Blogmas 2021 Announcement!! Calling for submissions


Now that I’ve gotten your attention with that startling introduction, I hope you’re all doing well? 

Hopefully my blog title has enticed you a little, because it’s that time of year again everyone!! 

Today is just going to be a short post, more of an announcement really, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less important. Oh no, in fact I think this little announcement is one of the most crucial blog posts I’ve done for a while. 

Last year I did Blogmas and while it was an insane amount of work that included headaches, sleepless nights and so much stress-eating of chocolate and mince pies I’m surprised I could fit into my jeans, it was also so much fun!! I was worried I wouldn’t be able to pull it off, because 25 posts, one every single day without a day off, is a heck of a lot of work, but thanks to your help, it was a success and I really wanted to do it again this year!

So for those of you who didn’t follow my Blogmas here (I know every blogger does it a little differently), I did a different Christmas-themed blog post every day from the 1st of December until Christmas. That’s right – 25 blog posts!! It was nuts, but also the best fun and it definitely helped me get into the holiday spirit. Blogmas on Tall Blonde Tales was a huge success last year – getting over 3000 reads across the posts which is so crazy. I never thought I would get even half of that on my blog and to have all of that for Blogmas was awesome, so I know that it’s going to be loads of work to do again this year, but it’s Christmas so why the hell not? 

Anywho, the whole point of this post was meant to be an announcement, and I’m sure many of you have probably guessed where I’m going with this so I won’t keep you in suspense much longer …

I would absolutely love, adore and love some more to have guest posts from you (YES, YOU!!) on Tall Blonde Tales for Blogmas this year. 25 posts is a lot of content to produce by myself (I’m not complaining), but there were some amazing guest posts sent in last year and they were so loved that I really wanted to do it again this year, so for anyone wanting to get involved, this is for you! 

Anyone who’s interested can send in a guest post, no matter what your blogging niche or interests are. Even if you’re not a blogger you’re more than welcome to send in a guest post too!  Just like they always say during the holiday season, the more the merrier! Just make sure you please read the rules/guidelines below first, and please include your name, blog name and link to your site when you send in the guest post. 

  • The topic is … yup you guessed it! Christmas!! Anything to do with Christmas, please send it in no matter what your blog is about. It can be food, outfits, tips around the holiday season, sustainability, lists of your favourite Christmas cookies or songs, anything. It can be wholesome, crazy, or just a little bit of fun. So long as Christmas is the main theme! 
  • I don’t like to set word limits (because I’m so awful at sticking to them) but try not to make them toooo long! Let’s say no more than 1500 words but if it’s a bit over then that’s okay 
  • No rules when it comes to font size, or style, just make sure the format is nice and easy to read (if you want to include images in the blog, please make sure you send the blog post as you want it published). I will copy and paste your submission exactly the way you send it into my blog, barring a little editing to keep formatting similar so please keep that in mind. 
  • Depending on the number of entries, the best ones will be released across Blogmas, but 25 days mean a lot of blog posts so I might be able to include all of them or conflate some of them together if there are tons of entries so send em in!!
  • When you’re submitting, please send your post through to my email: (any format is fine, you can just write it in the email but if you’re adding pictures to it, maybe a word doc or other format is easier?)
  • Last day for submission is Sunday the 28th of November, so please send in your entries before then

So there you have it! I hope that lots of you participate and send in entries! I can’t wait to read all of your wonderful entries and I’m so excited for Blogmas, especially with all of your help from the incredible posts. I know each and every one of you are wonderful, talented bloggers and writers so please don’t feel shy! 

Alright, that brings me to the end of my (short) blog post today! I’m buzzing in anticipation for Blogmas this year and am already humming Christmas tunes, so I can’t wait to get cracking on my own blog posts and to see all of your amazing entries. By the way, if any of you have any ideas for posts you want to see me write for Blogmas, please let me know in the comments section!! I really would love to hear your suggestions and after I used up a lot of my ideas last year, I seriously welcome any and all suggestions so that Blogmas is fun and exciting this year. 

I hope you guys enjoy this and have fun writing, and I can’t wait to publish your posts for Blogmas 2021 on Tall Blonde Tales!! I know Blogmas this year is going to be even better than last year so get those jingle bells jingling and sleigh bells ringing everyone! 

Lots of Love

Blondey on a Mission xxx 

Author: blondeyonamission

Hey everyone! I'm a lifestyle and travel blogger from South Africa and about to relocate to the UK for university. My blog is all about stories, tips and advice with topics ranging from university, organisation, friends, books, travel and more. Please check it out and I hope you enjoy xxx

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  1. I remember what a success you had last year! I wanted to send you a post this year, but as I have said with my personal circumstances, it might not be possible. Hope you get a lot of great posts though!

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  2. That’s so great! I wasn’t following your blog last year so I’m looking forward to this years! Am I allowed to submit a post I wrote last year (I honestly haven’t even thought about Xmas content yet 😂)

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  3. I don’t think I will be able to submit, but I’m excited to see everyone else’s posts.
    Also, congratulations on winning the “First Christmas/Holiday Post I Have Seen This Season Award.” 😃 I love it!

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  4. Hmm… I’m thinking I want to do this, but I’m not sure what to write about… I’m thinking it’ll be the same style as my regular blog, a story about a Christmas from character-Greg’s younger years, told in the first person… but the exact story, and character-Greg’s age at the time, I haven’t figured out yet. Would something like that work?

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