Blogmas Day Twenty-One – Funky Friendsmas Ideas

Helloooo merry readers! 

I don’t think enough credit gets given to the more non-traditional ways of celebrating Christmas… such as Friendsmas!! I first came across this term when I was reading a Christmas romance book a few weeks ago and completely fell in love with the idea because the idea of having a fun Christmas tradition/celebration with your friends is fantastic!! It’s especially hitting home for me this year because I’m actually having more of a Friendsmas this year. So, with that in mind, I thought it would be really fun to share some funky Friendsmas ideas that you can pull together fairly quickly if you and your besties are planning to celebrate Christmas together this year but are looking for ideas. I hope you enjoy this post! 

Classic Christmas Dinner 

I feel it’s a bit sacrilegious to not have a true classic on this list, but the reason this is at the top of my list is because sometimes, reworking a classic Christmas event into something different to fit your social plans can make it even more fun. Oh, and this is something I actually did with my friends! Together you can decide on a menu and divide up the dishes for cooking, or you could just have it potluck style! The great thing about doing Christmas dinner this way is the pressure is not all on one person to cook, and there’ll definitely be at least one dish that everyone likes. One person can host (whoever has enough space). If anyone really has awful cooking skills, they can be responsible for bringing drinks or washing up. After all, sharing is caring, and it’s such a fun spin on the traditional family Christmas dinner. 

Christmas cocktail class

Maybe lots of home-cooked dishes aren’t your thing, but cocktails are. Hosting a Christmas cocktail evening is a really fun Friendsmas celebration because it could be considered a fun’ night out. You can make it fancy and have everyone dress up, and there’s always the cool part of making your own cocktails. Sometimes you can hire professional bartenders to host a cocktail masterclass at your house, but that can be expensive (or difficult to book considering how close it is to Christmas). It’s super easy to have your own make-your-own-cocktails session at your house. All you’ll need are the ingredients for a few cocktails and some cute little bottles to measure everything out in. Essentially you’re channelling your inner potions master from Harry Potter, except with less weird ingredients and wands and more Christmas! Pinterest has some great inspiration for Christmas cocktails that are easy to make at home, and I am definitely planning on trying an event like this in the future. (By the way – your cocktails don’t have to be alcoholic – you can still have just as much fun by making all the drinks mocktails. Adapt the idea to fit your Friendsmas!)

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Christmas cosyfest, anyone?? 

Can you guys tell I’m obsessed with this idea?? Since it hatched in my mind as an event for the Disney Society, it has become my absolute favourite event. Honestly, this is going to be my next birthday party! A cosyfest is such a fun way to celebrate with friends, especially if you’re a fan of more lowkey events and pyjamas over party dresses. Pyjamas, hot chocolate bar, Christmas cookies and Christmas crafts in a cosy, wholesome environment – now that is my jam! If you want to read more about how to host this event, you can check out the Blogmas post I wrote on it here!

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Cookie swap (or just a cookie party) 

If you have an unquenchable sweet tooth like me or are friends with people who are obsessed with all things sugary (also me), then why not hold a cookie swap? Essentially, everyone brings a batch of cookies, and everyone gets to take home a sample from all the different batches. You could whip up some hot chocolate and watch a movie while sampling the cookies? Plus, you’ll have plenty to bring home for the family, your own midnight munchies or to leave out for Santa. You could adapt this event and turn it into a cookie decorating party (gingerbread houses, anyone??), or you can just all get together and enjoy some cookies together! 

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Ugly sweater/sweater making 

Last but not least, what’s Christmas without Christmas sweaters?? If you feel like expressing your creative side and have a plain or ugly Christmas sweater you don’t mind adapting to, why not host a Christmas-sweater-making event! I’m talking glitter, tinsel, maybe break out the sewing kit if you’re talented with a needle? You and your friends can either make your own sweaters, or you can make sweaters for each other? If that’s not your thing, though, you could always just hold a standard ugly Christmas sweater party and invite everyone around for some food, maybe a movie, and obviously to crown the person with the ugliest Christmas sweater. 

And there you have it! What did you think of these funky Friendsmas ideas?? Have any of you ever had a Friendsmas celebration? What did you do? Would you do any of these funky ideas with your friends? And lastly, are there any funky Friendsmas ideas you think I’ve missed that are too cool not to share? Also, which of these options is your favourite – which Friendsmas would you host? Let’s chat in the comments section!

Lots of Love

Blondey on a Mission xxx 

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  1. Like all the ideas, would go for the Ugly Sweater party, solely, cause with our weather in SA we don’ave such things as sweaters at Christmas as too hot. How about a hot chocolate fondue?

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