Summer Blog Showcase: Entry #4

Helloooo all my lovely readers!

Today I bring you the next showcase piece for the summer blog competition. This is a poem submitted by the lovely Anushka, be sure to check out her blog here! I’m just going to get straight to it – I hope you enjoy it!

First Rain Of Summer- Poem

Slow breeze blowing, crispiness in the air

On each leaf of a flower, a raindrop of a tear

The first rain of summer as wonderful as it seems

Which captures the moments of life and the creativity

The voids of happiness and kindness withdraw the evil and pain

The sweet scent of jasmines calm the inner veins

The first rain of summer as wonderful as it seems 

In a fantasy or a story, or maybe in a majestic dream

I stand in my balcony looking at the night sky

While the drizzles of droplets fall in my eyes

Remembering the sweetness and joys I feel

Lost in thinking, if will it reveal itself again to me?

The first rain of summer slowly starts to fade

Though it advertises itself in so many shades

When the last rain drop of summer rain dries

I can hear the raindrops of tears saying goodbye

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What did you all think of Anushka’s poem?? I don’t know about you but I really am loving all of these summer-themed entries so I hope you’re enjoying them as well? We’ve still got quite a few entries to go so I’m thinking of increasing the number of showcases to three times a week what do you think? That way we’ll be able to get the judging underway in early September instead of somewhere in October. Thanks so much for reading and following the competition, I’ll see you all on Monday for the next one!

Lots of Love

Blondey on a Mission xxx

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