Calling for Collabs!!

Heyyy there everyone – happy weekend!!

I don’t know about you but I am always super happy to see the weekend. Well, my weekends don’t often look too different from my weekdays but this is my last weekend of the university term. Next weekend I am officially free for the Easter holiday (apart from a shift that I need to do next week Saturday) so I guess that’s why I’m really happy about weekends right now.

Plus, I’ve almost finished my last assessment for the term and am ahead of my work so I can actually enjoy the weekend this time as weekends are meant to be so yayyy!! 

Anyway, I’ve gotten off track. As you might have figured by reading the title of my blogpost, this is a call for collabs!! Over my two and a bit years of blogging, one of the things I have found most fun is collaborating with other bloggers. Not only is it always fun chatting to other bloggers, but it’s also great to work with them and find out about their blogging styles and what they love to talk about. 

I’ve had loads of fun doing themed questionnaires or interviews with bloggers, or writing together on a topic we both love, or even just featuring other bloggers on my site and getting a chance to share some love for them and their amazing work with more people. Soooo, with the Easter holiday around the corner, I thought it would be really great to try and do some collabs with anyone who’s interested. 

If you’d be interested in doing a collaboration with me (on literally any theme I am not picky plus I always love learning about something new), or perhaps even just doing a guest post on Tall Blonde Tales, I would absolutely love to work with you! 

I’m specifically hoping to do these collabs with everyone over the last two weeks of March and beginning of April, but if anyone would like to do guest posts, then please let me know too as I have exams coming up in May so I would love to feature you then! So, for anyone and everyone who is in the mood to do a collab, please pop me an email or leave a comment on this post! 

You can email me at for any collab ideas, if you’re interested or would simply like to do a feature post. I can’t wait to hear from you all and hopefully working with a few of you over the next few weeks! 

Lots of Love

Blondey on a Mission xxx

Author: blondeyonamission

Hey everyone! I'm a lifestyle and travel blogger from South Africa and about to relocate to the UK for university. My blog is all about stories, tips and advice with topics ranging from university, organisation, friends, books, travel and more. Please check it out and I hope you enjoy xxx

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