Guest post with Olivia! 5 Self-care Tips to Add to your Routine

Today I’m doing a special type of collab. Olivia from Olivia Lucie Blake and I have teamed up and decided to guest post on each other’s sites on some very important topics. Olivia’s guest post here is about self-care, and when you’re done reading here you can check out my guest post on her site about self-confidence. I hope you enjoy it xxx

New year, fresh start. Getting organised for 2020!

It’s always such a refreshing feeling to start a new year on a good note, and what better note could that be than to get organised? Over the years, I’ve felt how satisfying it is to start off the new year by improving on things done last year, purging my life of unnecessary items and adding routines to my day to become more productive. Plus, by getting your life organised right at the beginning of the year, it doesn’t become a task that gets more and more daunting the longer you leave it. By getting organised in Jan, you have your entire year ahead of you and won’t be stressing about closet spring cleaning or an overflowing inbox in June or July. Plus, it also sets the tone for having an organised and successful year if you just get started now. So, let’s do that! This is the list of things I do at the start of every year, with some new additions, so that I can start off my year in a clean, organised environment and with all the tools ready for organised success. Why not give it a try yourself?