Hallelujah for the Easter Holiday

I’m sure my title gave this post away a little, but I am in such a good mood today.


The second term at uni is officially over, which means a decent four weeks where I can pretend to forget that I have exams and summatives eagerly waiting for the arrival of term three, but oh well, that is a problem for not right now.

Anywho, how are you all doing? I know it’s probably a bit early for many people, but are you excited about the Easter holiday/spring break? I certainly am, and even though covid has meant that additional time at home, that doesn’t mean the workload has been any less. In a way, it almost makes it harder to relax or take time off because everything is work from home or online, so it’s much harder to unplug.

I’m going to be honest with you all. I’ve been really struggling with inspiration for blog posts at the moment. I’m not sure why – I think it might just be a combination of all the uni work, plus being tired and sick of covid, so I don’t actually have that much time to invest in all the other fun aspects of blogging that make it as fun and inspiring as it can be, such as reading other people’s blogs and engaging with the rest of the blogosphere. I guess that’s another reason why I’m so excited to be taking this short break from uni – I may not be able to take my entire holiday away from work as assignments and studying for exams is a thing, but at least I have a short amount of time to step back and recharge so maybe that will respark some of my inspiration.

Photo by Anthony Shkraba on Pexels.com

But with all of that in mind, I thought this would be a fun chance to do a little life update/reflection post (even though I definitely plan to do another reflection/favourites post at the end of the month as I had such fun writing that).

Despite all of the covid nonsense (and really, who isn’t beyond tired of it by now?), things have actually changed quite a bit for me. Firstly, I sadly never made it back to the UK for my second term because of the second wave in South Africa and all the new variants, which has made South Africa not exactly the most favourable country to be travelling from. Hopefully though, as more and more people get access to the vaccine, that will change, and people can start moving around a bit more. Apart from that, I’ve still had a fun term. Honestly, I love my modules so much, but the only problem is it is making me more and more aware of how many issues we’re facing not just in education but worldwide (yes, I knew there were problems before but doing this degree has really opened my eyes to how deep they run and just how complex they are) so my brain is constantly firing now with how we can possibly fix it. Taking a complete social revolution out of the picture, I’m not sure how else we can do this, but hey, what’s life about, if not tackling challenges, right?

The other bit of news I have is that my best friend at uni and I are hoping to start a Disney society together, seeing as there isn’t one at our uni anymore, and I consider it a gross injustice for Disney fans and lovers to not have an outlet where they can get together and just enjoy all the wonders that is Disney.

…except for these new live actions that are coming out … that is a discussion I’ll save for another day so that I don’t start raging in this post – but hey, that’s something we can discuss in the new Disney society!

Would any of you join a Disney society? If so, what sort of activities would you like to take part in? We’ve been brainstorming about things to do in meetings. At the moment, we’ve got film nights, quizzes, arts and crafts tutorials, karaoke, debates and discussions and other themed activities and socials such as maybe a baking/cooking night, dress up and stuff like that. What’s great about Disney is that it encompasses so much such as Pixar, Marvel, all of the Disney Channel movies and kids tv shows, plus the classic animations and all of the songs, so really there’s something for everyone (so long as you like at least one of those things). So, what do you guys think of that? We would love the feedback, and if you have any ideas or suggestions about what you think would make a Disney Society amazing, then please let me know. I would love to chat with you guys about this in the comments section. 😊

Otherwise, I’m just really excited to finally get a break from research, reading and lectures for a little bit. This term has been quite intense in terms of the amount of content we’ve had to get through and how many assessments we’ve had, so to fully embrace the break, I’m going up to the Kruger National Park for a week. My parents are going to be with us for the first three days, then it will just be my boyfriend and me, which will be super fun – I’m planning to do a little post about our trip and the things we’ve hopefully seen either next week Wednesday or Saturday if you guys like?

By the way, thank you to all the people who reached out about doing guest posts or collabs. I will be responding to any emails I haven’t gotten to yet today, but I am so excited to be working with all of you and can’t wait to see what awesome posts come out of all of this. For anyone who is still interested, please feel free to reach out via email (tallblondetales@gmail.com) about guest posts or collabs!

Otherwise, that brings me to the end of my short little update on everything. I really do want to chat with everyone in the comments section (and I promise I will be good about responding; I don’t have uni work to distract me) so let’s chat! What are your plans for your spring break or Easter holiday? Anything exciting, or are you just keen to have extra hours in bed? There’s no shame in that I’ll certainly be doing that when we get back from the bush! Also, what are your thoughts about the Disney society ideas? Would you join a society like that, and what sorts of things would you do or run if you were in such a society? I promise I will keep you all updated on how it goes. If our proposal gets approved, you can all be honorary members (not sure if that’s allowed, but if not, maybe we can make an online edition here??). Also, is there any type of post you’d like to see here? I love all of your suggestions, and I want to write and share things that you like to read, so let me know!

I look forward to chatting with all of you about any or all of these things, or just something completely random in the comments section!

Lots of Love

Blondey on a Mission xxx

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  1. Easter isn’t until another week for me 😩 This week is super busy at uni so can’t wait for some time off 🥳 though, I will be doing a lot of coursework! A Disney society sounds like a lot of fun 🙂 x

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