Therabox unboxing #3

Hellooooo everyone!

How are you doing? If you’re in the Northern hemisphere where autumn is well and truly underway I hope you’re managing to keep warm. I for one am already freezing here in the North East of England, so I am terrified for when January hits and there’s snow …

Anywho, my university term is now halfway over which means one thing … formative season!! This is an icky time of the term when lecturers have decided they’ve gone easy on us for long enough, and the deadlines for assessments start to appear in all their terrifying glory. Thankfully formatives are not for marks, but they are usually linked to assessments that do count so if you don’t do them properly you can really end up shooting yourself in the foot! Hence, stress levels are on the rise during this term, as my skin is very elegantly pointing out at the moment (thank you skin it is much appreciated we all know how fun pimples and breakouts are), and so I thought this was the perfect time to open another Therabox. This one is the ‘Dream’ box, because I’m dreaming it could just be Christmas holidays already hehe.

Right, first things first in this box is this really cool box of stones. At first I was quite confused why they were included, but then I did the really intelligent thing and actually read the box and now I know – it’s a salt, pepper and sauce set so unexpected, but cool!

Next, we have an amazing hibiscus clay mask that I have already used and while my stressy skin isn’t showing it’s appreciation, it definitely feels more nourished so hopefully it will kindly respond to my loving gesture soon. There is also a phantom liner makeup brush but I am terribly at applying eyeliner – I end up looking like a depressed panda – so I might wait to use that one …

Buried next in our wonderful little Dream box is a pack of hand and body sanitising tissues that definitely seem appropriate in our very sanitising-orientated world. They are also meant to be stress-relieving, I think because of the Aloe Vera but I’m not sure how stress-relieving they are. They’re more just soothing than anything else. There’s also a moisture healing mask, which I plan to use next! Clearly this box knew my skin has decided to behave like a child having a tantrum so thank you Therabox!! We’ve got a lavender and lemongrass face mask refresher (it smells heavenly I adore lemongrass and as cliched as it sounds lavender really is just soothing), and lastly a micro-needling roller for regenerating your skin. I’m a little scared to try it if I’m honest but who knows maybe it will work miracles?

The super cool self-care activity for this month’s box is a self-care planner. It’s got some really gorgeous activities in there, and as someone who loves organising, and is trying to implement more self-care in my life, this is perfect so I can’t wait to get into it and use this planner!

Anywho, that was everything for this month’s box. What did you all think of the items? Any that you would love to have for this month? Has anyone else tried Therabox recently? Also, are any of you planning on submitting something for Blogmas on Tall Blonde Tales this year? If you want to know more details you can click here and check out the rules and details!!

Lots of love

Blondey on a Mission xxx

Author: blondeyonamission

Hey everyone! I'm a lifestyle and travel blogger from South Africa and about to relocate to the UK for university. My blog is all about stories, tips and advice with topics ranging from university, organisation, friends, books, travel and more. Please check it out and I hope you enjoy xxx

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  1. First of all, I totally relate to exams and deadlines starting to show up in all their terrifying glory – there are about six weeks left in my semester, which feels much too soon for all the projects that will be due before then! Also, could you explain how the salt/pepper/sauce set works or share a few more pictures of that? I’m intrigued but don’t quite understand it, lol.
    Thanks for sharing these boxes! I’m enjoying seeing what’s inside and I hope they’re useful for you!

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  2. I still want to submit something. I started outlining the idea I had, Character-Greg’s Christmas at age 12 (1988), but it was turning out too dark and depressing. So now I’m trying to work out Character-Greg’s Christmas at age 9 (1985), with a similar theme but less dark.

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  3. Blondey, your “surprise box” sounds amazing and just what you need at this time of stress. Sorry your skin is acting like a child , sure it wasn’t your parents ,loading you up on food goodies? xxx

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