Minimalism Month: June Eco-challenge

Helloooo there everyone! 

How are you all doing? Can you believe that it is already June? We have reached the halfway point of the year … how terrifying is that? 

Anywho… today I’m bringing you my new eco-friendly challenge for this month, and let me tell you, it is getting harder and harder to come up with these challenges, so if any of you have any ideas, please let me know! 

As I was pondering and pouring through Pinterest, I came across a fun eco-friendly challenge all about minimalism. This one really inspired me because, in general, I think we hold onto too much stuff, and maybe we don’t always appreciate the things we have or get the fullest use out of them. Sooo, with that in mind, I bring you this month’s eco-friendly challenge: 

Part One – Buy Nothing New 

Sometimes it can get very tiring tidying up tons and tons of clutter or not being able to close the wardrobe doors because they are so full. This is often because we end up buying new things without sifting through or getting rid of old things. The idea of this challenge is to try and control shopping impulses, honestly evaluate how much we need something, and reconnect with items we already have. 

Now this challenge doesn’t mean not buying things you actually need, like groceries or office supplies. It’s intended to stop you from buying things that we don’t really need. So if you really like that cute outfit, or new pair of shoes, or even a new book, this month is about not giving in to those urges and instead making a different plan such as renting, borrowing or buying second hand if you absolutely have to buy it. I’m already rethinking a lot of my purchases, so I guess I’ll have to see how I feel at the end of this challenge. 

Part Two – 30 Day Minimalism Challenge 

Okay, this one is the really hard one. I saw this first on Eco Warrior Princess, and it intrigued me so much that I thought I would just have to try it out. The idea is that each day you declutter your living space and life by removing household contents each day. How you do it is that on day one, you get rid of one thing. On day two, two things; day three, three things and so on. By midnight of each day, you have to have these things out of your house. You can sell them, donate them, give them away, recycle them or trash them if they are entirely broken. If my maths is right, by the end of the month, I’ll have gotten rid of over 450 items…

I don’t know about you, but I definitely think my room, house and life will benefit from rethinking and getting rid of or reusing 450 different items. Now this challenge I feel will get really hard, so I’m not sure how I’ll be managing towards the end of the month, but what’s life without attempting things we find hard? 

And so there you have it! This month is definitely going to be the most interesting challenge, but I figured since I am on holiday, it would be something fun to try. Plus, I think this challenge will also help me reevaluate and be grateful for the things in my life, which is always a good idea, in my opinion. 

What do you all think of this challenge? Has anyone else done anything like this before? How did you find it? Also, any tips for this month or suggestions for next month’s challenge? Let’s chat in the comments section! 

Lots of Love

Blondey on a Mission xxx 

Author: blondeyonamission

Hey everyone! I'm a lifestyle and travel blogger from South Africa and about to relocate to the UK for university. My blog is all about stories, tips and advice with topics ranging from university, organisation, friends, books, travel and more. Please check it out and I hope you enjoy xxx

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  1. OOOhhhhhh! I like this one. It’s something I’ve been “trying” to do this year, but you’ve challenged me to push through this month. Last week I decided I would cut our monthly grocery bill in half. So, I’m off to a good start. I will used up everything in the freezer and pantry. Your mention of no new books hit hard. I’m buying them all the time and today I need a new one to read. Well, time to go through the stacks and read some of those I’ve bought and haven’t read. It’s a start. Good luck to you!

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    1. Yesss I’m so glad you want to push through let me know how it goes!! Oh wow that’s great news about your shopping well done! I know right … but exactly that was my logic too plus borrowing from friends or getting from a library doesn’t count as breaking the rules so that could help?


  2. I love this challenge! I think I can pull it off too, because the only things I need to buy are the essentials plus stuff to fix up my house with. I’m in the middle of painting a couple rooms so I gotta get wall filler and paint. I hope that passes the challenge criteria 😅

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    1. Oooh yesss join and we can do it together!! Ahhh yess that’s good and I definitely think that passes! I’m more worried how I’m going to get rid of more than 20 things a day aaahhhh😂😭


  3. Good on you for doing this! I have actually embraced the minimalist lifestyle as a TCK. Plus, any time I move to a new country, it’s time to be mildly aggressive about getting rid of stuff. I usually end up getting rid of between 1/3 to 1/2 of my stuff

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  4. The Minimalism challenge is a great recommendation for anyone starting off as it starts very slowly and builds up. A little tip for people who become overwhelmed towards the backend of the month is to drop the number you need to declutter by 50% and rebuild. I have used that when starting off and has helped a lot as it keeps you in the process. Hope this helps everyone

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