Let’s celebrate Earth Day

Earth day is a chance for us to celebrate what an amazing planet we live on but unfortunately, with the way we’re going, we may not be able to celebrate it for much longer. We all need to make positive changes together – that’s the only way we’ll be able to save our planet.

April Eco-friendly Challenge and Earth Day Collab with Project Eco

April is all about Earth Day, so all the points and tips about how we can be more friendly to our beautiful planet and do small things to contribute to helping it heal in some way or the other. So today, I am so happy to be setting my monthly challenge and chatting about how to be more eco-friendly in our daily lives with Project Eco. Being eco-friendly is something I am so passionate about so being able to do a collab like this is a huge moment for me. (Throwing a little party in my head!! Wooohoooo). I hope you enjoy today’s post!