Sweet Gifts for your Significant Other

There are many opportunities to give gifts to your significant other throughout the year. There are more obvious occasions like Christmas, Birthdays and Valentines Day. But, there are also anniversary dates, and these could be monthly anniversaries or yearly anniversaries (whichever ones you celebrate together). The only problem with all these chances to give gifts is you can sometimes struggle to think of something to give, or you might even be out of ideas because you’ve already been together for a while. Or sometimes your partner is just difficult to buy gifts for (I know how this feels believe me). So today I’d like to give you all, who might need an idea or two for your next gift, a few suggestions of sweet gifts to give your significant other. I’d like to dedicate this blog post to my boyfriend actually because tomorrow we will be celebrating our two year anniversary (I love you!). For all of you who are struggling to think of a gift idea for your next gift-giving occasion, no need to panic! Here are ten ideas you can use the next time you want to spoil your partner. Just a heads up though, most of these gifts do take some amount of time to prepare and are personal or homemade because I think that those kinds of gifts have the most meaning to them.

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Favourite food/delicious meal

Unless you are on a serious diet, very few people will say no to food. Especially when it is their favourite food or a delicious meal they didn’t have to cook. The saying that the quickest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach may be accurate, but they got one little detail wrong. With the right food, the fastest way to anyone’s heart is through their stomach. If you need something to treat your partner to, why not surprise them with their favourite food or a delicious meal? These can be one and the same, but sometimes people’s favourite food could be too small to equate to a meal, which is why I’ve left them separate. I assure you that your partner will love nothing more than something delicious to eat, especially if it’s a surprise after a long day.

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This is a lovely idea if your partner is the sentimental type, and the great thing is that there are so many ways to do it. Scrapbooks are very personal because there are so many ways to individualise them – much like snowflakes, there will never be two of the same scrapbooks ever. Another reason why scrapbooks are great gifts is that you can put just about anything in them. Photos, ticket stubs, little mementoes from different places or events, you name it, and it could probably go in there. Even if it can’t, there is an easy solution … take a picture of it and put the image in the scrapbook! Giving a scrapbook as a gift is like giving your partner a guided tour of your memories together, and because scrapbooks usually take a considerable amount of time and effort, your partner will love it even more because of all the love and time you put into it. For someone sentimental, this is the perfect gift.

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I know this seems like quite an old-fashioned idea, but if your partner is a music lover (or, because most people love some type of music, they enjoy a particular genre/band/playlist) then why not make them a mixtape? You can put any songs on it, either their favourite songs, your couple songs, songs that you think can send a message you want to communicate or a combination of all. And the best part about making a mixtape, whether you decide to be really old-fashioned and put the songs on a CD or be more modern and just create a digital mixtape/playlist, is that it is straightforward to make. If your partner loves music or you two have lots of special songs together, this is a great gift that is sweet, meaningful and easy to pull off.

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Note jar

Another gift that is easy to personalise, a note jar! You can do this type of gift quite easily as well, the only thing that is really going to take time is writing out all of the little messages on the notes that you will put inside the jar. You can pick any theme you want for the jar, whether it is “Things I love about you” or “Memories” or anything else that you think your partner might appreciate. The reason why I love this particular gift is that it is long-lasting, very special and a way to put a smile on your partners face for a different reason every day for quite some time (depending on how many of what kind of notes you put in the jar). Fair warning, this gift has high levels of potential to become mushy and cheesy (then again so do all the gifts on this list, but this one is one of the top) but if you and your partner don’t mind that, then this gift will work well for you!

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Something personalised

Sometimes you may not have the time to sit and make something for your partner yourself, and that is okay. Life is sometimes quite constricting and doesn’t allow us the time to breathe, let alone make cute gifts for our partner. Well, there is still a way to give them a personal gift without you having to make it, and that is to order something that can be personalised. This can be anything from a keyring to a mug, to some piece of home decor to something expensive like jewellery but adding a personal touch will elevate it from just being a store-bought gift to something with a lot of meaning. You can get things engraved, or have personalised messages/pictures added. Sometimes certain gifts even require your customising. For example, I once gave my boyfriend an engraved keyring, and he gave me a personalised 2500 piece puzzle for our first anniversary. There are so many options, it doesn’t require much of your own time, and it is still a great way to give a personal gift to your partner.

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Something they’ve been wanting

This is kind of an extension of the last one but from a different perspective. Most of our partners usually have things that they like and enjoy, and often have things that they want or have been meaning to buy or treat themselves to but just haven’t been able to for whatever reason. Well here is where you come in – getting them the thing that they’ve been wanting is an excellent opportunity for you because you get to give them a gift that they actually want and you know that it will make them extremely happy because they have wanted it. This could be a book they’ve been searching for, an item they’ve always wanted, anything. The only snag is you have to pay close attention to what your partner wants and make sure that they don’t buy it themselves, but if you manage that then that is a gift sorted for you and your partner has really done all the hard work for you. All you have to do is buy it.

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Sweets for your sweetheart

No one ever said no to sugar, and if they did, then you might want to check if they are feeling okay, if they’re on a diet or if they’re an alien. For the first two, you could probably still tempt them with sugary goodness, but I’m not so sure about the third one since I’ve never met an alien. Hey, maybe the sugar will still work? Anyway, my point is that if the above options haven’t tickled your fancy or you don’t think your partner will like them, then something easy that they should like is something sweet. Everyone has at least one sweet thing that they love, even if they don’t have a sweet tooth. Take my dad for example – he hardly ever eats sugary things and doesn’t particularly like them, but he’ll never say no to dark chocolate. Get your partner their favourite sweet treat, or if you don’t know what it is, then chocolate is a pretty safe bet. Getting sweets for your sweetheart is also an opportunity for you to unleash your punniness or cheesiness on them and write a cute little note or pun. So, not only will they have something sugary and delicious to make them smile, but they will also have an adorable short note to either gush over or chuckle at. If you’re struggling with ideas, you can never go wrong with sugar – ever!

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A well-planned romantic date

This gift may not be an actual physical gift that you can hold in your hand, but it is meaningful nonetheless, and I don’t think it should be discredited as an option. Sometimes gifts are not the best way to show how much you love your partner, but organising uninterrupted time with them is a great way to show how much you care. As I said earlier, life can get pretty hectic and sometimes that can mean that you don’t have much time to spend with your partner or at least not romantic, uninterrupted alone time. So if that is the case, the best possible gift is to plan a romantic date for the two of you. The date can be anything you choose whether it is a date out (like to a restaurant/movie/show/another type of activity) or just a home date (candlelit dinner or a home movie night), but I promise that your partner will love the fact that you took time to plan and arrange an opportunity for you to have a romantic date together.

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A little love note

Maybe time ran away with you on this occasion, and you didn’t have time to get a proper gift or arrange a date. That doesn’t mean that you have to show up empty-handed though. Writing your partner a card or a little love note can be extremely meaningful, and all you need is a piece of paper and a pen. The reason why I love cards is because they are automatically meaningful (unless of course they are those very generic birthday cards where the person didn’t even bother to write in them, or they simply added, “Happy Birthday – From X”) because the person giving it to you had to have put a little thought into the message they wrote. It may not be something fancy, but a sweet card can sometimes have more meaning and significance than the most expensive gifts, so don’t sneeze at cards if you need a gift idea.

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A photo or a memory

For my last one, what about giving your partner something that has a memory attached to it? Photos are a great example because all photos capture a particular moment or memory, but pictures aren’t the only way to do it. Say you and your partner’s first date was to a specific movie – why not get them a copy of that movie and you watch it together? Or go out to the restaurant where something meaningful happened/you had your first date etc. Reflecting on all of the good memories you’ve had together is a beautiful thing to do so if you get your partner a special photo framed, or one of those digital photo albums or something that has a memory attached like the examples I just used, they will certainly appreciate it because they will be reminded of that beautiful memory. Gifts may not last forever but memories, notably special ones, last maybe not forever but for a long time and giving your partner a memory (in whatever format) is the most precious gift you can give.

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And there you have it! I hope that you have all enjoyed this post and if you were reading it for ideas, I hope you found one that works! If you don’t have a partner to give gifts to or don’t need any of these ideas yet, then don’t worry. You could always adapt these ideas slightly to be suitable for friends and family, and you never know when you might need an idea for a gift so keep this post somewhere in the back of your head. For my questions of the day:

  • What is a really amazing gift that your partner has given you/you’ve given them?
  • Would you like me to do any demo posts of how to make things like scrapbooks/mixtapes or even recipes for date nights or other occasions?

One of the most amazing gifts I have gotten from my boyfriend was the personalised puzzle I mentioned earlier but he also bought me a giant teddy bear that is almost the size of me (I’m 6 feet tall) because I’d mentioned to him that the one thing I always wished I had was a giant teddy bear. As always, thank you so much for reading this blog post! If you enjoyed it a lot, please don’t forget to hit the little like button at the bottom of the post page, subscribe, so you don’t miss out on future blog posts and share with your friends! You are all fantastic, and I wish you very happy weekends!

Lots of Love

Blondey on a Mission xxx

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