How to have the ultimate Galentine’s day celebration!!

Having a girl’s night is always a fantastic time. I love date night and hanging with my boyfriend or a casual dinner with my family, but there’s just something about having a girl’s night or day with your friends filled with movies, junk food, giggles and maybe a few spa treatments?? 

Sadly, girl’s nights seem to have become a thing of the past. I remember around this time last year (give or take a month or so) I had been planning to have a girl’s night in with my best friend and lockdown meant that we couldn’t put our plans into action. Now I’m here, a year later and we still haven’t had our girls night!! Thankfully, the situation around the world seems to have shifted, so maybe you could have a girl’s night? The whole reason I’m writing about this is because you may not have a significant other to celebrate Valentine’s day with, and that’s totally okay! In fact, sometimes a Valentine’s day celebration with your friends (aka a Galentine’s day) can be more fun, so I figured it was high time I wrote a post for everyone out there who plans to celebrate with their friends. Today, I’m bringing you a fun twist on one of my favourite posts (How to have the ultimate girl’s night), for all those ladies who are celebrating with their besties, or need some inspiration for a Galentine’s day any time of the year!!

This Galentine’s day celebration post will take a twist away from the classic junk food and movie night with some manis and pedis. This Galentine’s day is going to have a … spa and relaxation theme!! For all of those who just need a relaxing night in, with some facemasks, scented candles and maybe a ‘healthier’ meal, this post is for you!! 

Create the mood

No matter what, having the right mood is always important. I know that having your best friends over doesn’t mean pulling out all the stops like you would for a dinner party, but it’s still nice to create an atmosphere, so you all know once the evening starts, it’s time to relax! 

First things first, I always say give a quick spring clean of wherever you’ll be having your girl’s night. Next, especially for this spa night, there are a few super easy things to do to transform your bedroom or wherever into a peaceful oasis for you and your gals. Pillows everywhere are my favourite thing to add because they scream comfort. Next, you can dot some candles around the room to give a soothing atmosphere (be sure to put them out of reach and in places where they can’t easily be knocked over or start a fire … that’s a very easy way to ruin your night or relaxation) and finally, if you don’t have scented candles, why not add some incense or essential oils in a diffuser? All of those things combined (maybe with some peaceful music playing in the background) can make you feel like you’ve walked into a spa and your stresses will almost immediately start melting away and the night is just beginning. 

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The comfort rule is crucial. 

My number one rule for any type of girl’s night, themed or not, is the comfort rule. A dress-code at any event is always very important, so I always say that wearing anything more formal than sweatpants or yoga pants is strictly banned! Or, if you want to be super serious, you could even make a pyjamas-only rule? Get everyone to bring their fluffy robes and fuzzy socks with them, and see who turns up in the cutest, comfiest get up. If you’re doing your girl’s night solo or on zoom (which is totally possible), pull on your fuzzy socks and grab your fluffy blanket then. Comfort seriously goes such a long way to not only making the mood of the evening but also helping everyone relax and enjoy themselves. Plus, there’s just something fun about everyone being in cute PJs to enjoy a night of fun and relaxation. 

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Hydration is key 

Galentine’s events mean loads of fun, but you don’t want to risk losing too many fluids during the night. Like experts say, keeping your hydration levels up is crucial to healthiness. Because I always feel like a spa-themed night is an excellent excuse to be a little healthier, that means your food and drink can match. If you’re feeling fancy, you could have a pitcher of water with sliced fruits in it for the true spa effect, but otherwise, you could do a juice detox, or perhaps some spa-water inspired cocktails? A recipe I’m excited to try out is an equal mix of champagne/sparkling wine and elderflower and rose lemonade. Pour that into a glass with a lemon slice and ice cubes with little rose petals frozen inside, and you have got yourself a spapropriate cocktail! Or, if alcohol isn’t for you (which is totally okay), you could always enjoy a night of juice detoxing, sparkling water or herbal teas (which is usually the route I go anyway haha). 

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Homemade treatments anyone?? 

Seeing as though it’s a spa night, things would be very very wrong if there weren’t some homemade spa treatments, right?? Now I know that there can be a little concern when it comes to making spa products or bath products yourself, but I promise there are plenty of really easy recipes that are perfectly safe to use on your skin, and I have the most sensitive skin of anyone I know. Plus, what’s great about making treatments with your girlfriends is it’s a chance to bond. So instead of whipping up a batch of cookies, you can whip up some face masks and body scrubs. If you’re looking for some inspiration, Pinterest always has fantastic ideas. Otherwise, let me know in the comments section if you’d like me to do a post full of homemade spa treatment recipes?? 

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Some classic spa treatments 

However, if putting on your home chemist apron isn’t exactly your thing, or you just don’t quite feel like using homemade products, you can always go for some of the classics. Nothing beats a good old mani and pedi. If your friends each bring over some of their favourite colours, you can pour hot water and bath salts into shallow bowls and set up your very own mani/pedi station. Another idea is hand or foot massages with some essential oils, or, the very best, sheet face masks!! My best friend and I love doing these – not only because you feel fabulous afterwards, but because wearing them can be a fun experience in itself. We always take a selfie wearing our sheet masks (some of them are truly terrifying …) and it’s always a giggling affair trying to talk with those things on. If it’s just you, or you’re doing it on zoom, you can turn it into a full-blown spa day and do anything and everything you feel like! 

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You are what you eat 

Sticking with the more healthy theme of doing a detoxing, relaxing spa night, why not get some food to match? Simplicity is always best in my mind, plus it’s less hassle on you if you’re hosting. A great idea is to have a fruit/veg platter with a hummus or artichoke dip that everyone can pick from. Or, if you have more of a sweet tooth, what about a few bowls of different fruit with some melted chocolate for dipping? I know I said ‘healthy’, but the fruit more than makes up for the chocolate and besides, a girl’s night is just incomplete without chocolate. There are plenty of other ideas for snacks if you like – you could do little finger sandwiches or veggie wraps, maybe some vegetarian spring rolls, fruit and yoghurt parfaits and so much more! And, if you need some food with a little more sustenance, you can still order takeouts but maybe go for one of the healthier options? I know that sounds like a bit of an oxymoron but instead of ordering pizza or McDonalds, why not order some Chinese food or poke bowls? That way, you can still say you ordered takeouts but with a ‘healthy’ twist. 

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Netflix, snacks and stretches 

Sometimes you need some time just to sit and relax, or some time for your face masks to work its magic so what on earth are you going to do during that time? Well, whether you’re on your own or have partners in crime, the snuggly outfit and snacks are a great accompaniment to a Netflix marathon. What could make it more fun than usual is to try a Netflix workout routine at the same time (because it is never too soon to get working on that summer body) and have some cinnamon popcorn ready to make sure you have enough energy for the whole marathon. Not only are you getting in some extra health like maybe doing some crunches or light yoga (exercise always translates to happier skin), but you can relax and watch a movie. Also, cinnamon popcorn is both delicious and healthy so win-win!! Because Netflix, some wrist curls and cinnamon popcorn sound like too good of a combination to pass up on, am I right?

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You can always go back to basics 

Finally, if these spa treatments might be getting too much or you’re tired with the themed ideas after a face mask and some manis and pedis, there is nothing wrong with going back to basics. You’re already dressed for comfort, and Netflix is always there to save the day so you can gather up your snacks and your girlfriends and spend the rest of the night just relaxing, talking and watching movies. Or, if you happen to have board games at home, or are in the mood for a dance party, go for it! The best thing about Galentine’s celebrations or girl’s nights is that there are no rules (except the comfort rule – that I stand by). You can honestly make it up as you go along and do whatever you guys want to do. At the end of the day, it’s your time to spend with your friends so as long as you’re having a good time, it really doesn’t’ matter what you’re doing. 

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And so there you have it! I always have such fun writing these posts because concocting fun evenings to spend with my friends just brings a smile to my face – it’s an excuse to make lists, I get to think creatively, and you get a great time with people you care about at the end of it. Maybe I should have gone into event planning?? 

Anywho, I genuinely hope you all enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed writing it! If you’re celebrating Galentine’s day tomorrow, then I hope you have a fantastic time, or if you were looking for inspiration, I hope this post helped! Also, if you’re planning a day in the future for you and your besties, hopefully, this post gave you a few ideas? Do you enjoy having themed nights/days with your besties? What sort of things do you love doing? Also, are there any essential elements to my spa-themed Galentine’s day that you think I’ve missed out? Let’s chat in the comments section! 

Otherwise, no matter how you’re spending Valentine’s day tomorrow, I truly hope you have a fantastic day and rest of your weekend, filled with lots of love and, of course, CHOCOLATE!! 

Lots of Love

Blondey on a Mission xxx 

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  1. Never heard of Galantine’s Day. Here are some things I did over Valentine’s Day (both at University and Home)

    Candy and Critters- an event at Gardner Webb where you make stuffed animals. Also fill a box with candy that is offered that day. The best part was making the stuffed animals——you actually hand-stuffed them.

    Back home- just spent time with family after university

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  2. I LOVE Galentine’s Day! It’s great that it’s a thing because there is too much shame with being single but this is a way to celebrate your girlfriends!

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  3. Hey Blondey,
    Loved this post, and what is super one can have a Galentines niight no matter age, think I will do this shortly for some of my girlfriends who are single and very lonely especially with the Covid Lock-down.
    Recipe for cinnamon popcorn please?

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