Introducing … The ‘KNOW YOUR BUDDY’ TAG!!!

Hi everyone! Ashish and I have created the ‘Know Your Buddy’ Tag, a fun tag to encourage blogger collaborations, and to help us all get to know each other a little better. How it works is you pick another blogger to do the tag with, you answer the questions with each other then share and publish your partner’s answers on your blog and vice versa. Then, because we’re all about sharing the love in the Blogosphere, tag another ten people to answer the same questions and keep the tag going! Please keep reading to check out our new tag and the starting nominations!!

The Ultimate Girl’s Night

Today, just because I wasn’t exactly sure what to write about, and I am so excited to finally be seeing my best friend, I thought I would do a small post about girl’s night, sharing our plans and also some of my other blog posts relating to girl’s nights for anyone who hasn’t read those or is planning their own girl’s night and is looking for some tips or inspiration.

Tips for planning the ultimate girl’s night

I know that the world is still in lockdown/quarantine mode, and you might be wondering why I’m giving you tips for planning an event that isn’t exactly possible. Well, I wrote a blog post a while back to honour the girl’s night in my best friend, and I would have had if lockdown hadn’t started (if you haven’t read it, be sure to check it out here), and that got me thinking … As much fun as a girl’s night in can be, it does require a small bit of planning and sometimes planning, and organising can be stressful. So, I thought it would be a fun idea to share some tips for planning your ultimate girl’s night (complete with ways to prepare a quarantine/social-distancing friendly version) so that the entire experience can be fun, easy and stress-free from start to finish. Also, it’s a fun way to get excited for a great night with your girls once the pandemic has calmed down and you can even start planning ahead of time … now without further ado, here are some tips for planning your ultimate girl’s night.