hope you have an amazing rest of your week, and this ball doesn’t give me a nervous breakdown in the process but until next week (I promise I will try get back into the schedule)… stay sparkly everyone!!

Lots of love

Blondey on a Mission xxx

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